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Neirad Enilno is a student-run online publication of Darien High School’s Neirad newspaper.

This online edition features news articles, profiles, and reviews written by students. Here you will find exclusive articles that were not seen in the Neirad print edition. Because Neirad Enilno is not constrained by size limitations we invite all Darien High School students to submit articles on any topic, in any format be it print, audio or video, at any time.


To submit articles contact Neirad Enilno by emailing the faculty advisors.


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April 1, 2009


Spotted! Zac and Amanda Spencer and Cocoa ClemmyMikeHadleyMr. BrooksJohnMacKenzieReeceMatt Charlotte Tyler Amanda Allie and Clemmy


Spotted! MH in the bathroom, putting saran wrap on a toilet. April Fools! J at the school meadow, practicing his supreme butterfly-catching skills. Lacrosse is no longer the main sport at DHS--star athletes are uncovering their butterly love. S walking Cocoa, a dog who needs a home. Call Westport Animal Control for details on adopting this poodle-lhasa apsu. CL cracking down for an intense spring season on the lacrosse field. Z and AS in F wing, making the world a more beautiful place with their art. AB perfecting her serve on the tennis courts. H shopping and showing you the best spring fashions. CM at the gym, working on her routine. R everywhere but the cafeteria. He might think he's too cool for cafeteria food, but everyone else is loving the sub shop! Mr. B in the cafeteria, letting a student shave his head for St. Baldrick's Day. AT and CL checking out the fashion scene at DHS. T driving around in his Chevy Trailblazer SS. CG getting high at the track. MG looking deep into his soul in his "drama room". Who knew that this varsity athlete was a hard-working, music-composing Harry Potter fanatic? MC blogging about her random life, while I blog about others' exciting lives. Xoxo Neirad Enilno.


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xo xo Allie Townsend and Clemmy Little | Cribs: Matt Gorski

xo xo MacKenzie Cockerill | The Random Life



K and A's Charity Plans Revealed

April 1, 2009


Changing the world one pair at a time is what two students at DHS have committed themselves to doing.  K and A have become involved in the charitable organization Soles4Souls. 


This worldwide organization dedicates its purpose to collecting new and used shoes that are then distributed to areas of need.  The shoes donated help protect the feet of poverty stricken citizens from scrapes, cuts, contaminants that lead to potentially serious healthcare issues.   


xo xo Elizabeth Crafford | Keep reading DHS Gives its Soul



April Fools!

April 1, 2009


With Apple’s stocks plummeting because Steve Jobs is on medical absence, the company has looked towards their sick and delirious CEO for new product ideas. After a humongous car accident that sent Jobs over a cliff and into the ocean, it is amazing that the CEO is still alive today.

One of the ideas Jobs came up with is to purchase the state of Idaho, for an experimental Apple state...


xo xo Christian Nielsen | Keep reading Apple has some iDeas


Cribs: Matt


Hot in the Lot: Tyler


St. Baldrick's Day


Butterfly Catching Team


China Quest




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Darien Sport Shop





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