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Neirad Enilno is a student-run online publication of Darien High School’s Neirad newspaper.

This online edition features news articles, profiles, and reviews written by students. Here you will find exclusive articles that were not seen in the Neirad print edition. Because Neirad Enilno is not constrained by size limitations we invite all Darien High School students to submit articles on any topic, in any format be it print, audio or video, at any time.


To submit articles contact Neirad Enilno by emailing the faculty advisors.


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November Happenings


- Increase in parking passes this year, Class of 2010 Seniors find themselves paying $50 instead of $35

- “DHS” Drive Home Safely rules established

- Mr. Michael Sullivan celebrates the beginning of his first year as assistant principal

- Expect to see Elizabeth Leimkuhler, Kenny Weiss, Abby Leinroth, Reed Morgan, Marin Amyotte, Caroline Vilter, Robbie Florian, Max Hanau, and Alex Rankine with leading roles in this month's production of The Curious Savage



Teacher Web sites Dull digital Presence

By Christian Nielson - 09/11


An investigation in our Neirad November print issue found six teachers do not have Web sites as stipulated by DHS policy. Technology reporter Christian Nielsen talked to some experts to get some advice to help teachers improve their digital presence. A few simple navigation tools can zap up even the most blase Web site according to people who make their living capturing an Internet audience.



A Postie's Crib

By Samantha Wood


For this month’s edition of Cribs, we will take a look at different kind of place for DHS students to sleep and hang out. But here you are sleeping with the constant possibility of waking up to go save someone’s life. Here's a look at their home-away-from-home.



Blue Wave's 6'4" Varsity Junior Football Force

By Ben Preston- 09/11

When you’re watching a Darien football game it’s hard not to notice number 85. Anthony Donato is a 6-foot-4 inch wide out for Coach Rob Trifone’s Blue Wave. His height allows him to dominate smaller corners in one on-one-coverage. Anthony also has soft hands that help quarterback George Benitez throw it anywhere in his area and Anthony brings it down.



Darien's Feelin' Fine

By Katharine Macomber - 09/11


Darien has entered a new era this month. Newly elected First Selectman David Campbell has ushered in a Republican regime in the top town office. Many DHS students have been eagerly involved behind the scenes to help make this change happen after longtime First Selectwoman Evonne Klein opted not to run again.

Neirad Enilno reporter Katharine Macomber has been following the campaign. She breaks it down.





Aspen Ramps up Academic Accountability

By Christian Nielsen- 09/11

Skipping calculus homework assignments or procrastinating on an important AP Lit paper might be a thing of the past with the new grading system, Aspen, going into effect this semester. The entire district has converted to the new Aspen system.

Compared to Parent Connect, Aspen is an improvement for teens and parents with its easy access to student work on the user-friendly parent portal.


Top 5 Horror Films

By Ian Sullivan- 09/11


Yes, Halloween has just ended. But horror films are still the popular choice with DHS students who plan to keep on watching long after the witching hour has passed.  Here are some of their favorite scary movies they advise you to watch to keep that Halloween fright fresh long past October 31.



Salon Vlas

Neirad's Homecoming Photo Gallery

Neirad's exclusive 2009 Homecoming Photo Gallery.


Neirad's Homecoming Photo GalleryNeirad's Homecoming Photo GalleryNeirad's Homecoming Photo GalleryNeirad's Homecoming Photo Gallery




Eco Citizens turn the Blue Wave Environmental Green

By Christian Panier - 09/11

Junior Emma Tuzinkiewicz doesn’t just talk about saving the environment. She does something.


Rachel McGlade, Amanda Dobler, Catherine Becker, and I started the club this year because we felt that the Eco-Citizens club would fill an unfilled niche at our school.  There are no other clubs that take action in trying to help our environment and we feel that it is absolutely vital that the DHS students have an opportunity to do so,” Tuzinkiewicz said.


