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January 2009
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Neirad Enilno is a student-run online publication of Darien High School’s Neirad newspaper.

This online edition features news articles, profiles, and reviews written by students. Here you will find exclusive articles that were not seen in the Neirad print edition. Because Neirad Enilno is not constrained by size limitations we invite all Darien High School students to submit articles on any topic, in any format be it print, audio or video, at any time.

To submit articles contact Neirad Enilno by emailing the faculty advisors.

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Happy New Year from Neirad!

Text Ettiquette
By Andi Cara- 01/09

Texting has become the world’s latest form of communication.  It’s no wonder why.  Texting is a faster, shorter, more direct way to communicate with family and friends.  But like other forms of communication that came before it (remember the letter or the phone call?) texting requires a certain set of etiquette.  These rules may vary depending on the individual, so think of them as merely guidelines for how to be a polite, considerate texter.


DHS Cribs: Snow Twins
By Laura Durham - 01/09

Last month, DHS Cribs was able to get a look into Grace Daly’s Zen room.  This month, sophomore twins Lauren and Ashley Snow are back in Neirad Enilno again not just for their skating, but for their personality filled living quarters.  The twins share a bedroom, bathroom, and office with two of everything!


Michelle Obama: White House Fashion Icon
By Andi Cara - 01/09

On January 20th, 2009, history will be made in Washington D.C.  Not only will the country’s first African American President be sworn in, but the White House will be gaining one of the finest first ladies the country has ever seen. Michelle Obama is brilliant, young, and there is no question that she will make an impact during her time as first lady.  However the eternal question remains, what type of high heeled pumps will Michelle Obama wear to walk the marble steps of the White House for the first time?


Chess is DANC
By Chris Shaker- 01/09

When you think of a chess club, whether or not you like stereotyping, you think of a nerdy smart kid with glasses and perhaps acne. Well that’s not the case with DANC, the Darien Association of Non-Competitive Chess.


Red Flag on Red Card
By Jay Alter - 01/09

The Darien Boys’ Varsity Soccer Team season may have long since ended, but the anger over a controversial call lingers. This incident happened when the team was knocked out of the FCIAC tournament in the first round against Staples High School in Westport. The ending score was 4-2. Yet, some queried this final tally. According to Assistant Coach Ms. Lynn Brown, “Several questionable calls by the referee caused a severe part in the loss.”


Famous PI Shares Detective Stories
By Lizzie Kirst- 01/09

Nationally-known detective Mr. Vito Colucci is helping give Neirad journalists a jumpstart on their budding investigative final projects. The private investigator visited DHS to share tips and tales of his storied career.   His love of his career was obvious, making his talk even more appealing. Colucci confessed his love of his job and stated his belief that “if you find a job you love you’ll never work a day in your life.” Colucci feels this is true for himself and enjoys going to the office every day.


Top 5: New Year's Resolutions
By Katherine Minion- 01/09

The start of the new year is the time when people begin their resolutions and start making changes.  While some people make major changes and others make small ones, whatever the case a New Year’s Resolution is always a good thing to have.  These five Darien High School students hope to make a change for the year 2009 with these great resolutions.


Uncle's Prize Winners
By Neirad Enlino Editors- 01/09

In their great debut we present our Hot Prize Neirad Enlino winners! Winners of the December reader's contest received a gift certificate graciously provided by Uncle's Deli. We would like to give a special thanks to our lovely winners for participating and a special sorry to those who lost. Make sure to watch out for Neirad Enilno's next Hot Prize contest.


A List of Creative Goals for the New Year
By Meg McIntire - 01/09

So, here we are. Another year older, hopefully another year wiser and the weight of obligations and goals for this New Year already are pressing down. Getting better grades; getting into a good college; eating healthier, exercising more…the list goes on and on. But for those of you who have no goals and ambitions (you know who you are), I have found the perfect book for you called Dream It. List It. Do It.”


Guns N'Roses Strikes Back: Album Review
By Will Wygal- 01/09

Guns N’ Roses has a lot of history in the music world.  From hearing “Welcome to the Jungle” at a Rangers game or listening to “Sweet Child O’ Mine” on the radio for the millionth time, Guns N’ Roses has always delivered those piercing chords and wailing vocals. 

2010 Lotus Evora
By Charles Spivey - 01/09

The new 2010 Lotus Evora isn’t something you’d expect to roll out of the factory in Norfolk, England.  In fact, the Evora is something completely different than all previous models Lotus introduced.  The Evora has back seats!  However, it may be snug as the Evora is classified as a 2+2 sports car meaning that, at best, the back seats can be used for children and groceries. 


