September: 2010


Johnny's Experiences a Revival

By Lisa Randall - September '10

Johnny'sNot many have heard of the vintage music store Johnny’s. With an array of posters, records, and Tees, it’s the perfect place to find all sorts of band paraphernalia. So put down your iPod, dig out the turn table, and head to Johnny’s for some vintage music.

Back-to-School Supply Guide

By Nicolas Correa- September '10

School Supplies

All of the what-to-dos and where-to-goes for all of those students who forgot to stock up on their school supplies. Read more to see what the local stores can offer!

Meet the New Teachers of DHS

By Neirad team- September '10

new teachers 2010From unicycle-riding physics teachers to English teachers with British accents, the new recruits to the DHS teaching team are as intriguing as ever. Read on to see who might be teaching you in the future!

Johnny'sHot in the Lot

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  • Power Hour Eases Caf Crowding by Lisa Randall
    With the start of the 2010-2011 school year come big changes to the already intricate eight-day rotation of periods to accommodate a new fourth lunch shift.
  • The Double Dipping Debate by Daniel Campbell
    These teachers have been able to come back while receiving their entire pension and full salary in a move nicknamed double dipping.
  • Lines, Signs, and Trying Times: Money Well Spent? by Lisa Randall
    But what happens when there is a fee a price placed on student involvement in activities that have helped to define Blue Wave Pride?
  • Finding Faith in Darien by Sean Gill
    Do you really have faith in God, the Son, and the Holy Spirit? If you answer almost never or no, you are not alone. In fact, you are part of a growing majority of young men and women in the Northeast.
  • Inaugural Address by Nicole Granath
    Welcome back! I hope you all are as excited for this year as I am; I plan to do everything in my power as president of the Community Council to make it memorable and enjoyable.
  • Ruggieri's Return by Katherine Minion
    Then Mr. Ruggieri was subsequently given an opportunity to return for another year, his 39th year of teaching, instead of retiring, and he happily accepted.
  • Too Many Students, Too Little Space by Blair Pelley and Lisa Randall
    Two particular areas of shortage are lockers and classroom space.
  • Liscense to Thrill by Kevin Cassidy
    One of the most popular driving schools for DHS students is located in New Canaan. This is the Lewis School of Driving, which is taught by the renowned instructor, Giovanni Torcasio.
  • Welcome Wenzel to the Wave by McKinley Stauffer
    However, this year a new face in the faculty will be ranked among the incoming eighth graders. This school is lucky to have another fresh addition to its teaching staff. Elizabeth Wenzel was hired as an English teacher at Darien High School last spring
  • Burgers Shake Up Post Road by Sam Nelson
    The original BSF is in Greenwich. Owner Kory Wollins expanded to a second location in Darien this past summer, replacing Brueggers Bagels at 800 Post Road.
  • CAPT Report Card: How DHS Rates by Daniel Campbell
    They are also used to measure Darien against other schools in the same demographic.
  • Roving Reporter: What Are You Most Stressed Out About This Year? by Charles Spivey
  • A Study Abroad: Benvenuto A'll Italia! by Anjali Krishnamachar
    However, one lucky senior is going to experience this special opportunity this year through one of the few programs available at the secondary school level.
  • Fall Sports Preview by Darius Majd
    Though the school year and fall sports have just started, DHS athletes have been preparing for the fall seasons all summer.
  • Fiesty Redhead Sets Foundation for Girls' Soccer by Megan Archey
    Leslie is known around DHS for her athleticism, her brains, and her bright red hair.
Neirad for September 2010


Green Tips For Back To School

By Nicolas Correa- September '10

Green tipsAs another school year rolls in, students may already be feeling their teacher’s love through the constant gifts of four-page questionnaires and endless handouts.  But now students can respond showing their love for nature by recycling all this deadweight paper.  Read the facts to learn how to go green.

Yoga Etiquette 101

By Blair Pelley- September '10

Yoga- Katie MaccaroneYoga is growing in popularity among students, but do you know the correct rules? Come and see the do's and don'ts of this centuries-old practice, which is also a great antidote for back-to-school stress.


Post 53 Cleans Shelf with Brand New Officers

By Dan Pidgeon- September '10

Post 53 OfficersBack-to-school doesn't mean much for the Post 53 team who never get a summer or holiday off. The new team is ready to go to keep the tradition of emergency response excellence. We talked to the new officers about their plans for 2010. 


