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Neirad Enilno is a student-run online publication of Darien High School’s Neirad newspaper.

This online edition features news articles, profiles, and reviews written by students. Here you will find exclusive articles that were not seen in the Neirad print edition. Because Neirad Enilno is not constrained by size limitations we invite all Darien High School students to submit articles on any topic, in any format be it print, audio or video, at any time.

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Our Presidential Candidates
Compiled by Spencer Matson - 11/08

While DHS students enjoy their holiday this Tuesday November 4th, 2008, millions of citizens around the United States will be lining up to vote in the 2008 US Presidential Election. Presented with two particularly strong candidates, voters will have a tough choice to make in the booths.


Barack Obama
By Tally Thoren - 11/08

Democrat Presidential nominee Barack Obama has swept the nation with promise and hope.   In a time of a world economic crisis, a seemingly endless war, and a federal debt that has exceeded more than $10 trillion, it is obvious that our nation needs to move in a new direction.  The Illinois senator has promise to bring America into a better state both domestically and internationally while Republican Presidential candidate Senator John McCain’s plan seems to be a replay of the Bush administration’s policies over the past eight years. 

Our Vice Presidential Candidates
Compiled by Spencer Matson - 11/08

The Vice President is the second-most powerful executive in the United States. Just a heartbeat away from presidency, the Vice President must be a capable and dynamic leader. As we approach Election Day on November 4th 2008, it is important for Neirad readers to understand exactly who will join either Barack Obama or John McCain at the White House in January.

A Call for Moderation
By Spencer Matson - 11/08

This Tuesday our nation’s citizens will travel to their local polling offices and place a ballot for their presidential candidate. For the great majority, the choice will either be Republican party candidate John McCain or Democratic party candidate Barack Obama. Of course there is always the healthy slathering of smaller third party candidates. I even heard about a candidate from the Socialist Workers Party who even if elected, could never be president because he was born in Nicaragua. But generally, our nation has an essentially two-party system.

Our Potential First Ladies
Compiled by Spencer Matson - 11/08

There is a common saying that goes, "If the husband is the head of the house, than the wife is the neck." Whether this is true or not in the White House has yet to be revealed, but all the same, the wives of the Presidential Candidates deserve a moment in the spotlight. Potentially being our nation's new First Lady in January, Neirad examines Cindy Hensley McCain and Michelle Obama.

John McCain
By Jorden Capiello - 11/08

Given the profound opportunity to write a completely biased article about the 2008 presidential election, I have two words for you: Go McCain!  For all the Democrats/ Pro-Obama/ Pro-Choice people, don’t put down the paper, simply hear me out.

Many have heard stories of Arizona Senator John McCain’s years as a POW during the Vietnam War from 1967-1973, and realize that his love for his country goes far beyond most people’s limits. 


The School Bus Masters
By Katherine Minion and Julia Lang - 11/08

They bring you to and from school everyday, making the same route 360 times during the school year; these people are your bus drivers.  A total of 201 students take the bus in the morning and 277 after school. Though some students take the bus twice daily, how well do you really know the person behind the steering wheel?

We attempted to jar open the shut doors of the yellow school buses and find out the identities of those that some merely disregard as our chauffeurs.

Choking on "Choke"
By Will Wygal - 11/08

The movie "Choke” is a sadistically filmed comedy involving a sex addict, a crazy old woman, and a bunch of your garden-variety psychos.  The movie was great for feeling better about your own life while getting a couple of laughs, but I still walked out of the theater completely unsatisfied

A Smartphone in Retrospective
An Insider's Look at the iPhone
By Jake McCauley- 08/11

A phone that can play music, get directions, send email, and browse the web; the iPhone is the most revolutionary cellular device of the decade. Some people find that the phone meets all of their needs and is the perfect mobile phone to have. Others feel that the phone is lacking the basic necessities of a “smartphone”. But the question is the iPhone the right phone for you?

