May: 2010

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Effects of New Health Care Hitting Home

By Lisa Randall - May '10

Health Care It’s upsetting tax-payers but pleasing the uninsured; it’s a blessing to those with special medical needs but a burden to those without. What is it? It’s the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that was passed in March by the Obama Administration. The Act has since received much criticism and little praise on a national, as well as very local, level.

Hot in the Lot: Mr. Lyon's Revived Camaro

By Chris Janson - May '10

Hot in the Lot

Janitor Richard Lyons owns a machine that resembles the leading car in “Transformers.” This V8 Chevrolet Camaro 2SS has people gawking at the sight of the 70s American muscle car brought back to life in 2010. Students though may not have the privilege of seeing his ride in the school day because this janitor is a night-time only staffer. Chris Janson stayed after hours to find out more about Lyon’s awesome ride.

Blast From the Past: May 1977

Compiled by Nicolas Correa- May '10

Blast From PastAs that magical prom night draws close, you may be worrying about every detail; tux, moves, breath... Fear not, you are not alone.  It has been a long standing tradition to look awkward at the prom, and somehow not regret it after it's over.  Look at Jack Low's prom night back at 1977 and know that you won't do that badly... or that well?

Bacon, Egg, CheeseCribsLittle White House

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  • Savings at the Forefront by Daniel Campbell and Matt Pik
    While the global recession seems to finally be on the upswing, a crisis has struck the Darien school district's budget.
  • We're On the Earth by McKinley Stauffer
    In a world full of constant consumption, it's a relief to know there are individuals who give back to the round sphere we call home.
  • Faiths Coexist with New Elective by Connor McCarthy
    How might you feel about studying the Koran instead of calculus?
  • A Thank You Not to My Teachers by Emily Pik
    Senior year has come, and remarkably it is almost over.
  • Cars SuckStop Biking More by Sean Gill
    Cars can be useful, but anything used in excess can be harmful.
  • Little White House Faces Demolition by Alice Wang and McKinley Stauffer
    We have all passed it hundreds of times and maybe given it a passing thought.
  • Ms. Kenny Wins Plenty by Cameron Wong
    Miss Kathy Kenny is the ideal math teacher.
  • DHS Says Goodbye to Favorite Teachers by Katherine Minion
    t the close of the 2009-2010 school year some of Darien High Schools most admired teachers will retire.
  • Allam-a-Drama by Claire Dickson
    As this years football and basketball teams went out to play, the student body noticed the absence of a familiar face.
  • Professor Promenade by Emily Pik
    While it might be strange to think about, those adults that teach us every day once were teenagers.
  • Roving Reporter: What Are You Wearing to Prom? by Rebecca Liu and Meg Murphy
    As the month of May nears, there is only one thing that is on the minds of DHS students.
  • Daniel C. Becomes a Young Trojan by Michael Coe
    Early Admission. Its been around for years, and several colleges have programs set up for it, most notably Bard College with its early admissions institution called Simon Rock.
  • The Ryo Usami Experience by Ian Sullivan
    Like most freshmen at Darien High School, Ryo Usami participates in one of the many high school sports teams and works hard in school.
  • Darien's Best Kept Musical Secret by Chris Janson
    Its one of the best concerts of the entire year, but no one knows about it.
  • Rookie Roster Battles On by Katie Stueber
    When you roll into Darien High School, one of the first things youll come across is the well-kept, luscious softball field that is rumored to be one of the best-ranked fields in the FCIAC.
  • Winter Rules the Golf Team by Sam Nelson
    The golf team is in full swing this year.
  • Sophomores Get Dizzy at the Batcave by Ryan Barthold
    There are a few sure signs of spring that appear every year: birds chirping, warmer days, and the backyard pastime of Wiffle Ball.
Neirad for May 2010


Odyssey of the Mind

By Ian Sullivan - May '10

OdysseyOdyssey of the Mind is in the air, in my heart and everywhere, My team and I will reach together, to find a solution now and forever,” pledges the Odyssey of the Mind team. What sort of solutions are they hoping to find? Neirad Enilno investigates just what this team does and what makes them tick


DHS Takes Silver in Science Bowl

By Dan Pidgeon - May '10

Science BowlYou think taking a science exam is tough?  Try answering each question in just five seconds.  That’s just what the Darien team did at the regional Science Bowl, enjoying tremendous success in their first year at the event.  Neirad Enilno caught up with the five team members to get their thoughts on the performance, and the statewide competition.

Tufts Video Essay Adds New College Application Twist

By Sarah Graves - May '10

HolmesAs colleges across the nation start technologically advancing, Tufts University started accepting supplemental video applications. Follow Neirad Enilno ’s investigation as we talk to some students about their videos, and how it affected the application process. We even meet one student whose college video made national headlines.


One of Darien’s Best Kept Secrets

By Chris Janson - May '10

musicDarien High School has a variety of art programs to offer to its students. One of these, the Young Composers, is ready to put on their Darien Young Composers Concert. Neirad's Chris Janson found out more.



Vaulting over the Competition

By Meg Murphy - May '10

RobinThe girls' pole vault national record is set at 14 feet and 2 inches. Sophomore Robin Bone is currently ranked 9th in the nation having vaulted 12 feet and 1 inch. Read more to find out how she came across her talent and what song she listens to everytime before she competes.


Pet of the month

An Apple a Day Will Keep the Doctor Away

By Connor McCarthy - May '10

Pet of the MonthThis month’s Pet of the month is Apple, a lovely dog with a playful attitude. Unfortunately, Apple has no home, but he’d really appreciate it if you gave him a chance to bound into your life. NEIRAD disclaimer: does not taste like Apple…still dog.



The BEC: A Review of the Breakfast Sandwich

By Jack Bushell and Christian Panier - May '10


 There is no shortage of places to rush to grab a quick BEC before school. Yet, how many actually dish up a great bacon-egg-and-cheese sandwich? Some longtime Darien mainstays actually are starting to let down their game. Jack Bushell and Christian Panier powered through a dozen BECS to determine which Darien food joint has the best product. The results may surprise you.


Cameron Luttrell's New Hang Out

By Katherine Minion - May '10

Cameron's CribThis month, Neirad Enlino takes a look inside sophomore Cameron Luttrell's waterside crib. Cameron can take well-deserved credit for decorating the space with her own cool sense of style. Cameron's amazing view from her crib makes it one of her favorite places to be! 

Little White House in Middle of Flooding Problem

By McKinley Stauffer - May '10

little white houseTired of walking into two feet of water in your basement every time there’s a downpour?  One little abandoned house on Middlesex Road sits in the center of this battle. Read more about the flooding conditions that are engulfing the wetlands of Darien.

World Traveler Settles Down in Darien

By Sean Gill - May '10

PatriciaDHS's most unique personality junior Patricia Cadareanu has lived all around the world, but for the time being has settled down in Darien. Neirad Enilno's Sean Gill takes a look into the mind of Patricia including how traveling so much has affected her, how she has settled down in Darien, and a description of her perfect day.

Top 7: Prom Couples

By Darius Majd - May '10

prom couplesSpring is an exciting time for many things. But one event gets people talking every year. That is the Prom. Neirad reporter Darius Majd searched the school for the best prom couples of 2010.


Edward Tunick


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