Do You Know Mrs. Pat Buchanan?

22 fun Facts

By Marcus D'Iorio - 05/09
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The high school has many teachers that you might not know.  Mrs. Pat Buchanan is the Literacy/Reading Coordinator and teacher of Reading and Study Skills.  Mrs. Buchanan has been teaching here for 27 years.  Mrs. Buchanan started teaching psychology and later moved over to Literacy/Reading Department.  If you have Mrs. Buchanan for Reading and Study Skills you may not of ever known these fun facts about her.

    1. She has two daughters who go to Fairfield Warde High School
    2. She has two Yorkshire terriers, one German shepherd, and two frogs
    3. She was once bucked off a horse and lived to tell the tale
    4. She went to college in New Orleans, La
    5. She lives in the same house in which she grew up in Fairfield.
    6. She is extremely competent in the art of breaking bones, spraining ankles and twisting knees
    7. She played basketball in high school
    8. She enjoys watching House 
    9. She can make a good chicken salad sandwich
    10. She loves The Doors
    11. She loves Italian and Mexican food
    12. She still talks to her best friend from college
    13. She is the youngest of four siblings
    14. She sets her clock alarm 15 minutes fast, which confuses everyone
    15. She has the same RAZR cell phone for the past three years, since her daughters keep stealing her upgrades
    16. She enjoys reading
    17. She often vacations in Cape Cod, Mass
    18. She buys everything from Trader Joes
    19. She used to have a huge, curly perm back in the 1980’s
    20. She loves playing badminton and croquet
    21. She took ballet for many years
    22. She cannot think of anymore facts