Neirad Enilno's Back to School Fashion Guide

By Katherine Minion- September '10

FashionNeirad found DHS students wearing some of this fall’s fashion trends.  Also be sure to check out some important fashion “don’ts”!


30 Days in Another Life

By Christian Nielsen- September '10

30 DaysWe've all seen people in different situations that make it hard for us to relate to them. Sometimes you just can't follow your mom's advice to "imagine that you're in his shoes." 30 Days, the TV show with a possible fourth season coming out, is changing that, with swap-lives stories for the whole world to experience.

Blast from the Past: April 1990

Complied by Katie Stueber - September '10

Blast from the Past SchedulesAs Neirad Enilno takes a journey back to 1990, a dramatic schedule change drew great attention. Back to the present-day, DHS has adopted another brand new schedule, including a fourth lunch shift. Teachers 20 years ago were not pleased with the changes, so is this any indication of how the school will react to this year's changes?


Blue Wave Football Preview

By Dan Pidgeon- September '10

FootballCould this be the year that Darien High School Football finally trumps New Canaan? Is this the season that the program takes the next step to greatness in the state? With a strong group of returning players, and a key coaching switch on defense, Blue Wave football has never looked so promising.


Frozen Yogurt Store Fails to D-Lite

By Blair Pelley- September '10


One of the most popular remedies to the hot summer's heat is to cool down with a serving of frozen yogurt. Tasti D-Lite is one of the newest chains to come to Darien, and it has attracted lots of fans to its door. But is the frozen yogurt just as good as the hype? Neirad Enilno investigates whether Tasti D-Lite lives up to the expectations.

How To: Avoid A Drop-off Line Dilemma

By Shelby Penfield - September '10

Traffic at DHSAll DHS commuters have felt the overwhelming effects of the ridiculously long drop off line in the mornings. Neirad’s Shelby Penfield has the latest on how to avoid the traffic and possible changes for the 2010-2011 school year.

Top 5

Top 5 Electives

By Sam Nelson- September '10

Top 5 ElectivesStudents have classes they dread - those courses there is no option since it is a graduation requirement. But kids can build those blocks of time into the day filled with classes they love – the electives each student is excited to attend. Here are some of the top choices.


Cribs: Regan Bolotin's Seaside Spot

By Shelby Penfield- September '10

Regan's cribNot only is her room filled with eye-catching paintings and retro décor but her Pear Tree Point beachside property is something you don’t want to miss. Check out Regan’s cool crib right now, you’ll be inspired to go to the beach!


Hot in the Lot: Michael Gentile's Sporty Subaru

By Charles Spivey- September '10

Mike GentileSophisticated, sleek, and affordable; these are the words to describe Mr. Gentile’s car.  His Subaru Impreza WRX matches the performance of BMW and many other German rivals, with half the priceNeirad just had to take a look at this undervalued gem in this month’s “Hot in the Lot”.

Mrs. Webb-Maloney Eases College Stress

By Blair Pelley - September '10

Webb-MaloneyHow many people actually go to see their guidance counselors during their frees? You could probably count that number on your left hand. Mrs. Webb-Maloney shares her reasons why coming to guidance may help you more than you think - even if you just want to pop a few questions about college choices.


“We Are Good People Clothing” Makes a Difference

By Sam Nelson - September '10

Good People ClothingWhile most of the other people in their class of '08 are studiously (or otherwise) immersed in their college experience, two recent graduates of DHS are saving the world, one shirt at a time.


The Writing Center is Back at DHS

By Katherine Minion- September '10

Writing Center LogoWouldn't it be great if there was an upperclassman who not only won't tease you about being an underclassman, but would also help you get a good grade on your paper or essay? This year, thanks to the newly resurrected Writing Center, you'll have a whole team of upperclassmen at your service. Read on to see how you can take advantage of this new feature at DHS.. 

Neirad Enilno's Reader's Contest Winners

ByNeirad Enilno Staff- September '10

Reader's ContestWe love our readers here at Neirad Enilno. So here are the winners of the Neirad reader's contest, in all their glory. Keep looking for more contests and prizes throughout the year!


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