Videogames and Books Don't Mix
By Justin Pryor - 11/08

Games have been blocked ever since computers have been put in the library.” Library Coordinator Mrs. Jackie Bennett explained. “Computer time should be used for school work,” she added.

This information will dash the hopes of many students who still harbor futile hope they may one day be allowed to play computer games in the library.

Profile: Police Chief Duane Lovello Talks to Teens
By Chidinma Amakiri - 11/08

When Darien Police Chief Duane Lovello was a police patrol officer, most of his time on duty was spent on the streets. One day when he was attempting to make an arrest, the suspect hid underneath the bed and pulled out a gun. The situation was the most dangerous he has ever encountered Lovello told the DHS Intro to Journalism class. The suspect ended up killing himself with the gun.

A Lingering Snack and Question
By Amy Sanborn - 11/08

Some claim it was a religious experience; others say it was no more than a publicity stunt. But as of now what happened, or didn’t happen, in room B-216 is a mystery...When the nine students in the class entered room B-216 they noticed an unopened bag of Fritos and a single unopened 10oz bottle of Lemon-Lime Gatorade on the corner of the teacher’s desk at the front of the class.

Nicholls Brings "Dead Man" Alive
By Christian Panier - 11/08

Charlie Nicholls is a dead man walking. The DHS senior was selected to play the lead in Theatre 308’s powerful drama premièring November 20th. 

The 17-year-old may be playing a man on death row in this play, but the role is certainly not a harbinger of his career. Charlie has been acting since he can remember in shows spanning from middle school to productions in the city. 

DHS Cribs: sophomore Ian Sullivan
By Laura Durham - 11/08

For this month's, "DHS Cribs," sophomore Ian Sullivan invited Neirad into his sports-filled “crib,” which shows his love and accomplishments for basketball, baseball, and tennis.  Looking around Ian’s room, it is hard not to miss his loyalty to the Boston Red Sox and his interest in all types of music. Despite the Red Sox's hard fight against the Tampa Bay Rays, they were shut out of the World Series, but Ian is still sporting his favorite team's paraphenalia.

Ms Ladd: Efficiency Leads to Productivity
By Christian Nielsen - 11/08

As soon as I walked into World Studies class with Mrs. Ladd, I saw that even before the bell had rung, students had begun to pull out their binders and had started writing things down in their binders. How did these kids know what to do even before the class had started? Why, the teachings of Mrs. Ladd of course!    

The Unintentionally Comic Commentary of John Madden
By Reece Pelley - 11/08

Every year the Nation Football League seems to grow in popularity and in television ratings. But along with that growth there is always one person trying his hardest to keep alive the hope of destroying the NFL. He is constantly making every NFL fan and anyone associated with the league look like a high school dropout. This glorified idiot is, of course, the “great John Madden.”


The Music Man: TJ Ganser
By Courtney Whiting- 11/08

When I first sat down with junior TJ Ganser, I thought we would spend most of our time talking about athletics and the wilderness because for the past several years, TJ and I have spent seven weeks down the lake from each other at summer camp in the woods of Bridgton, Maine.  Of course this is a topic on which we shared many stories, but there was something else I discovered about my camp friend: his passion for music


On the Launch Pad, Jay Alter is ready to Blast Off to Fame
By Ryan Barthold - 11/08

When Jay Alter walked into Darien High School for the first time in August, he quickly focused on his goals. No, it's not being a star basketball player, an honor student, or a member of the golf team (Although he does intend on accumulating all those achievements). Jay's main aspiration is to become one of the greatest actors ever to pass through DHS's doors.


Hot in the Lot
By Charles Spivey - 11/08

Take a stroll down the DHS parking lot and you’re sure to see senior Kelly Randall’s somewhat spaceship-like black 2008 Toyota Prius parked front and center.  Kelly’s family purchased the Prius this past spring in hopes of providing their daughter with a fuel efficient vehicle to combat these gas-gouging times. The Prius is known for its ridiculously good gas mileage which is advertised to be about 50+ MPG. 

