June: 2010

Seniors 2010!

Twins Cribs: Abby and Connor Beaumont

By Lisa Randall - June '10

Cribs This month, it's double your money as Neirad Enilno checks out the two rooms of Abby and Connor Beaumont. With totally different features, each room shares a unique twist that you have to explore for yourself.

Enter Neirad Enilno's Hot Prize Quiz

By Katherine Minion - June '10


Neirad Enlino loves its readers. We are giving out Uncle’s Deli gift cards to the first five people to get all of the answers right to our quiz. Enjoy a free sandwich on us this summer. Enter now.  


The Magic Tree House...Sommi Style

By Katie Stueber- June '10

Blast From PastSix years ago, sophomore Amanda Sommi and her family took on a daunting challenge, and together they were able to create something that the entire neighborhood could enjoy. Neirad Enilno soared to greater heights to explore Amanda's spot in the sky.

Cribs Abby and ConnerFive Guys

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  • Tap the Freedom of Spontaneity by Jenny Large
    As I stood in my cap and gown at graduation last year, I could not help but feel overwhelmed by how quickly my time had passed at Darien High School.
  • Quiet Achiever Goes out with a Bang by Alice Wang
    Her name speaks of versatility, a joining of the great Spanish and Italian cultures, her heritage.
  • College, Music, or South America by Michael Coe
    Matthias describes his philosophy on life as putting fun in front of everything.
  • The Doctor's in the Hosue by Kevin Cassidy
    While many DHS students have not decided what career path they want to take, what major they would like to pursue, or even what school they plan to attend for college, one senior made that decision long before the onset of senior year.
  • The Confusing, Fulfilling, and Extreme Life by Chris Janson
    Youre gonna write a book someday, Suneil. I just hope you put me in the footnotes.
  • A Girl and Her Guitar by McKinley Stauffer
    For a tyke full of dreams, it took Sarah a couple years to muster enough courage to take her spotlight on stage.
  • Simon Says: Sam's Last Lap at DHS by Rebecca Liu
    Sam Simon is a girl with quite an exclusive persona, and she is a self-proclaimed trackie, a title she shares with many athletes.
  • Homage to the Greatest Men I'll Ever Know by Connor McCarthy
    This surprisingly quiet room houses two not-so-quiet boys.
  • Olson Brings Joie de Vivre to DHS by Kelsey Ott and Dan Pidgeon
    While you were studying for midterms this past January, the world was shaken by a magnitude seven earthquake that left Haiti in ruins and hundreds of thousands dead or injured.
  • Just What the Doctor Ordered by Katie Stueber
    For those of you who dont know Caurice Wynter, shes the girl wearing at least a hint of purple every day (no matter what).
  • Darien High School Athletes of the Year by Jay Alter
    George Benitez and Liz Calby
Neirad for June 2010


Bringing out the Assets in Teens

By Laura Durham - June '10

YAYouth and assets – two words that are not necessarily synonymous. A group of Darien students is trying to change this perception for the better with their group called just that, Youth Assets. Seniors Abigail Sickinger and Katie Duker share their plans for the community-minded group.

Students Repair Broken Bones

By Katherine Minion- June '10

Field TripOn a field trip organized by Mr. Lewis, DHS juniors and seniors got to work side by side with orthopedic doctors and learned how to repair fractured arms.  Find out more about this cool in-the-field lesson.

Helicopter Parents Hovering Over DHS Sports Programs

By Emily Close and Jay Alter - June '10

Hover ParentThe Blue Wave wins state championships, but it is not always a meritocracy on the field.  The coach used to have the ultimate say. Now athletic prowess does not always determine a lineup. Coaches have to deal with hovering parents who want their kids to have more playing time or, in the case of some sports, even get their unqualified child on the team. Find out why some coaches are calling timeout on over-involved parents.

Hot in the Lot: Freddy Weber's 2005 Volkswagen Jetta

By Charles Spivey - June '10

Hot in the LotFreddy Weber may not have the “ice cream paint job” or pricey modifications on his Jetta, but his ride is still looking hot in the lot. This senior does have big plans. He talked about the A-grade changes in the works with automotive editor Charles Spivey. Paves the Way for College Roommate Selection

By Laura Durham - June '10

URoomsurfPerhaps the biggest fear newly enrolled college students  have is their roommate assignment. Often unable to meet their roommate before school starts, students are often left wondering if their roommate is a closet vampire, a pirate fanatic, or simply nocturnal. Fortunately, is changing the way roommates are assigned, easing anxieties all over the country. 

Darien and Stamford High Schools Join Forces to Help Haiti

By Connor McCarthy - June '10

unity concertWesthill High School and DHS gathered together to help aid Haiti and Chile in their times of struggle. Students from both schools participated in a concert where all proceeds went straight to relief efforts. DHS’s Tone was present as well as a few other high school bands. Connor McCarthy ventured to Stamford to check it out.

