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Neirad Enilno is a student-run online publication of Darien High School’s Neirad newspaper.

This online edition features news articles, profiles, and reviews written by students. Here you will find exclusive articles that were not seen in the Neirad print edition. Because Neirad Enilno is not constrained by size limitations we invite all Darien High School students to submit articles on any topic, in any format be it print, audio or video, at any time.

To submit articles contact Neirad Enilno by emailing the faculty advisors.

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Happy Holidays from Neirad!!

Santa Ain't Coming to Town This Christmas
By Christian Panier - 12/08

When did you grow out of enjoying a “kid’s” Christmas?  When did you become “too cool” to like Santa?   It is a day many remember with regret and nostalgia longing for a time when they really believed it was Santa and not a harried Mom and Dad who stayed up all night wrapping presents to put under the tree for our delight on Christmas morning.


Top 5 Worst Gifts
By Jake Hertz - 12/08

Gifts can say a lot about what a person thinks of you, but sometimes the presents leave one wondering: Does this person even know me? Neirad Enilno, in its quest to help shoppers, checked around to find out what gifts not to put under someone’s tree. Here is a sampling of horrible holiday kitsch collected by students.


Celebrate the Holidays in the Theater
By Kelsey Ott - 12/08

The post-Thanksgiving period consists of a nationwide rush to buy gifts, make vacation plans, and bask in holiday cheer. Images of snowflakes, presents, Santa Claus, and dreidels fill store windows and the media. But this year, they’re not filling the big screen in big numbers. 


The Best Holiday Music Ever: A Winter Romance
By Will Wygal - 12/08

In my search for the absolute best holiday music on the planet I came upon the enthralling melodies of Dean Martin’s “A Winter Romance.”  This beautifully sung and beautifully produced album of holiday music includes chillingly harmonious hits like “Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!” and “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer."


It’s Not Just Christmastime
By Joseph Simonson - 12/08

It is all too common to see an array of Christmas trees, oversized nutcrackers and flickering white lights spread across every building on the Post Road.  We as Darienites have grown accustomed to these decorations as we’ve been blithely underexposed to Eastern influences.  As Christians, Jews, atheists or even self -proclaimed Facebook Buddhists, we’ve often forgotten about the rest of the world and the impact the winter holiday season has on people of other religions.


Pre-Holiday Deals
By Hadley Green - 12/08

As I opened up my New York Times Sunday Styles Section this morning, a full page Barney’s advertisement jumped out at me stating in huge, bold font “50 PERCENT OFF SALE,” before the holidays I asked myself? How unusual! However due to the economic downfall this year many high end stores are reducing prices immensely. 



Enilno fun prize Quiz
By Kelsey Ott - 12/08

Neirad Enilno is offering you the chance to win a delicious sandwich! Prove that you have read through this year's online issues by answering a few questions. Email your answers to by the end of December 15. The first seven DHS students to answer correctly win a $10 gift certificate to Uncle's Deli in Darien!

Who Ya Gonna Call? A Look into Saferides
By Kevin Cassidy - 12/08

When a student finds themselves in a position where they are not fit to drive themselves home who are they gonna call? … No, not “Ghost Busters” but Safe Rides. 

The Turkey Bowl
By Kevin Ramsey- 12/08

Over 9,500 were in attendance at Stamford High School’s Boyle Stadium for the 2008 Turkey Bowl/FCIAC Championship, including an enthusiastic Darien High School student section.

Coming into the Turkey Bowl, the Blue Wave Football team was 10-0, as were the New Canaan Rams. The game between two undefeated rivals for a conference championship generated more buzz than the State Championship ambitions for both teams.

Neirad Attends the Farfield County Journalism Symposium
By Christian Nielsen - 12/08

Pizza, soda, lessons to improve writing and showing off your newspaper to other schools. Could there possibly be a better field trip? Neirad and a few students from the Intro to Journalism class recently traveled to Norwalk Community College.

An Emergency Ride
By Joe Simonson - 12/08

It’s a common misconception of ambulances and police cars that speed is the most important factor.  What may not be so surprising though is the fact that safety is the biggest concern amongst the Posties.  What’s even more surprising is that you won’t see many ambulances whizzing through red lights.


Dead Man Walking Hits its Stride
By Spencer Matson- 12/08

Traditionally, Darien High School’s theatre group, Theatre 308, puts on two productions every year. In the fall there is a Drama, and in the spring, a musical. For the fall of 2008, Theatre 308 put on Dead Man Walking.


