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This online edition features news articles, profiles, and reviews written by students. Here you will find exclusive articles that were not seen in the Neirad print edition. Because Neirad Enilno is not constrained by size limitations we invite all Darien High School students to submit articles on any topic, in any format be it print, audio or video, at any time.


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Good Charlotte Blocks Goals
By Claire Dickson - 09/09


All eyes are on star soccer goalie Charlotte Phillips to lead the team to another great season. She has been the starting varsity goalie since her freshman year in 2007. She has definitely proven that she can hold down the fort under any kind of pressure heading into her junior year. She will certainly face that pressure this fall because the girls are coming off the best season they had seen in many years.


Top 5 Class Choices
By Christian Panier - 09/09


We all know today is a tough transition: the first day of school. Most students have some element of dread and nervousness about the new year of classes.  But there are some courses that students have elected to enroll – the classes they eagerly look forward to delving into this September.Here are some of the classes becoming popular choices this fall.


Advice for Seniors
By Lizzie Kirst - 09/09


As you have finally reached your last year of high school and the prospect of leaving the DHS community draws nearer there is one obstacle that stands between you and graduation in June. I’m sure many of you may be sitting in the library or your newly acquired “senior café” reading this thinking you have made it to your senior year and that the hardest parts are behind you. In some aspects you are correct, but there is still the tiny aspect of applying to college in which you have to deal. Now I do not want to scare you and make you think applying to college is the hardest thing you’ll ever have to do, because it’s not, but rather give you some tips or rough guidelines to help you survive the process.


Appreciate this Band
By Will Wygal - 09/09


The Black Keys are the hottest band since the Rolling Stones invaded America redcoat style.  The Black Keys didn’t have to invade. This Ohio duo has been on American soil slowly building a following. They are finally starting to catch on with a broader audience.



School Respect
By Nicole Granath -09/09


This year Neirad reporter Nicole Granath will be working with student journalists from across Fairfield County to report together on the life of Connecticut high schools. In this first installment, Granath worked in tandem with Daisy Villalobos, a senior staff writer for The Paw Print of Norwalk High School. They compared their classmates' attitude and treatment of their respective high school buildings.



Volleyball Preview
Jay Alter - 09/09


Senior captains Colby Billhardt, Sarah Gorski, and Corinne Sommi will be returning to the court to lead the team to what looks to be another great season. They are coming off a 24-1 year and winning States and FCIAC’s.








Blast from the Past
Neirad - 02/97


As the school year begins again, new seniors are given the privilege of parking at school. But what about all the juniors with their license? The Neirad issue from February 1997 highlights DHS's lack of student parking.






From Simple to Superior
By J.P. Walsh - 09/09


With the end of summer rolling around the corner, everyone is trying to soak up the last rays of the sun, and junior Dylan Torey is no exception.  In his 2009 black Jeep Rubicon, Dylan can cruise through the streets in what is practically the framework of his car. “I love taking the doors and the roof off.  It feels like I’m always outside,” Dylan say



Gloom in the Weight Room
By Jose Corte-Real - 09/09


Have you ever been caught in the weight room when an athlete gets carried away singing an awful rendition of a particularly bad

song? Well it is not pleasant:  apparently there are some people who need to be taught proper gym etiquette and some common sense.



Summer Camp advantage

By Laura Durham - 09/09


Summer normally signals a break from sports, but many lucky students get to continue their fall sports through the summer to stay in shape for their upcoming season.  Captains from each fall sport talked to Neirad regarding their summer camp schedule.



By Allie Townsend/Clemmy Little - 09/09


Article withdrawn April 2013 at the request of the subject.




Taylor Tries for the Trifecta

By Allie Townsend - 09/09


After a balanced summer of relaxation and training, DHS girls’ varsity field hockey captain Taylor Wells is ready to focus on a successful fall season.  As a leader, and a stalwart defenseman, Wells will be a strong force on the defensive “wall”.


New Teachers


By Claire Dickson, Britt Gordon, Kelsey Ott, and Emily Pik


The DHS staff saw the addition of 14 new teachers in the fall of 2008. This year a tight economy and tight budget has seen a much smaller group of new hires. Four teachers will be joining the ranks in the art, math, science, foreign language departments. Neirad caught up with them during their orientation to give readers a glimpse into the top new teaching recruits to enrich the DHS staff.


Hottest Place to Eat
By Christian Nielsen - 09/09


Buffalo Wild Wings, a sports bar chain, has opened its doors near the Stamford mall. With wall to wall HD TVs, great food, and a good atmosphere, this restaurant is sure to gain some new fans from Darien- including myself.


DHS Band Scene Rocks On
By Patrick Smith - 09/09


When I started my freshman year at Darien High School in the fall of 2005, there was not much of a music scene. There had been a little bit of buzz about bands in middle school, but by the time freshman year came, no one was performing live around town. Bands like Whiskey Tree, who frequently played at school events, were the only ones anyone had heard of.


Pet of the Month September


Little Bit, the newest resident of Westport Animal Control is so named because she is a little bit Chihuahua, a little bit pug and probably a wee little bit of Jack Russell too. She is approximately seven years of age. She is spunky, sweet and will make an excellent companion dog in an adult or older children home.

Yoga brings Down Teacher Stress

By Christian Panier - 09/09


The English department may have a form of recreation that could help ease the stress of starting a new school year. They have been rolling out its mats and cranking up the relaxing, meditative tunes every week for an hour after school to relieve the stress of everyday workloads through the healing practice of yoga. 


Neirad September 2009 Print Issue