Rodney's New Role

By Michael Coe - June '10

RodneyAfter four years here at DHS, and many more in the Darien Public Schools system, beloved janitor Rodney Brown has finally received a big break. Find out the details on the promotion of a lifetime for Rodney.

Blast from the Past: May 1984

Complied by Nicolas Correa - June '10

Beer“Why can’t Johnny see the book?” The answer is alcohol.  In 1984, Neirad reporter William Clements checked out the boozy underside of DHS.  The shocking thing about it though is not how much they got drunk, but how daring they were with their drinking, apparently even getting drunk at school!  Do students today here fit the drinking symptoms outlined?


Interview with Tennis Captain Charlie Taylor

By Sean Gill - June '10

CharlieThe self-proclaimed “greatest doubles player to ever come through this school” is winding down his game. Senior Charlie Taylor talks about how bagels and Kudos bars are the secret to his success on the court.

Blue Wave PrideFuels Calby's Lax Success

By Andi Cara - June '10

CalbySenior lacrosse co-captain Liz Calby will need to garner her trademark strong senior leadership after the team had an unexpected defeat to Wilton in the FCIACS semifinals. Now Calby must reinvigorate the girls for States. Neirad Enlino decided to find out more about this future Ivy League player.

Pet of the month

Adopt Axel Today, You Won't Be Sorry

By Shelby Penfield- June '10

Pet of the MonthDon't let the picture stop you from adopting a great dog. Axel, is a super-sweet Doberman mix who would be the perfect companion for summer road trips since he loves the car. Read more how you can save this great guy.


Two Guys Try Five Guys

By Charles Spivey and Sam Nelson - June '10

five guys

 Order up! The small but renowned burger chain Five Guys has been praised around Fairfield County for its delicious all-American grub. Two lucky students took a look (and a taste) at the Westport location of this fast food hotspot.

Summer's Hottest TV Shows

By Katherine Rissolo - June '10

TVStudents are starting to savor thoughts of the unfilled hours soon to spread before them. One favorite pastime is watching all the cool shows that launch their seasons this month. Katherine Rissolo tells us what shows to check out.

Top 5

Top 5 Courtyard Activities

By Nicolas Correa - June '10

Top 5 CourtyardEverybody remembers the fabled Spartans vs. Lord of the Rings courtyard fight last June.  With the weather warming up, what will people to be doing in the courtyard for the few remaining days of school?  Neirad talked to students to find out the best ways to have fun outside.

Top 5 Parent Advice

By Dan Pidgeon - June '10

Parent AdviceStudents are not the only ones who need instruction.  The newly formed Youth Assets organization is meeting with parents to give them advice how to work more effectively with their kids. Some students on this campus sounded off on the subject.


Caroline Carmichael Lives Out Chinese Culture

By Shelby Penfield - June '10

chinaJunior Caroline Carmichael is getting an international academic experience of a lifetime. She is moving to China next month. She will attend a British International High School and learn to live amid Chinese culture. Shelby Penfield has this send-off story.

New England to New Mexico: Ms. Schmidt

By Lisa Randall - June '10

Mrs. SchmidtAdios! Au revoir! Buena suerte! Bonne chance! Regardless of the language, DHS is sad to say goodbye to retiring Spanish and French teacher Barbara Schmidt. Find out where she is heading after school ends.

Olivia Taylor Adds Laughter to the Girls' Lax Field

By Megan Archey - June '10

Olivia TaylorEver wonder how the relationships between girls laxers is so strong? Why are they always laughing? How are they so goofy in such a serious program? Take a look into junior Olivia Taylor’s life and see just how close they are, and how one person can tie an entire team together with laugher, love for the game, and just plain hard work.

Band Leader Mrs. Whinnem Plays Her Final Song

By Kat McKay - June '10

Mrs. WhinnemThe song will not remain the same for band teacher Carolyn Whinnem. She is taking a final bow this month. Mrs. Whinnem shares some of the highlights of her long career and plans for life outside the academic world.

Ms. Kasony Sums Up Her Math Teaching Career

By Blair Pelley - June '10

Ms. KasonySay goodbye to Ms Kasony a beloved math teacher who after 32 years of teaching at DHS is leaving. Come see what she has to say about her clothing and jewelry collection. Ms. Kasony is truly one of a kind.

Chuck Takes Permanent Excused Absence

By McKinley Stauffer - June '10

Mr. FergusonSoon there will be something missing at the front desk.  The DHS community is sad to see faculty member Chuck Ferguson go, but will remember his great contributions to the school.  McKinley Stauffer talked to Chuck about his funniest memories being the attendance guru.

Stockton: The Sprinting Beast of the L Division

By Cameron Wong - June '10

StocktonJunior Stockton McMullin may have made an unsuccessful run for Community Council president, but that is most likely the only unsuccessful run this track star has put down over the past year. Stockton’s leadership skills will not go unused. He is helping take the track team to new heights in the more competitive class L division.



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