January: 2010

field lights

Bright Lights Big Problem

By Daniel Campbell - Jan '10


For the past two years Darien’s fall sports teams have practiced under the lights. Find out about the work done by the Board of Ed and others to get the light towers, and the debate the lights have started among those living near the high school.

10 Most:

Influential Women at Darien High School

By Neirad Staff- Jan '10

Ten Most Influential

January is a big month for lists. However, most lists in the New Year take a look back.

The Neirad Enilno team decided to come up with a list that takes a look forward instead of backward. Meet the gals who are sure to be the campus movers and shakers of 2010.

Hot in the Lot: James Payne's 2008 Nissan Rogue

By Charles Spivey - Jan '10 Hot in the Lot

James Payne has a vehicle with a model name that makes his car sound bad ass. The Blue Wave News anchor can be found behind the wheel of a Nissan Rogue. But one look inside at the pristine interior shows this senior is not taking it rogue.

Neirad Enilno reporter Charles Spivey checks out the highly-rated Japanese machine.

safe ridesBabygum


Safe Rides: Preventing Tragedy or Condoning Student Drinking?

By Kathryn Saulitis- Jan '10


Darien students are stepping up and volunteering to prevent tragedy, and no it isn’t Post 53. Safe Rides is a program run by the Red Cross where students drive home students who may have otherwise gotten in a car with an intoxicated driver, or intoxicated themselves. Find out more about how regular students are preventing their piers from making a potentially fatal decision.


Dum 2 Txt While U Drive

By Lauren Perry - Jan '10


The 21st century social society has been using texting as the new way of communication. But since when did it become dangerous? The popularity of this form of communication has formed a bad habit for Darien teens behind the wheel. Although the portability of cell phones makes it easier to multi-task while talking on the phone, it is not always safe.


Making a Comeback

the return of snl

By Chris Carmody - Jan '10

snl "Saturday Night Live’s" popularity has definitely dropped off since the days of Mike Myers, Will Ferrell, and Chris Farley. However, with the help of Andy Samberg’s Digital Shorts and popular hosts they have been reeling in, "Saturday Night Live" might be able to land on its feet in 2010. Chris Carmody takes a look at the new "SNL" team.


Here's your Child...PSYCH!

By Darius Majd - Jan '10

baby Every DHS student has seen the electronic infants wreaking havoc upon their caretakers, but most are unfamilliar with the psychology project which provides these plastic babies.  Neirad Enilno reporter Darius Majd talked to the teacher and students associated with the class to find out what the pretend parenting is all about .


A New Craze in Teen Phone Usage

By Lisa Randall - Jan '10

blackberry Two BlackBerry power outages in recent weeks have sparked outrage. As one user posted on Twitter: "Never Again BlackBerry." But despite this disruption in service, teen users are on the upswing. Lisa Randall takes a look at the latest BlackBerry.


Top 5:

Gum Brands

By Justin Pryor- Jan '10

five Remember that time years ago when you were still in middle school and your teacher “sniped” you when you were chewing gum in the back of the class? Well here at DHS we have the freedom to chew gum without fear. Justin Pryor finds out some of our students' favorite brands.



BWP Skating on Thin Ice

By Kathryn Saulitis- Jan '10


Ever since the infamous FCIAC game versus New Canaan, the Blue Wave Hockey fan support had started to dwindle due to the administration getting stricter and instituting stiffer regulations. Find out why this year the fans might come back.


Wrestling: Not Just for Boys

By Brian Curry - Jan '10


With the 09-10 DHS wrestling season underway, six new added members have joined the team. Six Darien girls, have given the team a wider range of competitors in different weight classes and made them the second DHS co-ed sport along with squash. See how girls wrestling have not only made waves in the FCIAC division, but also nationwide.


Pet of the month

MVP Dog Seeks New Team

By Ian Sullivan and Kevin Cassidy - Jan '10

Pet of the Month

Need a new player for your team? Meet Matsui! This sweet six-month-old boxer-pointer mix is ready for a new home and family. She is great with other dogs and will love to greet you with a wonderful wag of her cute stumpy tail. This girl will be a great addition to any household in the New Year. Find out how you can sign this canine to your team.


Park Animal Hospital Opens Second Location in Darien

By Samantha Wood - Jan '10

darien vet

With a new beautiful building on Noroton Avenue, Park Animal Hospital brings to Darien Dr. Lawendy and a team of talented veterinary technicians as well as client communication specialists to help you and your animal buddy. Unlike many other animal hospitals, Dr. Lawendy makes himself available after hours for emergency medical attention. Next time your beloved four-legged member of the family is in a dire situation, you know who to call. Samantha Wood tells you why.



