December: 2009

The Next Big Thing:

The Sono Field House

By Chris Carmody- Dec '09

Sono Field House

Sono Field House is the next big thing in South Norwalk.  Since its opening in October, kids have been flooding in to experience what the hype is all about. 

With various activities, there is no reason why you shouldn’t come to this place.  Find out the wide range of activities and what exciting things that you can do.

10 Most:

Influential Guys at Darien High School

By Neirad Staff- Dec '09


When Neirad Enilno’s reporting team swept the school searching for the 10 Most Influential Guys in the school, the results were shocking.

This carefully selected list includes faculty members, sports coaches, sports captains, and important students who make DHS a better place to go to school every day. Make sure to see who cracked our first-ever Top Ten

DHS Parking Lot:

Looking Fly

By Meg Murphy- Dec '09 DHS Parking Lot

Walking through the DHS student parking lot is often like taking a stroll through a new car yard. The rides are sweet with many late model vehicles vying for a coveted spot.

This month the Neirad Enilno automotive desk  took a look at the senior parking lot. Find out which make of car was most prominent and who received the number 001 parking sticker!

Neirad for December 2009
  • Plunkett's Supersized Life by Alice Wang - When you walk into a McDonalds, another fast food place, or really any restaurant, you are usually the customer and thinking about food.
  • Christmas...Or Something Like It by Anjali Krishnamachar - Its not your typical American idea of Christmas.
  • Students' New Weekend Alternative by Annabel Schneider - The Breakfast Club is turning into a reality.
  • Awesome Aussie by Ben Preston - You may notice a janitor who wears a different baseball hat each school day.
  • In Depth Look at the Challenge by Brian Curry - After winning the seasons first match against Stamford High School 345-190 on November 6th, the DHS Challenge team has their next match against Fairfield Ludlowe on January 26th.
  • Cross Court by Christian Panier - Every student looks forward to having Coach Jared Cross teach their gym class each quarter.
  • Young Life Mends Young Lives by Daniel Campbell - Among the many extracurricular groups clamoring for the participation of DHS students is a 68-year-old organization.
  • Ivy Dreams Take Root in Squash Court by Emily Close - Only three percent of high school athletes nationwide get the chance to play a sport at the college level.
  • Times Are Tough, But Times Stay Strong by Emily Pik - Across the country, newspapers in the largest cities have shut down or are losing readers daily since the economy hit a wall just more than one year ago.
  • Materialism Is Taking Over Christmas by Emily Pik - This time of the year, its easy to get caught up in all the emotions and festivities of the holidays.
  • Roving Reporter: What's the Weirdest Gift You've Received? by Emily Pik and Katrina Vassell - -
  • Juniors Filling Senior Roles by Ian Sullivan - With the upcoming winter sports season, four of the schools most successful sports programs will be led by junior captains: Charlotte Morgan of the gymnastics team; Stockton McMullin of the boys indoor track and field team; Richard Gregory of the boys hockey team, and Meg Del Col of the girls ski team.
  • Gymnasts Flip Over Changes by Jay Alter and Laura Durham - There will be major changes for the gymnastics team this year with a new coach and no seniors.
  • Oh Boye! Olsen Twins' New Clothing Line by Jesse Hodges - Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen may have the answer for last minute shoppers: Olsenboye.
  • A New England Winter (Drawing) by Joe Maccarone - -
  • A Whole New Ramp by Katherine Minion - It seems as if there is some kind of construction going on everywhere in Darien.
  • Hot Online Gifts by Maddie Van Eslander - Goofy and Useful Online Products For the Holidays
  • Keep Trying... by McKinley Stauffer - Rumors have flooded the girls bathroom, whispers have echoed through the hallways, and concerns have been expressed in the locker rooms.
  • Coromandel Spices Up Goodwives by Megan Archey - If you are ready to experience a new culture, or just want to try something different, Coromandel might just be the perfect place to go to dinner.
  • The Guiding Light by Paul Ribiero - The DHS Guidance Department has another changing of the director this semester.
  • Breaking Out to Break Dance by Rebecca Liu - For DHS students who dont play a school sport, a popular activity is dance.
  • Academic Athletes by Sam Nelson - The term student in student athlete has always been a priority for Darien High School.
  • DHS: Driving Home Safely by Samantha Wood - The Darien High School administration is getting an even tighter hold on student driving as they will monitor it off school grounds.
  • Features


    A new Draw to Facebook

    By Justin Pryor- Dec '09


    Facebook users are heading back to the farm. Who would have thought a hokey game with cows and pigs would become a DHS sensation. But as mainstream video games become more expensive, students are shifting their attention to free online amusements. Neirad Enlino reporter Justin Pryor headed back to the fields to talk to some virtual farmers.


