February: 2010

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Blast from Bicentennial Past: Valentine's Day

Compiled by Julia Lang - Feb '10

blast from the past

As valentines day approaches, love is in the air. How was the valentines atmosphere in 1976? Find out in this month's issue of Blast from the Past, from February, 1976.


Y Basketball Brings Down Middlesex House

By Sam Nelson - Feb '10

house basketball

If you haven’t joined YMCA Basketball, you are missing a great experience.  House offers great opportunities for fun and a high level of competition.  Students react to this year’s changes in House Basketball and what each participant enjoys about it. Here is the story on House hype.

Nexus One: Google's New iPhone Killer?

By Darius Majd - Feb '10 Nexus One

Apple’s iPhone, often considered the top-notch phone in its class, is in the midst of a popularity battle with Google’s latest phone release -- Nexus One. There’s no denying the plethora of features the Nexus One offers to consumers, but do DHS students think that the phone will be worth all the build-up and hype? Neirad’s Darius Majd investigates the answer to that question.


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  • Juan to Look Out For by Anjali Krisnamachar
    William Juan is not like other Darien High students.
  • Helping Haiti From Home by Britt Gordon
    At approximately 5 p.m. on Jan. 12, the Earth shook underneath the feet of Haitians.
  • Argument to Save Neirad: Since 1938 by Britt Gordon
    In January of 1942, the Neirad team used its editorial platform to motivate students during the countrys dark days of World War II.
  • Two Is Better Than One by Chrissy Wiegand
    February is a month known for many reasons.
  • Piercing the Hearts of School Community by Chrissy Wiegand
    One of Darien High Schools busiest women may also be the one who the student body knows least.
  • CAPA Creates Credibility by Daniel Campbell
    Despite its 70-plus year history, Neirad is only tenuously connected to the world outside of Darien.
  • Bone Voyage by Ian Sullivan
    While most Darien High School seniors will be off to college this fall, senior Stevenson Bone is going international.
  • Keller Reaches New Lengths by Justin Pryor
    DHSs junior Kevin Keller is making other Connecticut runners sweat this year.
  • Leap into "Leap Year" by Kathryn Saulitis
    Lets be honest, I dont know many girls who get tired of a good or even mediocre romantic comedy, myself included. These films may be repetitive and predictable but they are definitely a guilty pleasure. One of 2010s first rom-coms is Leap Year.
  • Cut It Out with the Cuts! by Lisa Randall
    With the number of FCIAC titles won annually by sports teams at DHS, it is hard to imagine our school without sports.
  • Private or Public? by McKinley Stauffer
    In a world full of economic turmoil and cutthroat competition, it seems as though choosing where to go to college has now become a choice primarily dependent on affordability.
  • Senior Sweethearts Share V-Day Wishes by Meg Murphy
    Neirad asked some of DHSs favorite senior couples about their Valentines Day plans.
  • DHS By the Numbers by Meg Murphy & Kevin Cassidy
    0 The number of wins the boys' varsity basketball team has so far in 2010.
  • Firefighters Need DHS Fuel by Michael Coe
    We protect this town, Shane Smith, the fire captain in charge of training, said proudly when Neirad interviewed him about the merits of the Darien Fire Department.
  • Boy Cheerleaders BRING IT ON by Rebecca Liu
    What comes to mind when someone mentions a cheerleader?
  • Celebrity Look-a-Likes by Shelby Penfield
    We may walk past these students in the halls or recognize them from our math classes.
Neirad for February 2010


Zumba! Zumba! Ditch the Workout, Join the Party!

By Meg Murphy - Feb '10


Tired of your average crunches and strenuous pushups? Well, now there’s a new way to get physically fit through an innovative fitness program called Zumba. Forget squats; learn how to choreograph your way to beastliness. Find out why senior Chelsea Penfield is Zumbaing her way to fitness.


Bathroom 101

By Olivia Leunis and Blair Pelley - Feb '10

girls bathrooms Bathroom-break anyone? A daily ritual of all DHS students… however, no girl wants to go to the bathroom having to then wait due to a line out the door, the locks not working, or even worse, having to deal with the unflushed toilets that may be lurking. Get the heads up of the best and worst girl’s bathrooms at DHS.


“Are You Guys Facebook Official Yet?”

By Samantha Wood and Katie Stueber - Feb '10

relationship status With Valentine’s Day around the corner, love is surely unavoidable. As more and more couples are springing up this time of year, DHS students express how they feel about Facebook relationship statuses and whether they think it’s a crucial aspect of a relationship or just a silly component that is really unnecessary. Plus, what does that  the “it’s complicated” status even mean?


DHS Water Fountains: Help

By Nicolas Correa - Feb '10

water fountains Students use the various water fountains multiple times every day without thinking twice. But are there superior fountains that rise above the rest? Neirad Enlino reporter Nicolas Correa reveals which fountains are the most sanitary options.



2010 Super Bowl Picks

By Matt Pik - Feb '10

Superbowl Picks

Football fans have been waiting for this day since early September, and the big moment has finally arrived. Super Bowl XLIV is just around the corner on Feb. 7, and it’s a Colts-Saints showdown. The two teams are bound to put up a game for the ages, but which bandwagon has the DHS student body jumped on?  Neirad Enlino at Matt Pik asked a few die-hard fans who they’ll be rooting for come Super Bowl Sunday.


Pet of the month

Five-Tool Poodle Mix Seeking New Team

By Nicolas Correa - Feb '10

Pet of the Month

Need a new player for your team? Meet Matsui! This sweet six-month-old boxer-pointer mix is ready for a new home and family. She is great with other dogs and will love to greet you with a wonderful wag of her cute stumpy tail. This girl will be a great addition to any household in the New Year. Find out how you can sign this canine to your team.


Hot in the lot

Christian Holmes’ 1981 Mercedes-Benz 300d

By Chris Janson - Feb '10

hot in the lot

The 1980's are not often to be celebrated for the culture mess the era left behind: mullets, acid-washed jeans and new wave music. Christian Holmes managed to salvage a rare, cool find from that decade. He drives a sweet vintage 1981 Mercedes-Benz 300d that is “Hot in the Lot” this month.



Amy Sanborn's Unique Crib

By Lisa Randall - Feb '10


A bedroom bursting with order in disorder. Walls covered with color, collages, and quotes from friends. This month in Cribs, check out junior Amy Sanborn’s rocking room.


Under the Dome

By Cameron Wong - Feb '10

under the dome

Stephen King continues to deliver with another hit. “Under the Dome” takes readers to a Maine town where the residents are trapped in a world that forces them to fight for survival.   Neirad Enlino reporter Cameron Wong dives into the pages to see what Stephen King’s latest sci-fi thriller “Under the Dome" is all about. 


Band Sets Tone for DHS Music Scene

By Connor McCarthy - Feb '10


Tone has warmed our hearts and eardrums for many glorious years, but how much do you really know about the dynamic four and a half-some? Neirad takes an in-depth look into the lives and minds of one amazing singer, an incredible drummer, a bass player who is an absolute delight, a big man with a blues feel, and Wildish. Check inside for more.

"Youth in Revolt"

By Brian Curry - Feb '10

youth in revolt

No surprise Michael Cera plays yet another awkward teen in “Youth in Revolt.” This film will may never achieve “Superbad” notoriety yet it still has much to like in a coming-of-age comedy that puts a strange twist on the tired genre.


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