Chewing Your Way to a Man's Heart

By Katharine Macomber - Jan '10

Gum Review

One of the most famous smells throughout the halls wherever one may walk is the fresh scent of gum.  Students in their fifth time slot class sit staring at the clock and wonder what foods are being served downstairs in the caf, but one minty, chewy food is always available.  Even outside of school, there’s only one option during time with your significant other.  What brand? These top choices each have their own advantages, but one comes out as the favorite.


Born to Run and Run

By Alice Wang - Jan '10

born to run

Neirad Enlino dives into a nonfiction thriller about the joys of running and the superhuman traits of the Tarahumara. Running a marathon is hard, but try running up to 400 miles without good shoes, and with a large hangover. McDougall’s “Born To Run” inspires  anybody to see the “romantic” side of running.  Alice Wang has a review.


Young Goes Old Style on Owl City Release

By Chris Janson - Jan '10

owl city

Minnesota musician Adam Young latest release is hardly as eye-opening as his earlier album Ocean Eyes. The latest effort Owl City churns out the same tired material. Neirad Enilno reporter Chris Janson explains why Young is not offering joyous glee to his fans.


John Mayer New But Not Improved in 2010

By Maddie van Elslander- Jan '10

john mayer

As the holidays come to an end, it’s time to put away those Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer soundtracks and get back on track with the regular music scene once more. John Mayer’s new CD Battle Studies is a great start, even if it doesn’t seem too different from his other albums. It has songs for every mood set – some sad for those times when you’re feeling blue, and some upbeat stuff to get you excited and ready for the day. Maddie van Elsander takes a listen.


Montauk on the Mind

By Annabel Schneider- Jan '10

montaukHas the cold, dreary weather of winter got you down?  Are you dreaming of summer?  Well, keep dreaming, and think of Montauk, Long Island while you’re at it.  Annabel  Schneider gives some great tips how to plan the perfect vacation to this popular regional summer destination. 


MUSE Singer Matt Bellamy: MOST PSYCHOTIC (and Hot) Man in the World

By Sean Gill - Jan '10

muse Highly acclaimed European rock band “Muse” has came out with its newest album, “The Resistance,”. But this is a band often known more for charismatic front man Matt Bellamy than the actual sound.  Sean Gill highlights the man who serves a muse for the band.     


Taiki Miki, Lazy like a Fox

By Sam Nelson - Jan '10

Taiki Juinor Taiki Miki could be known for many things outside Darien High, but around the halls of DHS he is a two-time champion of the Neirad Enlino Uncle’s Deli sweepstakes. Does Taiki have a secret weapon he uses for these quizzes? What makes him so successful? Sam Nelson tries to figure the mystery is Taiki Miki.


Uncles Deli

From The Cutting Room Floor - Click to Open

Crew Crew


The Blind Side, Book or Movie?

By Ben Preston and Megan Archey - Jan '10

The Blindside

There are two sides to "The Blind Side": book and film. The Neirad Enilno team checked out both platforms to see where students might want to spend their time either curled up with a book in the cold winter months or in the theater where this popular film is expected to linger. Reporter Megan Archey read the book and her colleague Ben Preston watched the film. They report. You decide.


All Show No Substance (but so entertaining)

By Emily Close - Jan '10


Follow your blue friends the Na’vi through the moon of Pandora and their mining colony as they experience adventure and romance. James Cameron’s "Avatar" is a thrill ride like no other, and will leave you wanting more even after your three hour seated excursion. Emily Close checked out one of the first blockbusters of 2010.


Mr. Fox is a Fantastic Film

By George Brown - Jan '10

fantastic mr. fox

One of this season’s big screen hits is the animated, funny film “Fantastic Mr. Fox”, based from Roald Dahl’s 1970 book.  The movie’s great voice cast including Meryl Streep and George Clooney and its classic soundtrack make it a must-see. George Brown tells us why we should put this film on our 2010 must-see list.




Email Options

A Review of Today's top Email services

By Miguel Corte-Real - Jan '10

Email Review

These days it seems as if there is an infinite number of email services to choose from, so how is one to choose which is best for them? Neirad Enlino reporter Miguel Corte-Real explores the pros and cons of AOL, Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo.


From The Archive

Blast From The Past:

December 1989

Compiled by Julia Lang - Jan '10

Blast From the Past

Get an inside look at what business oriented DHS students did in 1989. It started with a nice gesture, baking cookies for her father’s late work nights, but it didn’t stop there. Read on to see what former DHS attendee Jane Minnis did to make her business boom. (and, yes, it is that Jane Minnis - our own music teacher who oversees the DHS orchestra.


DHS Cribs

Andrea Smelser's Colorful Crib

By Laura Durham - Jan '10


Check out senior Andrea Smelser’s room, and see for yourself how a one-day spontaneous project transformed her lifeless white walls.  Take a step inside her space and it will be simple to spot her hobbies and interests, as they are displayed for all to see.


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