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Obama vs. McCain by Jorden Cappiello & Kevin Ramsey
Under New Guidance by Nicole Granath
Free Stylin’ Motocross by Lisa Randall
A Friendly Face in Yellow by Matt Wheelock
Through the Gunsmoke by Chris Shaker
Hail to the Chief Tim Westcott by Connor McCarthy
Earth to Dandy Warhols by Will Wygal
Ice Ice Baby by Meg Murphy
Flying in Formation by Lizzie Kirst
Squashing the Competition by Leslie Gill
Volleyball Digs Pink by Jay Alter
Life on the Damaged List by Meg Murphy
The Soccer Captain’s Column by Jack Bushell

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Name Games
By Lisa Randall - 11/08

Have you ever wondered why, when you are walking down the hallway, you hear, “Hey Lunchbox!” or “What’s up Elmo?” I’m sure you’ve asked yourself, “Who would name their child Elmo?” But what you probably don’t know is that there is an interesting story behind this name and many other off-beat nicknames given to various students at DHS. Neirad went behind the scenes to uncover their identities.


The China Exchange: Students Put One Foot in Two Worlds
By Nicole Granath - 11/08

Think you’re under a lot of pressure? Try living in China.  In a nation of 1.3 billion people with a limited number of universities, jobs, and resources, school children are forced to work harder than ever. Hosting one of the students from Qingdao #58 High School in China made me think twice about these aspects of American life that I take for granted.


pet of the Month
By Andi Cara - 11/08

Interested supporting a good cause and gaining a new companion?  Well then consider adopting Locke.  The poor little stray showed up in a Brooklyn shelter.  Locke is currently at a vet receiving treatment for mange, a secondary skin infection and yeast skin infection.  Once he is discharged, Locke will undergo a long rehabilitation at a foster home and then he will be available for adoption.


The Cotton Candy of Teen Writing: A Critical Look at the "Gossip Girl" Books
By Meg McIntire - 11/08

It’s understandable how the “Gossip Girl” books have taken off. They have cute covers; each is lavished with pastel colors and supermodel- looking girls stepping out of limos or tanning in bikinis. The covers also feature catchy titles such as “All I Want is Everything”, “I Like it Like That.” But what is this series actually about and why has it spent months on the New York Times best seller list?


Volleyball Digs Pink
By Kelsey Ott - 11/08

Blue Wave Volleyball isn't just playing to win--on October 15 they played to raise money and awareness for breast cancer. Hundreds of volleyball teams across the country played to help the cause and Darien raised $2700. Neirad Enilno is bringing the action to computer screens across the world for those of you who missed this fun charity event.

Got the Zuton Fever
By Connor McCarthy - 11/08

After a while, your thumb might get tired from continually scrolling all the way to ‘Z’, but I assure you, it’s worth it. The Zutons, a rock band based out of Liverpool in England, is a band that have been trying to find themselves, so that their music will benefit.

Top 5 Reasons to Love Fall
By Charlie Nicholls - 11/08

The New England fall season sparks the urge to hit the road to check out the beautiful fall fall foliage. It is a time to say goodbye to summer and usher in the colder months. Neirad Enilno asked DHS students: "What is your favorite thing about fall?"

Juniors Not so Hot in the Lot - Editorial
By Kelsey Ott - 11/08

At the time of birth of this Darien High School building, there was hope in the student body of having space for juniors to park on the new campus. This hope has long since faded away, and most likely will not return.

Girl's Soccer Heads to States
By Jack Bushell, Julia Lang, and Katherine Minion - 11/08

When walking into the main gym of Darien High School, it’s hard not to notice the many banners decorating the walls from the dozens of Blue Wave state and FCIAC titles.  Unfortunately, there is one sport woefully missing from those walls: girl’s soccer.

Turning the Camera on Invisible Children
By Jose Corte-Real - 11/08

The atmosphere changed in the English Learning Connections as the movie turned from a seemingly cheerful documentary to a somber film that showed the reality of Ugandan life. The students realized these Ugandan children are in dire need of help; these small victims are the Invisible Children

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