Shanghai Girls Discover New World

By Alice Wang- 09/11


China Exchange guest student Lucy Ying sat back in her chair and appeared to be deep in thought. “The worst experience of my stay here might have been at lunchtime,” she said. I tensed, expecting her to describe some social injustice she had witnessed. “The rice, I don't like the rice here!”  Lucy said.

This Neirad reporter visibly relaxed: to think that out of all the disquieting things she would have had to get used to, the first thing that comes to her mind is American rice!


Wave Field Hockey Crushes competition

By Darius Majd- 09/11


Many Darien High School students know about the sports dynasties that have developed over the years.  The nationally ranked boy’s lacrosse team has won five straight state championships.  The girl’s volleyball has been even more impressive, holding a 140-game win streak throughout most of the decade. But a new team is rising to dynasty status: girl’s field hockey.


Turkey Bowl Preview

By Kevin Cassidy- 09/11


Every year on Thanksgiving the Darien Blue Wave football team plays against their archrivals, the New Canaan Rams. This highly anticipated game is definitely the highlight of the season for both the team and the fans, bringing the two rival teams together on one field. Senior Captain Max Schreyer said, “Beating New Canaan is always one of our main goals, and if we beat them it would be a highlight of our season.”


Blast From the Past: The Football Dance By J. Gegenheimer

Compiled By Julia Lang - 09/11


A week after Darien finished its 1962 football season the Sophomore class presented to the team “The Football”. This dance is traditionally a gift from the Sophomores to the team, and in keeping with tradition the dance was a success.



Boys swimming Not all washed up

By Daniel Campbell- 09/11


With every new season, different sport teams have to make up for the graduated seniors. This season will be especially tough for the boys’ swimming and diving team. Last year the team finished third out of 22 schools in Class M, the second biggest class in the state, with a 7-3 record. This year the team will have to prove its strength without last year’s seniors Sam Archibald, Peter Waters, Robby Nevin, and Phil Treesh.


Alex Reynoso's 1992 Jeep Wrangler

By Charles Spivey - 09/11


Looking through the parking lot you’re sure to see dozens of Jeeps. The American SUV seems to be the ‘typical’ Darien High School car.  From Libertys, to Grand Cherokees, to Wranglers, DHS seems to have them all.  There’s one that stands out:  Senior Alex Reynoso’s 1992 Jeep Wrangler, which is Hot in the Lot this month.


Swine Flu Here to Stay?

By Justin Pryor - 09/11


Imagine missing the week of school right before finals; being absent for tons of reviews and having to rely on friends for notes. This is exactly what I went though when I got the swine flu last year. But I was definitely not the only one.

The Swine Flu or H1N1 Flu has been erratic in both the tri-state area as well as across the nation. Connecticut has confirmed more than 19,000 cases of the H1N1 flu and nine deaths. The victims who died had underlying medical conditions.



DHS students get calligraphy Lessons

By Nic Correa- 09/11


China's greatest mystery to some in the Western world may not be its culture or lifestyle.  A curious person can just Google or look it up on Wikipedia.  The intimidating list of more than 10,000 Chinese characters is what stops most people in their tracks.  For a student to learn Mandarin from scratch, it can take up to 20 years to master this tonal language and written form of communication.



theatre 308's 'Curious Savage' takes center stage

By Sam Nelson and Amanda Hutter- 09/11


Theatre 308’s fall production may be about Ethel Savage, but it is the children who turn out to be the real savages in this dramatic production. Mrs. Ethel P. Savage is only a savage in surname. 

In “The Curious Savage” the main character Mrs Savage is a widow who wants to use her $10 million inheritance to create a memorial fund that fulfils other people’s foolish desires and dreams.  This plan does not please her greedy stepchildren who send her off to a sanatorium called The Cloisters. Here she meets interesting characters with quirky fetishes that set the play in motion. 