Whole Foods Breaks Ground
By Britt Gordon- 12/08

The run-down Howard Johnson’s is a noticeable eyesore on the corner of Ledge Road and the Post Road. But that is all set to change soon, with the construction of a Whole Foods Market. Demolition of the old restaurant and hotel has begun, a year after the store gained its approval to build a new market on this site.


Tattoos on the Loose
By Laura Durham - 12/08

Although it isn’t surprising that not too many tattoos are seen walking down the hallway at Darien High School, what is surprising is the fact that they are a rapidly growing trend.  So what is the fascination with expensive body art?


Navigating Naviance
By John Conley- 12/08

Juniors: looking for a quick and easy way to select the college that’s right for you?  Just try Naviance, the Web based college and career search engine. 

Maccarone's Art Attack
By Connor McCarthy - 12/08

Joseph Maccarone isn’t just your regular artsy kid. He’s also ridiculously weird and funny, while being a caring, thoughtful, Nintendo- playing individual. Aside from being all of those things, he is called friend by a plethora of young people known as adolescents.

Beardtastic November
By Alex McGuire- 12/08

The origin of the beard dates back to the caveman era, where our Neanderthal brethren forged the way for facial hair.  The tradition continues today in the form of NovemBeard.  Beards at the high school level are met with mixed responses.  Some say they look good, while others would care to strongly disagree.  However, the recent craze sweeping the nation has mercilessly thrust all doubters aside.


Boys Basketball
By Jake McCauley- 12/08

After a disappointing season last year, the Boy’s Basketball team has high hopes for this year’s upcoming season. Under the leadership of the new captains, Brian², or Curth and Kosnik, the team is very optimistic. Neriad spoke to a few of the players to find out what their goals are for the season.

Darien Bucks Pricey Coffee Decline Trend
By Leslie Gill - 12/08

Starbucks has already closed 600 stores nationwide and laid off more than 1,000 workers this year.  Profits have recently plummeted 97%, as people come to the realization that $3.65 for a cup of coffee is both slightly excessive and economically unwise.  But while the success of Starbucks around the nation is rapidly declining, the Starbucks in Darien on Post Road doesn’t seem to be affected by the financial meltdown.


jay alter has the best of both worlds
By Taiki Miki - 12/08

Hannah Montana and Jay Alter have one thing in common: they both want the best of both worlds.

Jay is currently a freshman who is taking Introduction to Journalism with Ms. Stacey Wilkins, the Neirad advisor. But the course is just the first step in Alter’s grandiose plans to become the King of all Darien High School Media. His ambitions include nabbing the top job at Neirad.


elizabeth leimkuhler is potentially famous
By Claire Dickson - 12/08

Along with the new Lois Lane, Kate Bosworth, and That 70’s Show regular Topher Grace, sophomore Elizabeth Leimkuhler seems to be the likely new candidate to join the more famous Darien natives to bring fame to our small town.


The random Life
By Mackenzie Cockerill - 12/08

My family has a tradition of celebrating with supremely angsty and action-packed holidays. Last year’s Thanksgiving was the memorable time that my brother managed to break his elbow and get surgery in another state at the exact same time a glass dish exploded in our kitchen and nearly killed my grandmother, and the same brother has also broken his arm on Easter Sunday by jumping from his bunk bed to the floor. I have no idea how we're going to top that this year for Christmas.


ventrilo is Not Your Ordinary Chat Room
By Christian Nielsen - 12/08

I'm upstairs in my room, doing homework on my laptop, and I start to smell dinner being cooked downstairs. I'm never really sure when dinner will be ready, and being the lazy person that I am, I usually shout down the stairs (much to the delight of my mother).

Yet, with the electronic world continually progressing Ventrilo can serve as the means of communication for such a question—that way I won’t have to strain my voice. No, Ventrilo is not some robotic maid I can send to do my bidding.

Vegan with a Vengeance
By Jake Hertz - 12/08

"Unconventional!” is how Addie Calcagnini describes herself. She bleeds creativity with her poetry and this aspiring singer/songwriter takes animal sympathy to the next level with her commitment to the vegan lifestyle. While at the same time keeping herself grounded in reality.


