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Neirad Enilno is a student-run online publication of Darien High School’s Neirad newspaper.

This online edition features news articles, profiles, and reviews written by students. Here you will find exclusive articles that were not seen in the Neirad print edition. Because Neirad Enilno is not constrained by size limitations we invite all Darien High School students to submit articles on any topic, in any format be it print, audio or video, at any time.


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Introducing Foreign Exchange Students (September 1959)

Complied by Julia Lang- 09/10


This year we at Darien High School are very fortunate in having three foreign exchange students on the AFS program stay in our town, as only one other high school in America has as many as three.


They are John Goto from Tokyo, Japan; Madeline Stroje from Lanskrona, Sweden; and Mia Von Luttervett from Voorburg, Holland.


Lee Malley's Crib

By Kathryn Saulitis


For October’s edition of Cribs, Neirad took a glimpse at Lee Malley’s double-decker bedroom! Lee’s beach inspired first floor, contrasts with her Harvard Club modeled second floor to give her the best of both worlds. The two floor spread allows Lee to relax by her picturesque bay window, as well as shoot pool in her cozy getaway on Long Neck Point Road.



Field day for Everyone

By Cameron Wong- 09/10

Field Day.  What does it remind you of?  Is it the taste of sweat, or the way the air flows through your hair? 

Either way, it is the smell of competition

The exhilaration as you run down the track to beat your fellow classmate, or the three-legged race where you and your best friend pair up to win. 

It will be a Homecoming event for all Blue Wave fans to remember when the new and improved Field Day comes to DHS on October 14



Football Moving on from '08

By Brian Curry- 09/10

On their season opener to Fairfield Warde, on Thursday 17th, Darien football struggled to a 14-0 loss on their home turf.


The team’s early struggles are a far cry from last year’s dominating run that featured an 11-2 record, and a trip to both state and FCIAC championship games.


Two of a Kind: The Billhardt Duo

By Meg Murphy, Sports Editor - 10/09

Unlike most seniors, senior Colby Billhardt does not have that fall stress of deciding where she wants to go to college next year. That’s because she’s already committed to the University of Connecticut, where she will play for the Division 1 Volleyball team! So how did they find her?



The New Face of Homeroom

By Emily Close- 09/10


There aren’t many students who would stay after school until 6:30 pm.. However, you can find one particular senior in the Blue Wave News production room no matter what the circumstances. Blue Wave News has a new face, with 76 homerooms tuning in and more than 1,500 students waiting to hear the latest school news, you can’t help but wonder who is ready to take on the demanding job of Blue Wave News Anchor?


Current: The DHS Literary Magazine


Give Me Dodgeball or Give Me Death

By Lisa Randall- 09/10

“I'm disappointed,” junior Amy Sanborn said.  “It’s not fair,” senior Becca D’Andrea said. Common responses heard from disappointed students no longer permitted to choose their gym classes for the first time this year.  


Northwestern Summer Journalism Experience

By Stacey Wilkins- 09/10


Each summer dozens of top high journalists descend on the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois to attend the National High School Institute. The students, called cherubs, have the opportunity to study under top national journalists throughout the five-week program.


Be Valentino’s Valentine

By Sam Nelson- 09/10


If you are in need of a Valentine, you are in luck, because I am all love.  I am a seven-year-old cat, looking for a home to live.  I was dropped off on the doorsteps of PAWS for some strange reason that I still can’t figure out.  How could they not want me when I am a very sweet and gentle kitty, who gives an unlimited amount of affection?  They call me Valentino, mostly because I can be your year-round Valentine. 




Is It Worth The Drive?

By Chrissy Wiegand- 09/10


A senior living within 10 minutes of school should be able to leave his or her house exactly 10 minutes before the beginning of their first class. Twelve minutes tops if they want to give themselves a little extra time, and still be able to arrive to their first class on time, right?  Wrong. 


Homecoming Makeover

By Andi Cara - 09/10


Let’s face it; our Homecoming here at DHS is pathetic.  Sure, Blue Wave Pride day is fun for the 657 kids who play fall sports, but what about the rest of us?  Here’s a scenario: A DHS student plays a fall sport their freshman year because the sport didn’t cut freshman.  They had a great time, especially during Homecoming week and couldn’t wait to play the next year. 



New History Teacher Steps Up

By Leslie Gill- 09/10


Just a few short days before the beginning of the school year, Mr. Mark Stepsis received the good news he would be the newest addition to the faculty of the Social Studies Department.  This opening occurred when history teacher Dana Altshuler emailed the school five days before the new year, saying that she had spent the summer in California and realized she wanted to make it her new home.


A Sign for an Ugly School Year?

By Claire Dickson- 09/10


As students filed into DHS the first day of school, they noticed new people, new teachers, and a new addition to the halls: brand new signs. The student population noticed  this right away. “When I walked into the school and saw the signs, I couldn’t help but think how much they’ll help the freshmen,” junior Katie Grozier said. With their great appearance and their durability, it is clear that these signs could not have been cheap.


Photographic Memories for the art department

By Mikel Marku- 09/10


The art department had a teacher development day and the teachers selected to learn about photography and with Ben and Trudie Larrabee as their instructors their lesson went beyond the technical part of art.


Mr. Larrabee graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design and Yale University for graphic design. Inspired by one of his teachers Mr. Larrabee elected to make a change and follow his passion and became a professional photographer. Mr. Larrabee said the inspiration of his teacher made him want to “follow a dream” he at first felt he couldn’t make a living from.

Brandon Tripodi’s 2005 Volkswagen GTI

By Charles Spivey - 09/10

When one thinks about the perfect car for a teenager, safe, low-maintenance brands such as Honda and Toyota come to mind.  Then when a person thinks about the perfect car for a teenager in Darien images of gently-used BMWs, Audis, and Volkswagens pop into one’s head.  Senior Brandon Tripodi was blessed with the opportunity to own one of these fine examples of German engineering. Tripodi is Hot in the Lot this fall in a 2005 Volkswagen GTI.


"Inglourious" Delivers

By Darius Majd- 09/10


It is not often that a movie manages to deliver unrestrained violence, intense dialogue (in four languages no less), and sincere laughs.  But never has a movie tried to pack all of this into one piece pertaining to the Holocaust. “Inglourious Basterds”, the latest, and perhaps most ambitious movie directed by Quentin Tarantino, accomplishes this feat brilliantly thanks to inspired performances from an ensemble cast that goes far beyond its “A-list” leading role.



Top 5 Michael Jackson Songs

By Mikel Marku- 09/10


Over the summer the world lost a megastar when the self-anointed "King of Pop" Michael Jackson died on June 25. In memory of the legend, DHS students shared their favorite Michael Jackson songs with Neirad Enilno.




Do Teens Really Tweet?

By Samantha Wood- 09/10


You’ve all seen them in the hallways of DHS, standing near windows or going into the courtyard to get reception for text messages. When adults see teens partaking in such activities, most jokingly assume that they must be mundanely updating their Twitter account with pointless information about their boring lives.


Upper Crust