Our Cafeteria is MAD TASTY

By Will Wygal and Charlie Nicholls - 05/08
NEIRAD enilno edition

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The “Blue Wave Café” is the only show in town when it comes to on-campus fare. It yields the benefits of food and drink. The coffee-less café makes up for its lack of morning beverages with delicious chocolate chip pancakes, but mediocre bacon egg and cheeses. (at least in Will’s opinion)

Many think the bacon egg and cheeses (BEC) are disgusting and others like Charlie think they are great. (Charlie often eats two each morning – a bit of a splurge since it sets him back $7.50) These breakfast sandwiches are good when one is forced to settle for school bacon, egg, and cheeses instead of the stellar non-institutional breakfast sandwiches found at Vavala’s Deli and Catering in town.

The school pancakes make up for the lame BECs – this menu item is quite tasty for $2.50. The pancakes don’t taste like garbage. We think the new cafeteria employee, Eleni, who makes the pancakes does a great job because she puts LOTS of chocolate chips in them and they are nice and soft – not hard or tough. But it would better if the café could give legit syrup made with sugar instead of the bland healthier option. Darien High School chocolate chip pancakes have been awarded two Charlie and Will Awards, also known as the greatest honor you can achieve in life.

Lunch is a whole other meal. The State of Connecticut thought it would be a fantastic idea to take all the sugar out of our diets. No longer can we quench our thirst with Gatorade and soda from the vending machines. Now the cafeteria serves every wheat product under the sun. Everything is 100% juiced and extremely healthy.

The best lunch products in our opinion are chicken tenders and BBQ rib on a roll. Chicken tenders cost $4.75 and the rib sandwich is $3. These items are usually delicious and awesome. The one complaint that is echoed through the numbered rooms of DHS about these two foods is the fact that they are put on the same lunch day therefore forcing us to make the most difficult choice ever besides whether to actually come to a dance.

We can always depend on the somewhat improved pizza. The pizza used to be thick and awful but now it has redeemed itself in the eyes of the student body by actually tasting like pizza. (Cheese and everything) This item is actually pretty affordable at $2.50 a slice.

The Bosco Sticks and cheese steaks are also getting close to a Charlie and Will Award. For those of you who have not had the eating pleasure, we urge you to check out the Bosco sticks for $3. They are soft bread stuffed with melted mozzarella cheese and marinara dipping sauce. The cheese steaks have a lot of flavor, but expect to pay for the privilege. This heart-attack special will set you back $4.75.

Some extra terrible purchasable consumables from our eating facility are wing dings and those crunchy yet squishy French fries covered in grease for $2. The baked Parmesan chicken is also bad; it doesn’t taste like food sometimes. In the end, we’ll have to eat the food, unless of course we bring our own lunch.