C’est la Vie de Madame Kelleher

By Laura Durham- 09/11


As I walked into room B-316 the first day of freshman year, I was immediately intimidated and slightly terrified.   We filed into the classroom only to find our French teacher, Mrs. Angela Kelleher, to epitomize a true Parisian —great clothes, sophisticated, and with a certain je ne sais quoi


However, as soon as she opened her mouth to speak, we knew that something was different.  As she continued to speak and welcome us we figured it out—she had an authentic French accent



Obamination: A look into the appointment of "Czars"

By McKinley Stauffer and Michael Coe- 09/11


President Obama has officially been in office one year. The honeymoon is long since over. One area that has come under debate is the President's appointment of policy czars. These White House aides are not subject to congressional oversight, which has many questioning their role in government. Neirad reporter McKinley Stauffer and Michael Coe decided to debate the subject. Here is their He Said, She Said column.



Lexi Ashcraft: The Arc of a top dHS Diver

By Olivia Leunis - 09/11


Junior diving superstar Alexandra Ashcraft is not just a superstar in the pool.  Lexi, as she is fondly called, is also an academic standout. She carries a 4.0 GPA even with a challenging transcript that includes AP Chemistry and Honors Spanish. “I like to work hard because it gives me a sense of pride,” Lexi said.


Lexi says this strong academic performance gives her confidence in her athletic life.  She is able to spend hours and hours in the pool each week and still keep up her grades. “I travel one hour to Fordham University in the Bronx. We have a two-hour practice then it is back in the car for an hour drive home,” Lexi said.




Transfer students jump in number

By Julia Lang - 09/11

At the start of each new school year, hundreds of new freshman faces fill our hallways as we all scatter to find our new classes after a long summer vacation. Many find themselves caught up in the commotion that veteran DHS students tend to look past: those lost expressions of new students. And no, these kids are not only freshman.

This year an unexpectedly high number of transfer students set foot in DHS in late August.  The administration expected to have about 30 transfer students for the 2009-2010 school year. They received double that figure when 60 transfers enrolled.



The Drug for Gamers

By Blair Pelley - 09/11


Procrastination is already a problem among high school students, but adding video games is escalating this issue. With new technology coming out and new iPhone features kids are getting even more distracted. Wake up, go to school, play a sport, go home and pick up your phone. Instead of doing homework, students are clutching their phones to play addicting games long into the night and well into the next school day.



French duo Air makes breathtaking return

By Michael Coe- 09/11


Since their debut with the breezy bachelor-pad classic, 1998’s Moon Safari, draguer French electronic gurus Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoit Dunckel aka Air have been drifting slowly away from bubbly downtempo electro-balladry that they made their standard in their late 90s heyday in exchange for foggy atmospheric soundscapes (Virgin Suicides) and scarce robotic pop (10,000Hz Legend). Love 2 is basically a continuation in this departure.



DHS's Best Friends

By Megan Archey and Sarah Graves- 09/11


Whether they’ve been friends since birth or just recently met, best friends are found all around DHS. It can be hard to find these buddies without the other by their side. But, what makes these best friends so close? Neirad was here to find out. So take a look at some of DHS’s most inseparable pairs



Moonstruck: search for water in space

By Chris Janson- 09/11


NASA’s LCROSS mission may have disappointed some with the absence of its promised fireworks, but the groundbreaking effort still promises to shed new light on lunar science.


DHS Club $tipend$

Compiled by Britt Gordon


Four DHS clubs faced budget cuts this fall. Advisors lost stipends they were originally promised. Neirad Reporter Jay Alter took a look into the problem in the November Print issue of Neirad. Here's a look at how much money, clubs were deprived of until the PTA stepped in with an emergency donation.



The Jets Sanchise

By Chris Carmody - 09/11


“J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS, JETS!” The New York Jets are back! After a disappointing 2008 season, Jets fans now have something in which to look forward: Mark Sanchez.


Junior Sam Nelson, who has season tickets to the Jets, realizes that New York fans are more excited with this new quarterback. “Mark Sanchez is pumping up the crowds,” Nelson said.






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