Meet the women who helps DHS student-athletes stay in the game. Protesters may have won the battle, but will they win the war to stop the North Dakota Acess Pipeline? Warning: Senioritis is infecting second semester seniors.  Quit the cramming, start the planning.

January: 2017


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Ice, Tape, Repeat:
A Profile of the DHS Athletic Trainer

By Chris Vernal - January 13 '16

trainerMeet the women who helps DHS student-athletes stay in the game.



North Dakota Pipeline

By Eva Criscuolo - January 13 '16

protestProtesters may have won the battle, but will they win the war to stop the North Dakota Access Pipeline?



Senioritis Infects Second Semester Seniors

By Grace Feingold - January 13 '16

senioritisWarning: Senioritis is infecting second semester seniors. Read this and see who hasn't survived the zombie apocalypse.



Preparing for Midterms: Tips from the Pros

By Julia Clarke - January 13 '16

studyingQuit the cramming, start the planning.



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House Ball Hype

By Cord Fox- December 9 '16

house ballWith the new house basketball season comes the renewed hope of winning a championship.



War On Lights: An Optimistic Cease-Fire

By Claire Borecki- November 16 '16

stadium lightsAfter decades of proposals, stadium lights at DHS have received initial approval. But there’s still work to be done.


College Process: EDs and Interviews, Oh My!

By Claire Borecki- December 9 '16

acceptance ratesIt's the first big wait for college acceptances, but the work just keeps pouring in.


College Process: Early Decision and Early Action

By Claire Borecki November 1 '16

collegeAs early applications close, Seniors struggle to look towards the future. They said Junior Year would be difficult- but we're hardly out of the woods.

Pop Culture

What does the Trump Election Mean for the US?

By Arden Cohen- December 9 '16

flagWill he make America Great Again? Find out here.



Millennials, Say your Goodbyes to Black Friday

By Claire Borecki - December 2 '16

black fridayThe holiday traditions may be fading away, or becoming a new entity altogther.


Beyonce's Live Performance

By Carson Halabi - November 10 '16

wavecastSeeing Beyonce live - it was as amazing as you'd except.



Student Life

5 Things To Do This Weekend

By Neirad Staff- December 2 '16

cooksWhat are you doing this weekend?



Dancers at DHS: Ballet Isn't What You Think It Is

By Taylor Davis - December 2 '16

dancersNot everyone plays a sport at DHS. Click here to find out what it is like to dance ballet at the New England Academy of Dance and the Greenwich Ballet Academy. Its more than just tutus.

An Inside Look Into the Clubs at DHS

By Mary Lawrence Huffman & Taylor Davis - November 16 '16

Clubs FairWant to find out more about clubs at DHS and get involved? Click here to find out!



Girl on a Train: At Risk of Being Derailed

By Camille Infurna - December 9 '16

Girl on a TrainEmily Blunt struggles to redeem this Gone-Girl knockoff. Can the twists of a romantic mystery win over an audience?