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Neirad Enilno is a student-run online publication of Darien High School’s Neirad newspaper.

This online edition features news articles, profiles, and reviews written by students. Here you will find exclusive articles that were not seen in the Neirad print edition. Because Neirad Enilno is not constrained by size limitations we invite all Darien High School students to submit articles on any topic, in any format be it print, audio or video, at any time.

To submit articles contact Neirad Enilno by emailing the faculty advisors.

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Goodbye, Columbus Day: Hello Four-Day Break
By Julia Lang 10/08

For the first time in the history of Darien High School, students must break out their pens and pencils and be ready for class to start at 7:42 on October 13th--otherwise known as Columbus Day.

For the 2008-2009 school year, the Board of Education has reached the decision to still have classes in session on Columbus Day; however students still have the day off on Thursday, October 9th for Yom Kippur and now Friday the 10th for a Staff Development Day. Do you know what that means…four-day weekend!

Homecoming: DHS Traditions On The Way Out?
By Jorden Cappiello- 10/08

With Homecoming quickly approaching, many DHS students are wondering whether or not some exciting Spirit Week traditions will carry on, after talk that they may be taken away.  Field Day and Best of the Best, the two activities that, for some students, have come to define Homecoming week, have possibly been cancelled.
Principal Dan Haron is talking with Community Council looking for a change in structure to the previous Field Day.  “The unfortunate behavior at last year’s Field Day certainly did have an impact on the faculty and administration’s view of the event,”

Blue Wave News: Who is the New Face
By Emily Pik - 10/08

For returning DHS students, the first morning of school brought an unexpected surprise. As the ritual showing of Blue Wave News began on the projector screens, the usual and predictable voice was not what struck their ears. The voice was definitely different because the person from which it came was not Andrew Kirkman, the anchorman who many had come to associate the show. Instead, the unfamiliar face on the screen belonged to senior Dean Coots. 


Club Guide: A Look at DHS's Extracurricular Activities
By Christy Lattimer - 10/08

The start of school brings a new year with new challenges. Yet, even with the impending homework and essays it is important that students not lose themselves in their textbooks. This year Neirad wants to help students plan their year with a guide to the array of clubs that offer great opportunities to participate in the many facets of student life at DHS.

Wuddup with DAWG!
By Lizzie Kirst - 10/08

If you simply can not resist pursing your lips and talking in a sort of baby gibberish centered around the word "wuv" to the closest furry featured creature DAWG is the group for you. Students who want to help homeless animals and meet some great people have a fun new club to answer those needs. DHS's DAWG has been gaining popularity as well as publicity within DHS hallways. Many can't help but stop and laugh at the posters with the clever acronym: DAWG, thought of by sophomore Sydney Schildnecht, which stands for Darien Animal Welfare Group.

Behind the Scenes @ CNN
By Stacey Wilkins - 10/08

Most people take a vacation far, far away from the workplace. So, who would have thought Neirad’s faculty adviser Stacey Wilkins would opt to spend her vacation back in her former place of employment, CNN International in Atlanta. Wilkins’s former colleagues kindly agreed to pose for pictures for this story. Wilkins gained access to places even the CNN Studio Tour is not permitted to go.

New Laws Crack Down On Teen Driving
By Jose Corte-Real- 10/08

The new teenage driving laws that went into affect on August 1st of this year are cracking down on Connecticut’s youngest drivers. Double the driving hours; a longer driving test; and an earlier curfew are just a few of the new obstacles that are preventing teens from getting their licenses.

The decision to establish these stricter driving laws was made after the deaths of four teenage drivers in Wolcott and Windsor, Connecticut this past November.

The House Bunny
By Richard Stile- 10/08

Big talent, great storyline, and stupid humor; if these things are on your personal list as elements in a great comedy flick, then Anna Faris’s new comedy, “The House Bunny” is a movie you should definitely check out. This movie is perfect for a good laugh on a Friday night with friends, and while the jokes might not be for the person with a mature sense of humor, most people could get a good laugh out of the pure comedic genius that is Anna Faris.

Halloween Streets
By Andi Cara- 10/08

Contrary to popular belief, you are NOT too old to trick or treat.  Why not get free candy for as long as you possibly can?  Just be sure to have a convincing outfit--some people are reluctant to give out candy to costume-less teens. 

You may find it hard to get a princess costume that actually fits, however, there are advantages to being older around Halloween. However, the pivotal question lingers: With the entire town of Darien to roam, which area will provide the best trick or treating?

A "Vintage" Ride
By Spencer Matson - 10/08

1991 was a good year. The Soviet Union formally dissolved into a Commonwealth of Independent States. Congress passed a resolution indicating that the US military would be used to liberate Kuwait. Disney’s "Beauty and the Beast" became the first and only animated movie to be nominated for the Best Picture Oscar. The majority of the current Class of 2009 at DHS was born in this year, which is definitely something important. But perhaps none of these events in 1991 are quite as significant as the production of Martin Hannon’s F-150 pickup truck.

