Top 7 Prom Couples

By Darius Majd - 10/05
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NEIRAD enilno edition

It’s that time of year again when courage and creativity run rampant through DHS: Prom.  Neirad Enlino roamed the halls to find the most creative ways students asked people to the legendary spring dance.

Junior Kevin Keller: I bought a bunch of fortune cookies from Ching’s.  Then I carefully pulled out one of the fortunes with a pair of tweezers and replaced it with my message.  Then when I had Chinese food with my girlfriend (junior Alexandra Ashcraft) I made sure she picked that cookie.

Junior Charlie Kunze:  I got my girlfriend (junior Madeleine Gill) pulled out of class and sent to the office.  Then when she got there I was waiting and I asked her to prom.

Junior Joe Simonson:  Eleanor (Palmer, junior) was home sick with the stomach bug.  I asked around and found out that her favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip.  So I went and bought a half-gallon and wrote, “I hope this makes you feel better…prom?” on it. 

Junior Will Weinstock: I went to Gretta’s (Hickey, junior) house and spelled “PROM?” out in Christmas lights.

Senior Ryan Saffa:  My friends and I bought a bunch of plastic utensils in blue, pink, and green.  Then after school, whilst I distracted my soon-to-be-date (junior Claire Streeter) with Baskin Robins, they went to her house and forked “PROM?” into her lawn.  When we got to her house she saw the sign, and after a bit of laughter, gave me an enthusiastic yes!

Senior Zac Calahan: When I came home from China, I told my girlfriend Lauren (Duwan, senior) that I would be getting in two hours later than I actually did.  When I got home I went straight to her house and hung a giant “PROM” banner in her room and hid in her bathroom (with the help of her mom who was in on it).  When she saw the sign she was super surprised.  Then I popped out with a rose and she screamed!

Senior Joe Maccarone: I got my math teacher Mr. Dooley to write down a prob and stat equation that I had written in which I asked Tania (Bello, senior) to prom.  It said, “A 2010 study was done on a random sample of 1 Tania Bello from a population of DHS where the sample was asked, ‘Will you go to prom with Joe?’  What is the probability Tania would say yes?  Construct and interpret a 95% confidence interval.”  When Mr. Dooley was writing it on the board, I could see that he was more nervous than I was.  When she said yes, he was so relieved.