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Cyber Experts Warn Against Sexting

By Matt Pik - April '10

sextingSexting is ruining lives. A parent-sponsored assembly showed kids how a seemingly random text can have lifelong implications. Experts explained the dangers of sexting, social networking abuse, and cyberstalking. Read more to find out how pushing “sent” can ruin a life. 

DHS Fashionistas Spring into Style

By Neirad Staff- April '10

Ten Most Influential

Spring has sprung some fresh fashion trends. We combed the halls and cruised the Aux Caf to ferret out the 13 most fashionable students at DHS. The Neirad Enlino team went out and looked for the most stylish kids in school and the results went far beyond a pink and green pastel paradise.

Math Department Dishes Up Fresh PI

By Darius Majd - April '10

Pi DayA student throws a pie in Mrs. Kasony’s face and gets by without even a single detention. This event was part of PI Day..  With contests, activities, and charitable donations, the math department went all out to get the student body more involved.  Did it work?  Neirad Enilno’s Darius Majd roamed the halls of DHS in search of student and teacher feedback.

MustangLifting for GraceApril Fools

Neirad Print for April 1st 2010 - Click to Open

  • Read it and Wipe by Daniel Campbell - Over the years, Neirad has adapted to fit its readers.
  • Grade-Crazy by Matt Pik - Instituted at the beginning of the school year, the online grade-sharing network ASPEN was instantly regarded as a major success to parents and students alike.
  • Long Island Shore by Ian Sullivan - The widely panned yet widely watched “The Jersey Shore” has just hit the streets of Darien.
  • School Budget: Some Simple Solutions by Kelsey Ott - One of the hottest topics in our small town is the Board of Education’s budget.
  • Playa$ Pay to Play by Ryan Barthold - Parents of Darien High School athletes across the town are outraged.
  • Shanley's Style Shines On by Katie Stueber - While walking down the institutional high school hallways, it’s not often that you’ll spot a person wearing the season’s biggest trends hot off the runway.
  • COD Junkies Bring Craze to School by Blair Pelley - At 7 am Live4COD17 woke up, signed into Xbox Live, and started looking for some people to kill on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.
  • Operation Tsunami by McKinley Stauffer - It’s 7:30am. As they stroll through the main entrance doors most students can barely contain their incredible enthusiasm.
  • Dull Bells by Sean Gill - Instead of cutting the sports program or laying off teachers, the Board of Education has decided to cut bells from the budget.
  • Bye Bye Blinker by Connor McCarthy - Hello. My name is Dr. Connor.
  • Name: Zac. Game: Stack. by Connor McCarthy - As you walk through the halls each day, you see many friendly faces.
  • Low-Calorie Commitment by Elizabeth Crafford - When you’re an athlete a diet can be anything but balanced.
  • Yanks Turn to Hurn by Jay Alter - Many baseball fans are eagerly awaiting the debut of rookie star pitchers Stephen Strasburg from the Nationals and Cuban Adrois Chapman for the Reds.
Neirad for April 2010


Darien Cops Tell How to Avoid Getting Your iPod Filched

By Cameron Wong - April '10

gym theftThink your belongings are safe in the locker room? Think again. Cameron Wong recounts his story of a lost iPod and money and tells you how to protect your possessions.


School Assemblies Dip in Popularity: Where's the Love?

By McKinley Stauffer - April '10

assembliesDid you know we have a gorgeous state-of-the art auditorium? Maybe not since this gorgeous facility has seen an all-time low number of student visitors this year. The lack of assemblies, some say, is ramping down school spirit. So why don’t we have more assemblies where the kids can come together in a celebration of BWP? McKinley Stauffer tracks down the answer.


Facebook Not by the Books

By Rebecca Liu and Isabella D’Agosto - April '10

fbThe CORE Facebook thread erupted a school-wide controversy. These types of issues are forcing schools around the country to determine when a student’s online activity off campus can have serious ramifications on campus. Rebecca Liu and Isabella D’Agosto investigate where the line is drawn at DHS.


DHS’s Own High School Musical Debuts Original Songs

By Alice Wang - April '10

musicA future Bach or Beethoven may be tuning up in the orchestra room right now. Eight Blue Wave composers are getting ready to showcase their future musical masterpieces at a concert on April 7.  Here’s more on these rhapsodies in Blue Wave Pride.

Pushing Too Far?

America's obsession with pushing kids "until it hurts"

By Ryan Barthold - April '10

Until it Hurts In a country that embraces youth sports, a growing surge in major injuries is cropping up on campuses around the country. In Until it Hurts, author Mark Hyman delves into this this growing problem. The answer may make parents think twice about the intense pressure they place on kids to win at all costs.

Interactive Fashion Sites take Shopping to the Next Level

By Shelby Penfield - April '10

fashion and have been taking over online shopping by storm. What’s the catch? Both provide online shopping with new features that are different from your typical fashion website. These new sites allow viewers to be more involved in online shopping by creating collages of any fashion attire from dresses to accessories or by forming replicas of outfits some of the most famous celebrities wear today!