Mamma Mia... I Have A Headache
By Christian Nielsen- 10/08

I turn on my iPod and scroll through my list of songs then select, “Dancing Queen.” After hearing people talking about this tune, I thought it would be a good song, but I was entirely wrong. This 1976 #1 hit made me dislike the entire soundtrack to “Mamma Mia.” The lyrics were a new crop of corny: “You are the dancing queen, young and sweet, only 17” and “You come in to look for a king, anybody could be that guy.” I couldn’t help to not like it. After growing up around rock and listening to bands like Led Zeppelin and ACDC, the jubilant and care-free style of “Mamma Mia” came as quite a surprise to me.

Pet of the Month
By Claire Dickson - 10/08

How would you like to make an animal’s life happier today?  You can have the opportunity by adopting Thelma. She is a young, beautiful, healthy cat looking for a family.

Eighteen-month-old Thelma was taken in by the Connecticut Humane Society after her elderly owner died. She is also up-to-date on all her medical needs and ready to go!

From the Tigers to the Blue Wave
By Lizzie Kirst - 08/10

Walking into the math office to conduct my interview, I had no idea what to expect from new DHS teacher Mr. Michael Scott.

Would he be anything like the Mr. Scott I knew from popular TV show “The Office”? For the sake of the other math teachers I hoped the common name was the only similarity.

Top 5 Reasons Darien Kids Can Say Ballin'
By Joe Simonson - 10/08

The battle is on! Some Norwalk students have hit at the core of free speech. A new Facebook group has formed to say Darien kids can't say ballin'. Now DHS is firing back.


DHS Cribs Presents: Sarah Nielsen
By 'DHS Cribs" Executive Producer Jorden Cappiello - 10/08

Students trade their swimsuits for school clothes and get used to their new class schedules, Neirad’s DHS Cribs brings you on a tour of junior Sarah Nielsen’s room. Beginning last March, Sarah decided she would relocate her room to the attic of her house and turn it into a comfy abode. After nearly three months of painting and decorating, her room was all set to be featured in our second edition of cribs this year.  Here’s a look at her Hippie Hangout!

Nana Neirad answers your questions now

Annoying kids, no frees and a creepy correspondent. None of these writers could stump our own Nana Neirad who provides answer to some of DHS's most probing questions.

First Comes Baby, Then Comes Marriage
Should teenage pregnancy lead to teen marriages?
By Lisa Randall and Amy Sanborn- 10/08

When a scandal occurs such as a teen pregnancy in the life of the rich and famous the media is all over it. Here at Darien High School, stories about pregnant teens don’t tend fill the pages of Neirad. If something of that sort were to happen to a teen at DHS, a life changing decision would be placed upon the shoulders of someone who hasn’t even lived half of their life yet.

The Random Life
By Mackenzie Cockerill - 10/08

Thursday, September 18, 2008. Picture day. I have been planning my picture since last year: big dorky glasses, pencil behind my ear, lipstick smeared on my face and “accidentally” on my teeth. I acquired the proper glasses and practiced my “look” the whole night before.

When, on the day, we were told to go take pictures, I basically sprinted from English down to the picture room. I stood in the doorway and applied lipstick as the photo people watched. It was only after I looked like a total clown that I was told that this was supposed to be a “serious” ID.

The Battle over Ballin'
By Joe Simonson - 10/08

-To play basketball
-A person who lives large with lots of money and conspicuous success

It is often difficult to find a consistent and agreeable definition of the term “ballin’.” But in the halls of Darien High School it is not the definition but the ability to use the word that is drawing controversy. 

Amazon's Kindle Sparks Interest in E-Books
by Meghan McIntire - 10/08

Packing books for a long trip can be a problem. They’re heavy, they take up a lot of space in your carry-on bag, and it’s easy to accidentally leave them behind. Usually, they’re the first thing to go when you’re trying to lighten your load. But you pay the price later when you’re on a six-hour flight to California with nothing to read but the emergency manual.

Volleyball Preview 08 - 09 who said they can't go undefeated?
By Reece Pelley - 08/10

A 140- match winning streak is unheard of in almost every sport played. But for the Darien High School Girls’ Volleyball team, this record has become a reality up until September 12 when the undefeated team fell to Greenwich 3-1. With the end of the season last year, Girl’s Varsity Volleyball achieved a 140-0 record over the last five years. In total, that led them to 16 league titles over the past 19 years. But as of this year the unstoppable team has competition in the FCIAC.


Boy's Soccer to Shock
By Alex McGuire - 10/08

The boy’s soccer team has had one of the worst records in the state over the last couple of years.  In fact, mediocre seasons have been the history of the team since even before this era.  When looking at a 1969 issue of Neirad in the new online archives, I couldn’t help but notice the team had ended its year with yet another losing record.


The Stylemaker: A Profile of VH1's Top Stylist
By Hadley Green- 10/08

This summer I had the lucky opportunity (along with my previous Neirad editor from two years ago, Courtney Rogers) to meet with VH1 stylist Alana Kelen, stylist for popular VH1 shows such as “Best Week Ever,” “Top 20 Countdown” and “I Love the 70's/80s/90's.”  I thought Alana spent her days in the studio putting together outfits for celebrities: I was extremely wrong.



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