A new season has arrived. Click here to find out how the Blue Wave should fare this season. Senior Maggie Skeats did some pretty cool things this summer. Click here to check out what she did over vacation. Darien High School is home to impressive programs that benefit its students. Is everyone included? Darien High School has just finished two brand new turf fields. Is the turfing of DHS the way to go?

October: 2016


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Fall Foliage

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2016 Fall Sports Preview

By Jack Tierney- October 24 '16

sportsA new season has arrived. Click here to find out how the Blue Wave should fare this season.


Maggie Skeats '17: Darien High School's Moroccan Wanderer

By Carson Halabi- October 24 '16

MaggieSenior Maggie Skeats became a "Moroccan wanderer" this summer, and has brought her experience with Rustic Pathways back to the halls of Darien High School.

Science Research Programs:
Talent, Privilege, and Internet Critics

By Claire Borecki- October 24 '16

scienceDarien High School is home to impressive programs that benefit its students. Is everyone included?


To Turf or Not to Turf?

By Sam Hickey- October 24 '16

turf fields

Darien High School has just finished at total "turfication" of junior varsity baseball field and connecting rugby and track and field plot. Is turfing every field a good idea?


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new field



Practice Doesn't Always Make Perfect

By Jessi Bernado - June '16

softballWith pratices averaging just below 5 hours per day, it begs the question of whether this much practice can be good for girls softball?

Girls Golf

By Cassidy Schiff - June '16

girls golfFinishing the season with a respectable 5-8 record, the girls golf team looks towards the state tournment.

Boys Frosh Lax

By Asa Briffault- June '16boys lax


See how the boys freshman lacrosse team was able to finish 15-3 in an highly competeive FCIAC conference.

Boys Golf

By Michael Borecki- June '16

boys golfOn the way to an undefeated season, the boys golf team wins the FCIAC tournment.

DHS News

Revitalizing Darien

By Mary Lawrence Huffman- October 11 '16

town planningFind out what DHS students think about new town reconstruction plan, and see what one of the head architects has to say.

New Arrivals of the English Department

By Taylor Davis- October 11 '16


DHS welcomes 25 new teachers, find out some intersting facts about the new members of the English department.

The Man Behind the Curtain: An Interview with Dr. Brenner

By Madeleine Ostertag- October 11 '16

Dr. BrennerGet to better know the self-described "vision person" behind education in Darien.



Student Life

What We Want in the Caf

By Carson Halabi - June '16


As rumors rise about a new layout of the caf, it's important to focus on the important part: the food.

The New SAT

By Kallie Coughlin- June '16

Want to learn more about the new SAT? Click here to learn more about the changes and hear what the students think about the test.

Freshman Expectations vs Reality

By Ellie Nelson- October 11 '16

FreshmanHigh school is a huge adjustment for new freshman. Find out if DHS lives up to expectations.



Preview of the Trump Clinton Debates

By Will Pegler- June '16

Donald and HillaryReality TV show? No just the presidential race between Donald and Hillary.


By Johnathan Stimpson- June '16

Donald and HillaryTrump is pulling off the most elaborate, expensive ruse of this century.

You've been "Punk'd."


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