Do You Know Kimberly Michels?

25 fun Facts

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Neirad Co-Editor-in-Chief Kimberly Michels has been named Connecticut Student Journalist of the Year by the Journalism Education Association (JEA). The JEA selected Kimberly based on a portfolio of her Neirad work. This fall Kimberly will officially become a Cougar (the mascot, not the person) at Brigham Young University in Provo. She plans on studying journalism and looks forward to learning even more about the field. But undoubtedly while at college Kimberly says she will subscribe to Neirad and visit far too often. Here are some non-journalistic things you may not know about Kimberly.

    1. I was forced against my will to write this.
    2. Let's start with my childhood--I was not the cutest child in the world. I had teeth like a beaver and instead of playing with Barbies I played with stink beetles.
    3. My family reunions consist of snake hunting in the Amazon. We aren't exactly normal.
    4. Other fun activities at family reunions: swimming in the same river as piranhas (swim close by the boat kids!), feeding dead chickens to alligators, and not bathing for a week.
    5. During one family reunion I cut my head open when I fell on the pavement (I am a bit clumsy). Instead of taking me to the hospital (no one wanted to leave the beach) my uncle, who is a veterinarian placed an egg membrane on my head. An egg membrane is the clear thing that keeps the shell together. When the membrane dried on my forehead it brought the skin together. I know…ew.
    6. In kindergarten my teacher thought I was being abused because I had whip marks up my arms. They weren’t from my mom…they were from my pet lizard’s tail. I swear Freddy loved me.
    7. In my freshman year of high school my mom accidentally died my hair orange. It stayed that color for about four months. Yes, I was an oompa loompa.
    8. In my freshman and sophomore year I did track. I came in last more than seven times. I wasn’t very good.
    9. My Quake gamertag is Haron101.
    10. I am what some would call a “stress case.” Apparently it isn’t normal to start hyperventilating when you are told about an upcoming essay.
    11. The first time I attempted to drive with my permit I was pulled over for a D.U.I. I wasn’t drunk—I was just driving that badly.
    12. It took me two-and-a-half years to get my license. I failed my first test.  Who knew you had to stop at a stop sign?!
    13. My nicknames include: Kim and Kimberland.
    14. My email is…..sometimes strangers look over at my computer in the library, see my email, and laugh.
    15. If I don’t know your name and you are in the senior class…don’t be offended. Chances are I have no idea who the person sitting beside you is either. I am not very good with names.
    16. I am beginning to realize I am quite a boring person…
    17. Are you still reading this?
    18. Oh---one of my favorite past times is going into New York City and shopping for knock-off Prada bags. Yes, I am desperate enough for a bag that I follow the person down the dark alleyway.
    19. My Favorite Food: Twice baked potatoes.
    20. My Favorite Books: A Separate Peace, A Prayer for Owen Meany, The Catcher in the Rye…and I am kind of obsessed with Twilight.
    21. My pet peeve: When teachers talk while I am trying to take a test.
    22. I have a prehistoric cell phone. I dropped my first one in the kiddie pool, the second one I simply lost, and the third one I left on the plane. The stewardess decided to call everyone in London with it. I now only get the “buy one get one free” phone after my sisters get theirs.    
    23. I don’t text. My thumbs are too fat…they smush all the keys.
    24. I make the most delicious homemade Oreo cookies…yes, you may call me Betty Crocker.
    25. I have a twin sister. If you see me in the hallway—wave. If I do not wave back---run.