    This Mile is for...

    By Julia Lang- Dec '09


    Raquel Welsh has been training in Darien for a charity run. No, it is not the legendary actress. This Raquel spells her last name differently. The Darien Raquel is also a top-class runner. She is an assistant cross country coach who is taking her love of running to a new level. Neirad Enilno reporter Julia Lang talks to Raquel about her mission to raise money for cancer patients.


    Hot in the Lot

    Emy Gruppo's 2007 Audi A4

    By Katharine Macomber - Dec '09

    ruby How did this seventeen-year-old land in such a magnificent ride?  Emy Gruppo is never without a driving companion, she keeps a souvenir doll from Aruba in the back seat.  The Audi A4 is a sleek style, luxury at its finest, and a temporary emergency response vehicle for Post 53.  Find out what else this car is all about and what is in this versatile car.


    DAWG for Dolphin Gets International Recognition

    By Lisa Randall - Dec '09

    dolphin Many students consider themselves fortunate to have had the experience of swimming with dolphins in the ocean on tropical vacations. But what many don’t know are the effects living in captivity has on these dolphins, or the plight dolphins are facing across the world. A dolphin in captivity only lives for about two years, a dramatic decrease in life expectancy of 40-50 years of dolphins who remain in their natural habitat. Not only are dolphins suffering in captivity, but they are being slaughtered in places such as Japan.


    Take the Face over the Book

    By Maddie Van Elslander- Dec '09

    Tech Facebook, AIM, and texting. This is what our social contact has come to in 2009. In the hallways, there may be a few awkward moments together, but the conversations really start at home in front of a computer monitor. .



    Princeton Squash:

    An Interview with Ivy League Coach Bob Callahan

    By Emily Close- Dec '09


    Princeton University is normally thought of for its academics, but there is more than one side to the school. In an exclusive interview with Neirad, Princeton Men’s Squash Coach Bob Callahan talked about college recruiting and rivalries.


    Crew Charts New Waters

    By Laura Durham- Dec '09


    In the past few years crew has become a very popular sport, and there are an increasing number of rowers at Darien High School who participate in clubs outside of school.  There are two local boathouses, Maritime Rowing Club (MRC) and Norwalk River Association (NRA), both in Norwalk, which the students row at after school. 


    Athletes Learn to Sink and Swim

    Anjali Krishnamachar - Dec '09


    Learn more about Synchronized Swimming and how interesting as well as physically demanding of a sport it is.  Listen to what Senior synchronized swimmer Dana McLachlin has to say about this unique sport.


    Freshman Diver Breaks Both Hands at State Open

    By Anjali Krishnamacher- Dec '09

    wrists The state competitions are meant to be a place for athletes to show off their skills, and prove themselves at a high level. In an unfortunate incident, this was not the same experience shared by freshman diver Caroline Ashcraft. Find out about her experience in her first ever State Open.



    101 Reasons to Get the Best Scoop at Brendan's

    By Sarah Graves - Dec '09

    Brendan's 101

    Unless you live around the Tokeneke side of town you are probably not familiar with Rowayton. I highly recommend that you make a trip to this little town along the Five Mile River to visit Brendan’s 101.



    Queen of Clubs

    A look into the extracurricular life of Nicole Granath

    By Cameron Wong - Dec '09


    Find out about Nicole Granath and how she is more than just your community council Vice President.  Understand how this superwoman is able to balance her time to be fully involved in all aspects of the DHS school community.


    A Day in the Life:

    A look at Junior Rachel McGlade

    By Andi Cara - Dec '09


    There are few people in the junior class able to cope with the stress of their academics with the same grace and humor of Rachel McGlade.  Perhaps her obvious poise and wit came from her lifelong study of ballet or her intensive study of writing. Perhaps, Rachel was just born with it.


    Is a 3.5 Worth 158 Minutes?

