October: 2010


DHS Students Struggle With "Cirinoitis"

By Darius Majd - October '10

CirinoitisFor two years, former librarian Jennifer Cirino was an unmistakable presence in the library. See how Ms. Cirino's absence is now affecting students with a very bad condition.



Behind the Scenes of Neirad

By Doug Miller- October '10


Neirad is the team that brings DHS all the latest news, sports and features. The journalists on the staff have often dedicated all four years of their high school career to the paper. We decided to take our readers behind the scenes the month to show how a person becomes involved with the journalism program. Who knows? Maybe you will even decide to join us.

Senior Backpacks

By Katherine Minion- October '10

Senior BackpacksSince the beginning of time, one piece of apparel has been as important to many seniors as the title of "senior" itself: the senior backpack. Neirad went out and found some of the top backpacks this year, certainly adding some flair to the hallways of DHS.

Homecoming Game

Neirad's Photos of the Homecoming Game

The band marches in


Neirad Print for October 2010 - Click to Open

  • Darien Readies for Accreditation by Katie Grozier and Collin Shay
    The school isundergoing preparation for its 2012 re-affiliation process.
  • Timmons' Twilight Haungted House by Emily Close and Jay Alter
    What students don't know about this libarian is that her holiday spirit far exceeds even the most ardent Halloween enthusiast.
  • No More Blue Wave News? by Katie Donovan
    This year the lights will be turned on and activities will take the place of the newscasts.
  • Slacking Seniors? Stressing Seniors. by Parker Lange and Kevin Cassidy
    While many juniors think that they are free from academic pressure after they rush out of that last final exam in June, they remain unaware of the enduring stress they will face in just three short months.
  • No Gym for Student Athletes by Olivia Leunis and Maddie Van Elslader
    Sports seasons always revolve around the large amounts of exercise required, as well as putting in a ridiculous amount of hours per week for practice. That's why we think that instead of having to do gym during your season, you should be offered an alternative.
  • Letter to the Editor by Kendall Kyritz and Kristi Carey
    To the Class of 2011, Congratulations on a great start to the school year.
  • 10 Days of Terror by Ben Hall
    These classic, creepy, crawly thrillers date back to the 1960's and are sure to make the 31st festive.
  • The Principal of Calculus by Jamie Muehring
    Student who chose to take B.C. Calculus did not necessarily find Patrick Dooley or Tom Jockers as their teacher, but instead Principal Dan Haron.
  • Roving Reporter by Emily Close
    What Are You Going to Be for Halloween?
  • At Chunky Pam's It's Halloween Year Round by Michael Coe
    On a cool Friday afternoon, Darien celerated the opening of the highly-anticipated candy store, "Chunky Pam's Sweet Shoppe".
  • Fuel Cell Program Gets Ready for Big Time by Chris Janson
    It is a very exciting time to be lurking aruond the Tech Ed department. Construction is just beginning on DHS's very own fule cell vehicle, which will compete this year for the first time in Shell's Eco Marathon competition.
  • Measuring CAPTitude by Darius Majd
    The latest CAPT results for DHS are in, and they are not encouraging.
  • New Restaurant Makes a Scene by Katrina Vassel
    The Italian restaurant Scena has been crowded with delighted customers since it opened on Sept. 1.
  • Parking Permits See 50% Increase by Julia Lang
    At the start of the 2010-2011 school year, seniors got serious sticker shock when they learned it would cost $100 to purchase a parking permit.
  • New Coach Births New Era by Kevin Cassidy
    The boys are already on the right track with new coach Kyle Marian, teaking over the helm.
  • There's No Price for Perfection by Rebecca Liu and Jay Alter
    Coach Price, the new DHS football assistant coach, is an ex-NFL player and the new defensive coordinator.
  • DHS By the Numbers by Jay Alter and Kevin Cassidy
Neirad for October 2010


Darien Martial Arts Seeks Fresh Start

By Sean Gill- October '10

karateThe art of karate is an age-old craft that requires skill, athleticism, and mental power. Darien Martial Arts has been known to groom kids into their full potential as karate experts, but how will they move on after a group of seniors just graduated?


Rolling With Chair Changes

By Taiki Miki- October '10

Post 53 OfficersThe library is rolling with some big changes. Some new staff members and new furniture. Students are happy to welcome the staffers but not the stationary chairs, which brought the rolly era to an end. Taiki Miki reports.

