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Neirad Enilno is a student-run online publication of Darien High School’s Neirad newspaper.

This online edition features news articles, profiles, and reviews written by students. Here you will find exclusive articles that were not seen in the Neirad print edition. Because Neirad Enilno is not constrained by size limitations we invite all Darien High School students to submit articles on any topic, in any format be it print, audio or video, at any time.


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Darien Sport Shop

Darien Sport Shop


March Madness Brackets by Reece Pelley and Jay Alter


A Change in Names
By Marcus D'Iorio - 03/09


Names Day is moving forward with its goal to create a respectful high school community that fights prejudice, harassment, and bullying. This event was held for the freshmen and sophomore classes on February 25.


Blackberry vs. iPhone
By Lizzie Kirst - 03/09


Superman or Spiderman? Chocolate or vanilla? Skiing or snowboarding? These age old questions that have stirred up a lot of discussion yet a definitive answer has not, and probably will never be made.  Adding to this list of tough comparisons is new BlackBerry vs. iPhone debate. While the answer remains up to you, I can help by offering my personal opinions and experiences to help you arrive at a conclusion.



A Movie Set in Darien: Revolutionary Road
By Richard Stile - 03/09


If you were to ask a resident living on Raymond Street, Red Rose Circle, or Chasmars Pond in Darien to describe their 2007 summer, they may tell stories of inconvenient traffic; an irritating movie crew; or the always present sound of “Action!” or  “Cut!”. But was all of this worth it? Three Oscars, a Golden Globe and 19 other award nominations later, it is pretty clear that “Revolutionary Road” was well worth any inconvenience.


Illustration of Mr. Sorensen
By Claire Dickson - 03/09


The walls of the F building are plastered with beautiful canvas paintings, pastel drawings, and stunning photos. It seems that everywhere one turns, there is someone with a paintbrush in hand, ready to learn. Yet there is one incredibly talented teacher who stands out in this crowd. Mr. Sorensen has been teaching for about 16 years, and he loves what he’s doing. “It’s an area where I feel that I can share my expertise, but at the same time I’m learning from my students,” Mr. Sorensen said. 



Top 5 Dreams
By Jay Alter and Tally Thorén - 03/09


We wake up in relief. Thank God it was just a nightmare - I don't have to repeat Chem, AP US etc. Or there are those dreams that make us happy; make us feel all is right with world as our sleeping minds drift into the new day. Neirad's Chris Shaker will have a report on what some of these dreams are really trying to tell us in the upcoming print edition of Neirad later this month. In anticipation of Chris's story, Neirad Enilno reporters Chris Shaker and Jay Alter asked some students What do they dream about when sleep settles in?



"Which is the 'Right' College for you?"
Neirad March 1963


Probably the most popular and authoritative college book, the purpose of which is to guide the aspiring student toward the "right" college, is that edited by Clarence E. Lovejoy. Of the 2,266 American colleges and universities presented there, two can be cited for a few comments.



Come to Wishlist!



What's for Lunch?
By Britt Gordon - 03/09


The cafeteria staff has one simple goal: to enable faculty and students to be able to get their lunch and have enough time to eat it. However, the location of the Main Cafeteria and the large number of students has created big obstacles to achieve this goal. They hope the changes will lead to solving this problem. The opening of the Blue Wave Sub Shop in the Aux Café has been extremely successful, and now, the Cafeteria Staff has expanded this success to include the Main Café.


To Infiniti and Beyond
By JP Walsh - 03/09


It is not everyday you can look at your car’s control panel and see a birds-eye view of the vehicle and its surroundings.  It is also not everyday you see a high school student behind the wheel of such a vehicle.  However, DHS senior Katherine Crump’s Infiniti EX35 gives her that vantage point.  With almost every feature imaginable, this car is sure to inspire a road-trip or two.  Katherine picked out the car with her father as a late birthday present in November and has no regrets.


MyKey: "Safe Key" or "Hassle Key"?
By Christian Nielsen - 03/09


The new “Mykey” from Ford may not be what new drivers are looking for. With features that allow parents to control how their children drive, high school students might see the key as a way to limit their freedom, rather than seeing it as a way to keep them safe


Crazy Old Language: Radiohead's Rocking Offspring
By Alex McGuire - 03/09


Crazy Old Language is the newest band to burst onto the Darien High School music scene.  The quintuplet is made up of seniors Charlie Nicholls, who is the lead singer and plays guitar, Chris Gray is on back-up vocals and plays lead guitar, Juan Sucre  is the bassist, R.J. Irizarry on drums and Dane Gebauer who serves a dual role on drums and keyboards.


Jenny's Joyful Crib

By Amy Sanborn and Lisa Randall - 03/09


Last issue, Neirad looked into the room of sophomore Jon Nee and showed off his technological pad. This time the Cribs' team took a look into senior Jenny Joy’s room, which she calls “unique and outgoing”.



The Bygone Days of Skateboarding
By Chris Martin - 03/09


The X Games may be hot, but the skateboarding trend has cooled off at DHS. What ever happened to the days when you and all of your friends were boarding? Where has this pastime gone? Although most Darien High School students have grown out of the skateboarding phase, there are still a few who still can’t get enough of it. “Skateboarding is a lost art in this town.” said junior Louie Rawden. “All of my friends used to skateboard and now, only a few of them do. I miss the days when I could call any of my friends and they would want to skate.”  


The Random Life
By Mackenzie Cockerill - 03/09


We’ve all seen those movies: one clique has a rivalry with another clique, a member of clique A gets into a fight with a member of clique B, and they duke it out, battle-royal style, in the cafeteria one day. Insults are thrown, kids stand on tables to get a better look. Teachers stand by, aware of the fact that they should wield some authority but, at the same time, are too caught up in the moment to intervene.


Ping Pong Team Catching On
By Daniel Campbell - 03/09


DHS has a new afterschool activity, ping pong. One of the most popular sports in the world is now the high school’s newest club. Junior Britt Gordon is responsible for the creation of the club, whose goal he says is to “improve the necessary skills in ping pong so that one may be successful in life” he says. The staff advisor is Mr. Patrick Egan, although he credits Britt for doing the majority of the work in bringing ping pong to school.


Pet of the Month

By Kelsey Ott - 03/09


Loretta is a petite American Staffordshire terrier mix of approximately 6 years of age. She is truly an angel with fur. She doesn't know the meaning of the word stranger and greets all with a wagging tail, smile, double-jointed wiggle and a happy heart. She is completely housebroken and walks very well on a leash.



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