    "2012" Movie review

    By Katrina Vassell - Dec '09


    Director Roland Emmerich, referred to as the king of disaster movies, has created yet another thriller-“2012”. While the holiday movie does not guarantee an original storyline, it has incredible special effects, which are worth the $8.50 average ticket price.

    New Moon Review: Insight on Why Guys Don’t Like It

    By Cameron Wong - Dec '09

    new moon“New Moon made $20 million at the box office. Twelve dollars of it was from a guy,"  The Tonight Show host Conan O’Brien. As O'Brien says, this is not a movie guys are racing to the theaters to see unless they are lugged in by a girl. Neirad Enlino reporter Cameron Wong finds out why.


    The Hannon's Mystery House

    By Miguel Corte Real - Dec '09

    Mystery House The woods of the backyard of Erin Hannon are not just your everyday scenery. Hidden in the depths of the middlesex woods hold a mysterious unknown structure, that has been made an unmistakable part of the Hannon's property. Find out more inside.



    Uncles Deli

    From The Cutting Room Floor - Click to Open

    Crew Crew


    Buddy the Elf Brings Christmas Cheer

    By Katherine Minion - Dec '09


    All of our favorite Christmas movies, books, and songs portray elves as Santa’s crafty little helpers - experts at toy making and singing Christmas carols in perfect harmony. Buddy the Elf defies those stereotypes.

    But one quality that makes Buddy stand out among all the other elves is his impressive ability to spread Christmas cheer.


    Christmas Traditions at DHS

    How do DHS Students Celebrate their Christmas Break?

    By Kat McKay - Dec '09


    It’s that time of year again: candy canes and jingle bells and snow angels and Christmas. Darien High School students look forward to the holiday for weeks and weeks, anticipating decorating a tree and stringing outdoor lights and other special traditions. A part of what makes Christmas so extraordinary are those traditions, the things that make your family’s experience unique and exciting. Traditions may be similar for most of us at DHS, but there are some students who celebrate in completely different ways.


    Darien's Eclectic Christmas Customs

    By Mikel Marku - Dec '09


    Feliz Navidad from Spain. Froehliche Weihnachten from Germany.  Mele Kalikimaka from Hawaii. From every corner of the world Christmas has different traditions and the same happens right here in Darien.


    Top 5:

    Holiday Foods

    By Sarah Graves - Dec '09


    With the holiday season coming up, one may think of many things, such as a Christmas tree, traditions, and family. But one thing that comes with the holiday season too is the food. Find out what foods DHS students like around the holidays.



    Sick Days or Mental Health Days?

    By Chrissy Wiegand- Dec '09

    Sick Day When the clock strikes 7:40 AM, all Darien High School students are expected to be sitting in their first period class, ready to learn.  However, many students opt against a day full of classes for a more relaxing “sick day.”  But with the infamous “sick day” become more and more favorable, do the students of DHS realize that one day of relaxation may result in their failure to receive class credit and ultimately graduate?


    From The Archive

    Blast From The Past:

    December 1976

    Compiled by Julia Lang - Dec '09

    Blast From the Past

    This month, Neirad took a look into a past December issue, all the way back to 1976. Have our Christmas breaks changed since then? What did students do in past Christmas breaks. Find out where former Darien High School students found action during Christmas break.

    DHS Cribs

    Monica O'Brien's Third-Floor Crib

    By Jesse Hodges - Dec '09


    This month Neirad Enilno reporter Jesse Hodges cruised over to sophomore Monica O’Brien’s crib. Monica's “cozy getaway”, as she calls it is a place where she can really relax surrounded by photos of friends and family. Now take a look for yourself!


    Pet of the month

    Abandoned Pets Seek Holiday Help

    Seven Animals need Homes

    By Olivia Leunis - Dec '09

    Pet of the Month

    It's Christmas time. The time to give. This month there are seven new animals up for adoption that need a home. Help one of them out by giving them the love they deserve. Check out these great pets eagerly waiting in the PAWS shelter in Norwalk.


    salon vlas

    Neirad Enilno's November Contest Winners

    Neirad Staff - Dec '09

    Prize Winners Prize Winners Prize Winners




    These loyal readers each won a gift certificate from Uncle's Deli. Stay tuned for more contests.

    Winners include...

    • Seniors Zac Calahan, Liz Calby,
    • Juniors Sophie Watters (not pictured), Taiki Miki, and Sophie Doering
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