Photographer, Isabel Castro, followed the six skaters, Mitch Blummer, Louie Rawden, Michael Lee, Alex Bruno, Cameron Miller and Tommy Blankemeier, as they “seshed” downtown Stamford. and DHS Skaters


By Isabel Castro- May/08

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You may see them walking down the hallway with their scuffed sneakers; their hands scabbed from falling on cement parking lots. However, it is unlikely that you have ever thought about the passion and time that it takes to be a “skateboarder.”


Senior Mitch jumping across a flight of stairs.

Other sports get medals and the glory. However, skaters measure their success in personal gratification and the pride of finally “heel flipping that five stair.” That is why we would like to showcase a couple of these humble athletes.

Walking down the halls, they may not seem intimidating, but they are anything but as they jump perilous flights of stairs on a rolling plank of wood. Be sure to check out their website:

Another DHS skater rolling off a the edge of a concrete wall.