Cleats are on The Way
By Britt Gordon - 12/08

A few weeks ago, the DHS Varsity Football Team destroyed Bassick by a score of 43 to 14. The game was at the brink of unfair, since the opposition seemed to have about half the number of players that Darien had. This immense difference between the athletic programs of Darien High School and Bassick High School is what has caused Anthony West to start a program at Bassick called Fairfield County Leader’s Group. This free training program works to improve the athlete’s physical and mental skills in sports. 

Pet of the Month: Sasha Fierce
By Lizzie Kirst - 12/08

Our pet of the month is fierce. That is fierce as defined in the new Beyonce slang meaning of the word - fierce no longer just connotates "ferocious" to those in the know, but rather excellent and of the highest quality. Sasha's fierceness in the fab sense will brighten up anyone’s holiday season. This little pit mix is eagerly awaiting a home at the PAWS rescue organization in Norwalk.

retro reggae Vibes
By Chris Shaker- 12/08

Besides having one of the most innovative names, 10ft Ganja Plant also seems to capture the sprit of 70s reggae music. They are shrouded in a sort of mystery. The band is rarely promoted and it is not usually announced where they are going to play next.  Some sources say they are from Hawaii, but more reputable sources claim they hail from upstate New York. It’s said that some of the members of the band are even shared with another reggae band called John Brown’s body. This lack of information makes them even more appealing.

My Principal is Psychic
By Lauren Mazzoli - 12/08

Rumors are scurrying through Darien High School hallways as fast as squirrels scamper across the roads in Darien. Just like the squirrels, the rumors leave students confused and uncertain. Clarifying just one of these many tall tales became this reporter’s fun mission.
The most prominent of those rumors is that our own Principal Dan Haron is a psychic. The mission had begun.

We Must Protect This House basketball
By Justin Pryor - 12/08

There is a new sport sweeping the town of Darien, where no one wins States or FCIACs, but where anyone can gain pride. This sport is house basketball. Unlike all the team sports played in Darien High School, house basketball is just for fun. “There’s no pressure,“ sophomore Kevin Keller said.

Ligouri Wrestles With Injury Challenges
By Lizzie Kirst - 12/08

For wrestling co-captain Matt Ligouri, winter is the season he looks forward to all year. Ligouri and co-captain Tom Bassford have high expectations for this season and are planning to lead the team to the top.

An Answer to the Eternal Question
By Will Wygal - 12/08

Richard Dawkins gives the other side of religion in the compelling pro-atheism international best seller The God Delusion.  The preeminent scientist and outspoken atheist delivers a clear and intelligently written argument against organized religion.  It may not be “religious” in the conventional sense of the word, but it’s still hilarious. The God Delusion outlines all of the popular arguments against the existence of God along with a few fun and fresh ones. 

Mr. Egan: The "Super Awesome Half Pirate"
By Ryan Barthold - 12/08

In the hallways in DHS, you can find countless smiling students, faculty, and teachers. However, you cannot find a more likeable teacher than Mr. Patrick Egan, the World and American History teacher. “Mr. Egan is super-awesome” says junior Jack Bosha. But not only is Mr. Egan favored in the classroom, he’s also one of the most popular coaches in Blue Wave athletics.

DHS Cribs
By Britt Gordon - 12/08

Last month, DHS Cribs took a look into Ian Sullivan's sporty spot. This month, on the third edition of the year, we’re featuring sophomore Grace Daly’s cool hangout. The bright purple walls, tie-die drapery, and music posters around the room catch the eye at first glance. However, her room is also unique, as it is filled with interesting connections to Buddhism, such as her fish, Rinpocho, and other cool decorative objects.

The Hare that Loves Tortoises: Norrie
By Katherine Minion - 12/08

There is one coach at Darien High School that almost everybody knows.  He coaches girls’ cross country, indoor track, and outdoor track.  He is also the owner of the local store on Post Road, Runner’s Roost.  His name is Steve Norris, but to his “trackies” he is known affectionately as “Norrie.” Norrie has coached every cross country and track season, except for three, since 1976 at DHS.

Christmas Chilling with Jack Johnson
By Jose Corte-Real - 12/08

As Jack Johnson’s CDs develop from an upbeat sound, to a slightly more serious note, (slightly being the operative word) one cannot help but get sucked in, and loving every second of every song. Jack Johnson is not reserved for only teenagers and 20-year olds; anyone will be able to listen to this tidal wave that is Jack Johnson’s music.

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