Stranded Seniors

By Doug Wells- October '10

30 DaysFor many, senior year means college on the horizon, enjoying the last few months of high school, and ditching the bus to drive their own cars to school. However, not every senior is fortunate enough to possess a license, let alone their own car. Read about some of the struggles that many uppe classmen face on a daily basis.

Field Day: Fun for All?

By The Neirad Enilno Team- October '10

Field Day

The Neirad Enlino team took to the field to see how Field Day shaped up this year. They canvassed different grades and received often widely divergent responses.

Blast from the Past: October 1980

Complied by Julia Lang - October '10

Blast from the Past NEASCThe school is starting to gear up for the 10-year accreditation process that is known as NEASC.  Darien High will be evaluated in 2012. For this month’s ‘Blast from the Past” we decided to take a look back at the NEASC process that took place 30 years ago.

Roving reporter

Favorite Parts of Homecoming Week

By Jessica DeMaio- October '10

Top 5 ElectivesOne of the most exciting weeks of the DHS school year is Homecoming week, where students are full of school spirit in the wackiest of outfits. From the spirit days, to the pep rally, to the Saturday football game, DHS is hopping with enthusiasm. Neirad caught up with our student body to see what their favorite parts of this week are.

Check out photos from Homecoming 2010!


Swimming and Diving Preview

By Jesse Hodges- October '10

Swimming and Diving With a boatload of talent, there's no doubt the girl's swimming and diving teams are capable for a big run this season. But a move up to Class L won't make things any easier. Do these teams have what it takes to meet their goals?



Conquering the Cafeteria

By Samantha Wood- October '10

CafeteriaIt’s no secret that the cafeteria is very intimidating. Everyone knows that every grade has their certain section to sit in. Neirad investigated more about why these sections are there, if the cafeteria was designed this way, and how students feel about it.

School Clubs In Need of Makeover

By Melanie Tzenova - October '10

Reader's ContestIn the beginning of every year, club leaders pass out fliers to spread the word for their clubs. From Theatre 308 to Quidditch, DHS offers every club in the book, yet specific organizations created by students are becoming less and less popular, while some clubs are completely vanishing from the school’s agenda.


Clutch Driving: A Lost Art

By Frank Lombardi - October '10

Car Clutch

The fact that the days of driving a manual transmission are over does not sit well with one disgruntled senior. Find out why Frank Lombardi is ticked off that clutch diving is now a thing of the past.

Hot in the Lot: Olivia Taylor's "Batmobile"

By Samantha Wood - October '10

The BatmobileThis year, the DHS parking has been graced with the presence of the “Batmobile.” Olivia Taylor’s decked-out green Volvo S40, with its high safety rating and virtually bulletproof body, is plastered with the signature bat symbol and ready to save the day.


Social Studies Teacher Brings Harvard Wisdom to Classroom

By Ben Hall- October '10

Mr. CabreraWhat may seem a new face to DHS is Mr. Cabrera, back from his four-year teaching experience in Thailand. See what this history teacher learned and experienced while abroad.

Pets of the Month

By Lauren Keena and Jenn O’Neill- October '10

Pet of the MonthHow about a Halloween treat that doesn’t involve a sugar high? Two adorable little pups are ready to give a lucky person a treat – their presence in a new home. PAWS has two great dogs waiting at the Norwalk pound.

Freshman Traces Her Tropical Roots

By Annabel Schneider - October '10

Good People ClothingIt’s always hard to move to a new school. There are new kids and teachers. However, for Margot Sweeney she moved to a whole new life. She left her home on the Island of St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands this summer and moved here to cold and snowy Darien, Conn. Neirad reported Annabel Schneider sat down with her and found out the life of a true Caribbean local


Cribs: Dana Howe

By Katrina Vassell- October '10

Dana's CribEvery morning Dana Howe is put into an optimistic mood when she sees the bright green walls of her room. Inspirational quotes fill her giant bulletin board with positivity. The colorful poster and pictures which decorate her crib create a vibrant atmosphere. Come take a look at Dana’s bright room.


Top Five Halloween Candies

By Shelby Penfield - October '10

CandyWho says Halloween is just for kids? Students are just as excited about scoring a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup or a bag of Sour Patch. (candy buyers - please no Mary Janes or Circus Peanuts!) We decided to check out what sweets are topping their Halloween trick-or-treat-lists.

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