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This online edition features news articles, profiles, and reviews written by students. Here you will find exclusive articles that were not seen in the Neirad print edition. Because Neirad Enilno is not constrained by size limitations we invite all Darien High School students to submit articles on any topic, in any format be it print, audio or video, at any time.


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Star Trek Review
By Reece Pelley- 06/09


When Hollywood began to market a new brand of “Star Trek” they fell on the slogan “Not your father’s Star Trek” and they couldn’t have been more right. With high-flying action scenes, explosions and even romance, this year’s “Star Trek” is bound to be a blockbuster hit and not only for staunch Trekkies.


Profile: Mr. Devlin
By Alex McGuire- 06/09


Over the past 21 years, Mr William E. Devlin had been teaching at DHS where he is known and loved by all students.  His friendly mustached face can always be seen, eager and willing to teach the students something new.  This is perhaps Mr. Devlin’s finest quality: The fact that he loves teaching.



Cribs: Phoebe Maglathlin
By Allie Townsend and Clemmy Little- 06/09


As we drove by the stunning view of the Long Island Sound, we knew summer had begun. We thought the views would end there. But, we were wrong. As we entered senior Phoebe Maglathlin's room, the view was still breathtaking through the open windows. The unique aquatic feel of her bedroom flooded us...literally! Here is the inside look of Phoebe's beachy room.


Top 5: Summer Jobs
By Jose Corte-Real - 06/09


In these hard economic times it is getting harder and harder to land work. Many kids are up against one of the roughest economic times this nation has seen in many years. Prospects for this summer's job market for 16- to 19-year-olds could be among the worst in more than 50 years. According to a Barron’s fewer than one million teens will land employment this summer.  Well, if all else fails maybe it is time to dig out the lemonade stand! We talked to some DHS students to see how their job search is panning out.  



Hot in the Lot: Michael's 2003 Porsche Boxster
By Lizzie Kirst -06/09


For this month’s hot in the lot we decided to check out a car not seen in the DHS parking lot, but rather in senior Michael Baresich’s driveway. This 2003 Porsche Boxster is Michael’s afterschool ride: a car he says is far more enjoyable than the 2005 Toyota Sienna minivan he schleps to school.


Senior Memories
Jorden Cappiello - 06/09


With graduation right around the corner, seniors are realizing that their happy times spent at DHS will soon be over.  As the year comes to a close, the red brick walls begin to fade into a high school memoryNeirad Enilno scoped out DHS seniors to find out what they will miss the most about our beloved school.




Spring Happenings

Pictures of DHS Spring Events


The Junior and Senior Prom took place at the Greenwich Hyatt on May 15, tickets sold for $80. More than 500 students attended and danced the night away.


Members of Theater 308, DHS's very own dance team and many other students helped make the 2nd annual Art Festival a success on May 20.


Girls' Track and Field team took 2nd at the FCAIC CHAMPIONSHIP led by double winner junior Christy Gasparino and the Boys' team finished 5th.


The Cafe began selling ice cream sundaes with a variety of toppings every Wednesday for $2.75.






Verizon Wireless


Delicious Dining Day
By Jose Corte-Real - 06/09


One day, $25 dollars, three meals? Well you could consider going to Uncle’s Deli, Backstreet Restaurant both in Darien and Post Road Diner in Norwalk. This reporter decided to venture to find out how one would survive one day on $25 dollars, and strangely it worked out great!


making Group Work Less Painful
By Christian Nielsen - 06/09


Over the years, social networking sites have been on the rise. As the types of sites continue to diversify, a new one that promises to help you and others work in groups. is a networking site that stands out from others; it offers a wide variety of options perfect for people trying to work in groups. With Wiggio, keeping a shared calendar, sending mass e-mails, voice and text messages, and storing files in one common folder has never been easier.


Lyme on the Loose
By Laura Durham - 06/09


Keep on the lookout for bull’s-eyes! This telltale red ring means a tick has bitten.  With summer fast approaching Lyme disease will be out in full force. The bacterium is carried in mice, squirrels, but most importantly deer, which transmit the bacteria to certain species of ticks.


Angels and Demons
By Reece Pelley - 06/09


The movie I was about to see was “Angels and Demons.” This film is the sequel to the bestseller “The Da Vinici Code” by Dan Brown. Both scripts and books follow the journey of an American symbolist who finds himself cracking codes and deciphering a centuries old legend to save the fate of the Vatican and the entire city of Rome.


