Hot in the Lot: Priscilla's Hello Kitty Car

Hot in the LotHot in the Lot

"Purr-cilla's" Jeep

By Jorden Cappiello - 05/09
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Jeeps are commonly known as off-road machines, but for DHS senior, Priscilla Lee, her Jeep is a posh ride decked out with Hello Kitty gear!  Her 1999 Jeep Cherokee has never actually been off-road, but Lee plans on trying it out one day.  Lee has never really looked under the hood of her ride, and doesn’t have any plans to customize the wheels, but the inside of this Jeep is what’s truly spectacular.

“As everyone probably knows, I absolutely LOVE Hello Kitty!” Lee said.

The Jeep Cherokee is decked out with Hello Kitty accessories from the steering wheel cover to a matching CD case.  Both were a gift from her boyfriend, senior Will Andrae, who helped start her Hello Kitty car gear craze.  Lee still hopes to get more Kittys to decorate her car.

Lee got her license in August 2008, and like most teens, wanted her own car.  In October, her parents surprised her with the Jeep as a 17th birthday present.  The previous owner of the Cherokee is a good friend of her family’s.  During that time he was looking for a new car, so he sold his Jeep to the Lees, and Priscilla couldn’t have been happier.

It is said that 16-year-old Miley Cyrus enhances her new Prius Hybrid with Hello Kitty floor mats.  “I didn’t even know that Miley Cyrus likes Hello Kitty!” Lee said, “So I wasn’t at all inspired by her.”  Lee’s sole inspiration was her own obsession for the adorable Kitty.

Sadly, Priscilla will have to leave her beloved Hello Kitty Jeep behind at the end of the summer when she goes away to attend the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. Her sister, sophomore Cecillia, will soon need a car to get to school just like big sis. But once Cecillia gets behind the wheel in September it will be the end of the Hello Kitty era for the Lee's Jeep.

"Hopefully when I am licensed I'll be able to come up with a unique idea." Cecillia said. "I do know that I will be taking out the Hello Kitty decor. It's an obsession that she's alone on." Cecillia went onto to say she wants to take a road trip with her friends and "maybe put bumper stickers on of all the places we go."

In the meantime while Priscillia is still behind the wheel, if you’re ever driving down the road and you see a Jeep decked out with Hello Kitty paraphernalia, don’t hesitate to give a honk and a purr!

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