Bridgeport Gets Slammed By Freshmen
By Ben Hall - 01/09

As a winter sport begins at Darien High School, there is no team more eager to start the season than the freshman basketball team. “We have a really talented team this year and I’m also looking forward to playing with my friends,” shooting guard Eric Walsh said.


New Year's Pet
By Spencer Matson - 01/09

Sampson has a new year’s resolution that you can help him achieve: find a new home. This German shepherd/boxer mix has been sitting at the Connecticut Humane Society (CHS) in Westport waiting for a home since April. Sadly, many visitors came in and somehow passed this sweet guy over when they were looking for a pet. The folks at CHS don’t know why since Sampson is a wonderful dog.


Teen Makeup Trends
By Amy Sanborn- 01/09

Most people walking through the halls of Darien High School don’t seem to notice the amount of makeup some girls pile on their faces. When asked the question, “do you wear makeup on a daily basis”, 17 out of 20 students replied “yes.”







Mac vs. PC
By Jose Corte-Real - 01/09

It is a well known battle: Mac versus PC. As students walk through the halls, this topic can often be heard as they debate which machine they should have asked their parents to give them for Christmas.

Mac has always had the cool factor advantage, or in the words of Tally Thoren the non-PC people are the”more hip Mac users.” From its sleek design, to the marking apple on the cover, the Macs are indeed more “hip” looking.


Baby Inspires Obama
By Lauren Mazzoli - 01/09

Baby, a three-legged rescue dog, is making history with our new president-elect Barack Obama as his sidekick.

Obama thought that by bringing home a rescued animal as a present to his daughters after moving into the White House, he would be teaching a lesson of compassion and mercy. Slowly he is expanding this lesson to America. 


Darien Sport Shop

DHS Indie Rock Trio
By Alex McGuire - 01/09

Darien High School’s sole indie-rock band, The Seascape, is one of the most well-known bands of Fairfield County.  The senior trio of Jake Seymour (vocals/bass), Patrick Smith (guitar), and Mike Muney (drums) has recently released a new single called “Sounds like Fun” on their MySpace page, which has already attracted over 1,000 plays.  They have been acknowledged by multiple blog sites such as: "mp3hugger", "clicky clicky music blog", and "Quick, Before it Melts". 


Teens Change Face of The News Industry
By Leslie Gill - 01/09

“Did the Wolly Mammoth Pop Collars?”  This is the kind of unconventional news story found on Web sites like -- sites that receive millions of hits every day from teens all over nation.


Jack Daly's Tahoe: The Number of the Beast
By Jake McCauley - 01/09

Throughout the course of the school year, every DHS student is bound to see a sand-colored Chevrolet Tahoe that’s jacked way up on some big wheels. Most likely that student will think to him or herself, “Who the hell is driving that thing?” Well, let it be known to all that the mysterious driver is none other than senior Jack Daly and the rig that he’s driving is a 1996 Chevy Tahoe.

Gymnastics Preview
By Jorden Capiello - 01/09

Neirad talked to gymnastics captains Kaylyn Van Sciver and Grace Ann Sweeney, to hear about the upcoming winter season.


New Kids on the Block
By Jennifer Dorris - 01/09

“Being a lunch loner is kinda sad, we want to stop that,” says sophomore Lauren Mazzoli, a transfer student from Plymouth, Michigan.Lauren says this remark on behalf of the most recent club to DHS, the Transfer Student Club.  The name seems to explain it all; it is a club that gives people, who know very few at our school, a chance to meet others.

Taking a Trip Down Under for $6.50
By Amy Sandborn- 01/09

While searching for a movie to see in theaters I came across a new flick, which I had not heard of called “Australia.” Normally, I would watch the trailer to see if that could hold my attention long enough. However, this time, I decided to take a risk and attend “Australia” not knowing about the subject matter. I expected a sappy, tacky love story set down under. Thankfully, I was wrong. 


Coach Cross Goes to Online University
By John Conley - 01/09

Some kids would love to go to take online college courses: going to class whenever they want, no teachers, no classroom.  But getting a degree online isn't as easy as it seems.

DHS’s popular PE teacher Mr. Jared Cross took two online graduate courses this past summer.  The two courses, Health and Society, and School Health Education Foundations, were required for his master’s degree in School Health Education.

Girls BBall Enters New Era with New Coach
By Jack Bushell- 01/09

With the addition of Gary Peterson as the new varsity head coach, the girls’ basketball team looks to make a fast break into the new season.  After the difficulties of last year’s coaching debacle, the girls went to the state tournament and lost in the first round to Fairfield Warde. 

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