Debate: Government Drinking Conspiracy

By Andrew Kristoff and Sean Gill - April '10


Conspiracy buffs warm up your tin foil hats! Seniors Andrew Kristoff and Sean Gill debate the government's involvement, secret or otherwise, in teenage drinking.



Boys' Lacrosse Update

By Dan Pidgeon - April '10

Boys' LacrosseThis years Boy Lacrosse Team looks to improve on the disappointing season last year.  With a strong senior class, a lot of depth, and the best goalie in the state, Boys Lacrosse looks to bring home an FCIAC and State Championship. Neirad takes you inside the team and their goals for the promising upcoming spring season.


BWP 2010 Baseball Preview

By Sam Nelson - April '10

baseballBatter up! Boys’ baseball is back in the swing. This year the Wave hopes to bring glory to the field as they go for a State and FCIAC title. After a disappointing loss to Westhill in the FCIAC tournament last year the boys are ready to hit it home.


Girls' Lacrosse Anticipates Living up to Expectations

By Shelby Penfield - April '10

girls lax The DHS Girls' Lacrosse Team has won three CIAC titles in a row, including a win over New Canaan in the state game last year. Find out their goals for this year, and the result of their scrimage against The Hotchkiss School.


Pet of the month

Tweet This: Twitter The Cat Needs a Home ASAP

By Kevin Cassidy - April '10

Pet of the MonthTwitter deserves a tweet. This sweet cat needs a loving person to adopt her.. Come check out Twitter, a cat wanting a new home! And feel free to retweet this message to others. Twitter will be grateful for your help.



Answering Students Hopes for Great Pizza in Stamford

By Megan Archey- April '10

Hope Pizza

Neirad Enlino is taking on the onerous task of critiquing the area’s top places for awesome pizza. This month Megan Archey continues our series in Stamford where she samples the fare at Hope Pizza. Next month Christian Panier checks out Darien’s newest pizza joint, Planet Hollywood. 

Top 5

Top 5:

April fools pranks

By Neirad Staff - April '10

april fools pranks

Neirad Enlino dives into an April Fools Extravaganza! Come see the Top 5 April Fools pranks, and maybe get some ideas for yourself. Happy pranking from the Neirad crew, just don’t get caught.


Rachel Hathaway: An Artistic Mind

By Sarah Graves - April '10

Rachel HathawayTeen Peaceworks is a club at DHS, but that’s not the only thing that senior Rachel Hathaway can put on her resume.  She also won first place in Connecticut’s Young Women’s Leadership Program.  Neirad Enlino reporter Sarah Graves finds out what makes this multifaceted senior a key player in the DHS community.

Ms. Seaman: Mathematically Speaking That Is...

By Anjali Krishnamachar - April '10

Ms. SeamanJackie Seaman is a new face at DHS but she has many years of experience as a teacher.  There’s a lot more to Ms. Seaman than her smile, including how she met Celtics’ Ray Allen!


Gettysburg College Draws Class of 10' Attention

By Dan Campbell - April '10

gettysburgThink you can get away from the DHS grind at college. Guess again. For many students they can’t escape BWP. There’s one school where the faces of DHS grads are a common sight. Daniel Campbell talks to future and present Gettysburg College coeds to figure out why this college is a strong draw in Darien.

Hot in the Lot: Matt Macksamie’s Ford Mustang

By Charles Spivey - April '10

hot in lotHot in the Lot for the second time, Matt Macksamie is featured flexing his ‘American muscle’.  Matt’s mustang not only looks good, but equipped with a 4.6L V8 it also has the power to go along with the good looks.


April Fool's Day Quirky Celebrity Look-A-Likes

By Lisa Randall - April '10

celebMany times people are flattered when someone suggests they look like a celebrity. Not so much for our April Fool’s look-a-likes who bear a striking resemblance to some rather unusual characters.


A New Patch of Media

By Kevin Cassidy - April '10

patch Find out about the woman behind Darien's newest online news source, the Darien Patch. We went behind-the-scenes to talk to editor Cecelia Smith who got her start right here in the trenches of Neirad.


Making Muscles and Money

By Meg Murphy - April '10

Lifting for GraceDHS Football Players hold a lift-a-thon to support Grace Wohlberg. Lifting more than 11,000 pounds, the team donates money to the RE Children’s Project. Hear more about this squad who shows teamwork off and on the field.


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Hybrid Parking Cribs Reed

From the Archives

Blast From The Past: March 1975

Compiled by Laura Durham - April '10

Blast From the PastThink that minimum-wage job at Robeks sucks. Well, that measly paycheck looks great when compared to our DHS predecessors of the past. We take a trip back in time to compare the 2010 work load with those of students in 1975. (Makes that Saturday morning Robeks job not seem so bad!)

DHS Cribs

Reed Morgan's One-of-a-Kind Crib

By Cameron Wong - April '10


Many may be surprised to see Reed Morgan’s crib featured this month. His home is undergoing a major reconstruction project. Reporter Cameron Wong ventured beyond the construction zone to check out this freshman’s unique collections, favorite books, and fun games that make for a one-of-a-kind crib.

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