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September 2008

When we heard the largest gathering of Citroens in North America was being held just a few hours up the road in Saratoga Springs, New York this summer, we decided to take a ride.

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Colin John Gardner Mural Wall Shetland Pony

Meet the Teachers
by Jenny Large, Spencer Matson and Kimberly Michels - 09/08

Kate C

David Hoyt

New freshmen are not the only fresh faces brightening the stark DHS hallways.

Twelve new faculty members were hired for the 2008-09 academic year.

Neirad Enilno caught up with them at the new staff orientation last month. Read on to get the 411 on the impressive academic talent bolstering the DHS roster.


Jocelyn and her Eight Shetland Beauties
by Shannon Finkel

When a person moves into a new house there are often a few scattered items to discard. There may be some renovation work to be completed. The Alfieris took it a whole step further when they relocated to Mansfield Avenue in 1990. The owners left several Shetland ponies creating a life-changing proposition for the new Darien residents.


COLLIN SHAY: Musician, Actor, Dancer, and now a Sophomore
by Charlie Nicholls

THE Collin Shay is more than just your average theatre geek. Not only does he participate in the two annual Theatre 308 productions, Shay has been playing piano since age five. He now composes his own pieces on a regular basis.

DHS Walls Get Bright New Look
by Richard Stile

Ever since the new school was built, Darien High School students have been bored with the plain blank walls, but recently they have been able to watch beautiful art come alive in the cafeteria. Graduating seniors Marina Vilela and Taylor Willis literally left their mark.


Hot in the Lot: Alexi Bello
by Mike Hickey, Automotive Editor

What is a European doing driving an American car? Sounds like a bad joke, but the answer lies beneath the hood of the 2008 Pontiac Torrent GXP owned by senior Alexi Bello. Alexi’s father made a deal with Alexi that if his son stayed away from drugs and alcohol, then his father would help him buy a car. Alexi saved up his money and stayed away from the undesirable elements and bought the 2008 Torrent GXP for $17,000 and made some serious upgrades.

Faculty Profile: Mr Leete
by Meg Murphy

On a venture up to the third floor, you would expect to hear teachers speaking an array of different languages. Spanish, French, or Latin can be heard, but also on the third floor, a student might stumble across English teacher, Mr. Stephen Leete. And although he may know some Japanese, Mr. Leete is not a member of the foreign language department; instead, Mr. Leete is the Alternate Learning Program (ALP) Coordinator.

Alan Weisman's The World Without Us
by Spencer Matson

The one true issue with Environmentalism today is that it truly doesn't relate to the everyday person. Look at Global Warming as an example. For those of us who accept its existence (and this article is not about to delve into that argument), we know that it is bad. We have seen the graphs indicating the rise in greenhouse gases. But what we haven't seen is how the issue truly relates to me. Or you. Or any individual for that matter.

Top 5 Books You've Probably Never Read
Meg McIntire

What you think we would just tell you what they were and save you the hassle of reading?

Well, for those of you actually yearning for some fresh book ideas outside the standard English curriculum. Read on!

Bringing Light to an Awesome Band: Eagles of Death Metal
by Will Wygal

Perhaps, the best side project to ever exist, Eagles of Death Metal is a kickass band. Featuring members of other bands, they united to create two of the best albums I have ever heard including "Peace, Love, Death Metal” and “Death By Sexy.” The main leaders of the band are Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme though Josh performs under the alias of Carlo Von Sexron.

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Who's Who on the Quidditch Pitch
by Joe Simonson

Do not let the genesis of Quidditch fool you – just because it comes from a book does not mean there isn’t some serious action. Quidditch is a full contact sport, and things can get pretty heated.


DHS Cribs: Lee Bolton
by Jorden Capiello, "DHS Cribs" Executive Producer

This month “DHS Cribs” has selected a fitting choice for our first feature of the new school year. It is a time for fresh beginnings. Sophomore Lee Bolton's room marks a new chapter in her life. The room was completely redone -- along with her entire home-- after a fire ripped through their Rockwell Lane residence. Lee invited us to check out her totally new decor. Lee combines classic tradition with personal touches that reflect her multifaceted DHS life. Check it out!


Autumn Sailing at DHS
by Charlie Nicholls

September is a time people start pulling their boats out of the water to get ready for winter. Not so for a group of seafaring students. The Darien High School Sailing team is coming off an FCIAC Championship and second place in the state season. Now the pressure is on this fall to keep up the winning record. Here is a fall preview.


Questions From a New Senior
By Chris Shaker

As I walked out the DHS doors for the final time last June as a junior, I realized that I would be a senior this year and will soon be going away to school. Where will I be going to college? Will I be able to survive in the business world? Will I be successful in life? These thoughts swirled around my head and it became very clear to me: I was growing up and that in a few years my generation would take the world by storm. My generation would no longer have its hand held. My life would be completely taken into my own hands, not my parents or my teachers.


Athlete Profile: John Gardner
by John Bolton

The Blue Wave Football team did not exactly have the best season last year ending with a 4-6 record. But it could have closed on a happier note with a potential victory over the New Canaan Rams in the Turkey Bowl on Thanksgiving. The Wave was forced to go for a touchdown when they were down by one point in the fourth quarter because they lacked a field goal kicker who could put it through the uprights.

Citroen Rendezvous 2008
by Stacey Wilkins

The Neirad automotive desk goes near and far to bring our motor head readers pertinent and innovative coverage. Citroen definitely falls into that category. When we heard the largest gathering of Citroens in North America was being held just a few hours up the road in Saratoga Springs, New York this summer, we decided to take a ride. (Sadly, not in a Citroen) Automotive editor Mike Hickey dispatched his assistant Stacey Wilkins to the show field to catch the action. Here’s a glimpse into a world of people passionate to preserve the legacy of a quirky French car.

Pet of the Month
by Spencer Matson

How would you like to make a new buddy of the feline persuasion? The bright-eyed little guy pictured here is looking for a clean slate. Buddie is kicking off the return of Pet of the Month to Neirad Enilno. Pet of the MonthHe is an adorable guy eagerly waiting for someone to spring him from the pound. Buddie has been forsaken by his former owner who opted not to be responsible for his pet & instead dumped him in a pound. To read more about adopting Buddie click on the pet of the month link above.