Senior Backpacks
By Christian Panier - 06/09


Most seniors have already figured out their plans for next year, and now that they have smaller loads of homework, the ginormous backpacks that they once carried are no longer necessary. Hence, we have senior backpacks – those tiny bags that stick out of the crowd, whether it be for their bright colors or odd shapes. Either way, you can’t miss them.


Ten Runners, 24 Hours, and One Fight for a Cure

By Jorden Cappiello - 06/09

In 2006, Darien High School’s top runners joined together for the first ever DHS 24-Hour Relay. This year, 10 top distance runners will unite to do it again on June 27 at Darien High School. The 24-Hour Relay is a run to raise money for the Logan McGovern Foundation in coordination with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.


Going Green Posters

By Marcus D'Iorio - 06/09


Around the town, taped to doors and windows, are posters advertising Darien’s “going green” initiative. The minds behind the posters were students from Ms. Dorine Bosler’s graphic design class which for the second year entered the Darien Going Green Poster contest. The contest, hosted by the Darien Chamber of Commerce, challenged students to create a design about what it means for the town of Darien to be environmentally friendly. After evaluating 30 student entries, a verdict was made. Three contest winners were presented with awards at the Darien Sport Shop. Find out who won!   


Hot in the Lot: Demi's Toyota 4Runner SR5

By Allie Townsend and Clemmy Little - 06/09


As one pulls into Darien High School one can’t help but notice all the magnificent vehicles parked in the senior section. But there is one that just immediately grabs everyone’s eye. And that is the vehicle that Miss Princess Demi Gagliardi drives. A lovely silver Toyota 4Runner SR5. With all the exotic accessories decorated in and out of the SUV, it’s a ride you can’t miss. We sat down and interviewed chatty Demi and got the inside look on her "sweet ride".


Pets of the Month

By Clemmy Little - 06/09


Casey and Maggie are destined to find a home after you read about these two wonderful shelter dogs. Casey is a tan Golden Retriever mix and her buddy Maggie is a Black Labrador mix. Old and wise at age seven (Casey) and nine (Maggie), the two girls are loving, sweet, playful, mellow and completely housebroken. So no need to worry about that and annoying clean ups.


Art Festival

By Marcus D'Iorio


On May 20, 2009 the Art Department, Tech. Ed. Department, Music Department, and Theater 308 hosted the second annual Art Festival.  Members of the schools band opened the festival by walking through the courtyard and the school while playing different songs. See photos of the fun


DHS Boys' Bathrooms
By Alex McGuire - 06/09


There is one unavoidable fixture in the hallways of DHS: the bathrooms. Convenient facilities born out of the invention and commercialization of plumbing, these rooms hold what it most valuable to a student in a time of need. Neirad investigates this matter, letting you know the hidden treasures of the DHS boys' bathrooms, and which ones to avoid.


Blast from the Past

Neirad 1999 graduation issue


Across the school, seniors are neglecting their books and making preparations for their exit from the school they've known and loved for the past four years. Seniors obsessing over what college they, their friends, and their classmates are spending their next four years at should check out the Neirad graduation issue from 1999, a full decade ago. Perhaps a relative or a friend graduated from Darien High School this year, but if not, read up on a few unsung seniors and sneak a peek at some ten-year-old prom pics!


Q & A with Lax Phenom Case Matheis

By Jay Alter - 06/09


Freshmen Case Matheis is a rising star on a team chockablock with some of the state's premier lacrosse stars.   He has suited up for varsity play throughout the season gaining a spot on the field with DHS senior lax legends Corey Caputo, John Bolton, Tyler Foley and Chas Brickman. Case sat down with Neirad Enlino to reflect on his first season in the big leagues.


DHS Students Become Foreign Ambassadors

By Britt Gordon - 06/09


Juniors Francesca Forlivio, Jenny Hibben and sophomores Perrin Brown and Evan Rogers probably never ate pickled pig’s feet or other Chinese delicacies. Those foods are just a sample of the new experiences that await these DHS students in China this summer.


Bright Shiny Morning

By Meghan McIntire - 06/09


So I have some exciting news. Cue the singing baby angels, pop open some sparkling cider, and rejoice readers rejoice! I have finally found a book that I really actually enjoyed reading. I know! It’s crazy, but it’s true.


Nierad May 2009

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