March: 2010

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Blast From the Past

March 1967

Compiled By Julia Lang - March '10

Blast from the Past

Budget Cuts are affecting many aspects of the DHS community, one being Neirad. But this is not the first time that Neirad has had economic problems. Julia Lang went back all the way to 1967 to find out some of Neirad's past conflicts.


Hot in the Lot: Ms. Tsaparakis's Scion

By Charles Spivey - March '10 Hot in the Lot

You may only look at the rows and rows of luxury cars in the student section of the parking lot but the teachers have sweet wheels too! Check out Athena Tsaparkis, DHS science teacher, in her cool blue 2006 Scion tC.  



Google Extras

By Nic Correa - March '10


Many know Google as just a search engine competing with Yahoo. But the services that Google has to offer go way beyond internet browsing. Check out the other features that Google has to offer.


Do you think Your Information is Safe on Facebook? Think Again!

By Sam Nelson - March '10

facebook settings

Neirad Enlino reporter Sam Nelson dives into the newly not-so-private aspect of Facebook. Learn more how people you don’t want to find your personal information can now stalk your wall and even be your worst nightmare in college rejection.


iPhone App Piracy Risks

By Ryan Barthold - March '10

jailbreaking As DHS students start getting tired of Apple's iron grip, they are resorting to jailbreaking iPhones and iTouches to get even more out of their pricey device.  Although this newfound power allows users to change much of their iPhone’s functions, how much can actually be accomplishing with cyber pirating?


3D TV Comes to Life at Home

By Andi Cara - March '10

3D TV 3D television is coming out of the theaters and into the home. This latest television upgrade is all the rage. Neirad Enlino reporter Andi Cara cautions that new isn't always better.


Top 5:

Hot ipod touch apps

By Dan Campbell - March '10

five The new release of the iPad is bringing fresh attention to Apple, but many people are content with their iPhone or iPod Touches. Neirad Enlino's Daniel Campbell investigates the favorite iPhone and iPod Touch apps of DHS Students.



Ski Team’s Journey to Southington

By Ian Sullivan - March '10

Ski Team

The ski team has to travel more than one hour to practice and race in Southington, but this lengthy commute isn’t slowing the skiers down as they hope to compete for a title at this year’s state tournament.

Enough Pond Hockey?

By Dan Pidgeon- March '10

pond hockey

High temperatures this winter have led to the worst pond hockey conditions in years. As the ice begins to slowly melt away, players are attempting to savor the limited amount of quality ice they have left before spring.

Interview with House Champ, Brent Eppley

By Sean Gill - March '10


YMCA House Basketball closed yet another successful season on Feb 22. One of the season’s stars sat down with Sean Gill to have a look over his illustrious career on the court and look forward to D-1 playing time in New Jersey.

Blue Wave Frosh Phenom

By Laura Durham - March '10


The DHS girls basketball team has never seen this amount of success in some time. Their new wave of success stems in part from powerful freshman center Meg Marren. You may recognize her from numerous pictures and blurbs that are sprinkled over the Darien News Review week to week. Laura Durham goes one-on-one with Wave’s newest star athlete.

International Rowing Race Boasts German Victories

By Shelby Penfield- March '10

crash b's

Darien rowers joined athletes from all over the world - Germany, France, Denmark, Russia and Canada - to compete against one another in Boston on Feb. 14. Even though there were more than one thousand competitors, one team stood out from the pack. Find out why the Germans reigned triumphant in Boston.


How do DHS Students Spend their Snow Days?

By Katherine Minion - March '10

snow day

This winter hasn’t been too bitter with Darien High School only landing a single snow dayNeirad Enlino decided to find out how DHS students and staff typically like to spend these rare but much appreciated days off.


DHS Students Don’t Buy the Hype of Facebook’s Doppelganger Week

By Darius Majd - March '10

doppelganger Facebook, as well as being a major social network for people young and old, is also the site of many interesting trends.  Finding your celebrity look-a-likes has become the latest in a long line of these Facebook fads.  Its popularity has been so great that major news publications like Neirad have even covered it.  Neirad Enlino’s Darius Majd looked into the issue to find out what sparked “Doppelganger Week”, and interviewed DHS students to see what the student body thought of the trend.


Help Chopper Find a Home

By Katherine Minion - March '10

Pet of the Month

This month we feature Chopper as Neirad Enlino’s pet of the month. He is a great dog hoping a DHS student can turn things around for him after an early life of abuse and neglect. Read more how you can write the next much happier chapter in Chopper’s life.


St. Patrick's Day: More than just Leprechauns and Lager

By Lisa Randall - March '10

St. Patricks

To the Irish, St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday that holds a special place in their culture and history. Yet to the greater percentage of Darienites, it is a holiday associated solely with leprechauns, beer, and four-leaf clovers. Neirad took a deeper look into what makes March 17 unique to the Irish and Celtic culture.



From The Cutting Room Floor - Click to Open


Help Yourself to The Help

By Alice Wang - March '10

The Help

Need another book to read? Set in the South in the 1960's and told in three alternating voices, debut author Kathryn Stockett captured a place on the bestselling lists this past year with her refreshing take on an old subject in The Help.



By Claire Dickson and Katie Grozier - March '10


There is no shortage of places to grab a slice in Darien. But which one to choose is a tough choice. Neirad Enlino decided to check them out and report back. Claire Dickson and Katie Grozier sliced up nearly a dozen pizzas to help you figure out where to order that late night pie.


DHS Cribs

Joe Haddad's Artistic Crib

By Annabel Schneider - March '10


In this month’s Cribs, we checked out the graffiti style abode of freshman Joe Haddad.  Joe’s hand painted mural and African artistic inspiration is only one of the interesting points in this cool frosh crib.  Read more to find out what else Joe has in his domain.


DHS helps

DHS Students Give Hope to Npagatcha Village

By Shelby Penfield - March '10

City of Hope

DHS students Julia Lang and Cecilia Lee traveled to an impoverished African nation over the summer to help give an orphanage called the City of Hope in Npagatcha Village a “beacon of hope”. This month, the pictures captured of Lang and Lee as well as a group of volunteers are being shown in a photo exhibition in the DHS library. Be sure to check it out!


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