November: 2010

Beauty of DHS in autumn

Where Are They Now?

By Jessica DeMaio- November '10

Where Are They NowEver wonder what happened to the familiar faces of students walking the halls of DHS? People who were once regularly sighted on DHS campus during the course of perhaps multiple school years are now a thing of the past. Where did these students go? Why did they leave? Find out all the kids who are missing from DHS this school year in Where Are They Now.

Keeping it Private on Facebook

By Shelby Penfield- November '10

Facebook privacy again

Want to know how private your facebook page is? Thanks to a new iPhone facebook application, people can pinpoint your exact location while using this social network system. Read to find the precautions one must take in order to keep this personal information off the internet.


Quidditch in Action

By Annabel Schneider- November '10

Quiddith at DHS

We’ve all seen it played at the Hogwarts stadium; we’ve watched anxiously as the quaffle soars through the hoop and the seeker tries to snatch the golden snitch. However, in recent years, there have been unsuccessful attempts to create a Quidditch team. With all new members, could this finally be the year that the team gets off the ground?


Red Maple Leaves on the ground outside B Building

The leaves finally fell the last week of October!


Neirad Print for October/November 2010 - Click to Open

  • Darien Readies for Accreditation by Katie Grozier and Collin Shay
    The school isundergoing preparation for its 2012 re-affiliation process.
  • Timmons' Twilight Haungted House by Emily Close and Jay Alter
    What students don't know about this libarian is that her holiday spirit far exceeds even the most ardent Halloween enthusiast.
  • No More Blue Wave News? by Katie Donovan
    This year the lights will be turned on and activities will take the place of the newscasts.
  • Slacking Seniors? Stressing Seniors. by Parker Lange and Kevin Cassidy
    While many juniors think that they are free from academic pressure after they rush out of that last final exam in June, they remain unaware of the enduring stress they will face in just three short months.
  • No Gym for Student Athletes by Olivia Leunis and Maddie Van Elslader
    Sports seasons always revolve around the large amounts of exercise required, as well as putting in a ridiculous amount of hours per week for practice. That's why we think that instead of having to do gym during your season, you should be offered an alternative.
  • Letter to the Editor by Kendall Kyritz and Kristi Carey
    To the Class of 2011, Congratulations on a great start to the school year.
  • 10 Days of Terror by Ben Hall
    These classic, creepy, crawly thrillers date back to the 1960's and are sure to make the 31st festive.
  • The Principal of Calculus by Jamie Muehring
    Student who chose to take B.C. Calculus did not necessarily find Patrick Dooley or Tom Jockers as their teacher, but instead Principal Dan Haron.
  • Roving Reporter by Emily Close
    What Are You Going to Be for Halloween?
  • At Chunky Pam's It's Halloween Year Round by Michael Coe
    On a cool Friday afternoon, Darien celerated the opening of the highly-anticipated candy store, "Chunky Pam's Sweet Shoppe".
  • Fuel Cell Program Gets Ready for Big Time by Chris Janson
    It is a very exciting time to be lurking aruond the Tech Ed department. Construction is just beginning on DHS's very own fule cell vehicle, which will compete this year for the first time in Shell's Eco Marathon competition.
  • Measuring CAPTitude by Darius Majd
    The latest CAPT results for DHS are in, and they are not encouraging.
  • New Restaurant Makes a Scene by Katrina Vassel
    The Italian restaurant Scena has been crowded with delighted customers since it opened on Sept. 1.
  • Parking Permits See 50% Increase by Julia Lang
    At the start of the 2010-2011 school year, seniors got serious sticker shock when they learned it would cost $100 to purchase a parking permit.
  • New Coach Births New Era by Kevin Cassidy
    The boys are already on the right track with new coach Kyle Marian, teaking over the helm.
  • There's No Price for Perfection by Rebecca Liu and Jay Alter
    Coach Price, the new DHS football assistant coach, is an ex-NFL player and the new defensive coordinator.
  • DHS By the Numbers by Jay Alter and Kevin Cassidy
Neirad for October/November 2010


SAT Scores Higher in Darien

By Samantha Wood- November '10

SATAs SAT results start coming in, Neirad Enilno looks at the growing trend of wealthier towns scoring top results in relation to the lower income areas. But are these numbers even relevant anymore? The ever-growing list of score-optional colleges answers that question.

Mark Wood Inspires the Orchestra

By Michael Coe- November '10

Mark WoodWorld famous violinist Mark Wood lit up the DHS stage. Our own musicians may have been a bit taken aback by the retro rocker look. Then they  learned there is so much more to Wood than bad 80s hair and clothes when they had the privilege of taking the stage with him.

How is the Cafeteria Food Selected?

By Annabel Schneider- November '10

Cafeteria FoodEver wonder what goes into your lunch? The DHS lunch program features a plethora of options that are carefully selected to be appealing and nutritious. With an intricate menu featuring  deserts, salads, and a sub shop, students can choose any dish. Read more to learn how your lunch is selected!

Ceramics 3 Enters DHS Curriculum

By Jamie Muehring- November '10

Ceramics 3

Upon signing up for classes as freshmen, most students opt to enroll for a full year of Ceramics as it allows them to complete their one art credit early on. However, the growing number of students who sign up for Ceramics 2 seems to indicate that, for many, the class may fulfill more than just credits. Fortunately, the art department has now created Ceramics 3 in the hopes of  satisfying the pottery needs.

Blast from the Past: March 1982

Complied by Julia Lang - November '10

Blast from the Past pilot

Not many students can put pilot on their college resume. Back in 1982 there was one senior who was already flying his own plane. Joe Ursone flew and repaired planes during his time at DHS. Here is a look at this distinguished alum.

DHS Cribs got a makeover of its own. Come on over and check out our new design.

Check out this month's Cribs!



The Social Network

By Allison Wetterauw- November '10

The Social Network MovieToday almost every high school student would say they have a Facebook. It is the way of socializing today. But have you ever wondered how it all began? “Social Network” is a box office hit. Allison Wetterauw tells you whether to accept this movie request.

The Town Rolls in with a Bang

By Jamie Muehring- November '10

The TownThe Town” offers a perfectly legal vicarious thrill of outlaw life. Jam-packed with non-stop action and suspenseful bank heists, see why Jamie Muehring thinks The Town is a must see.

Students Reaching for New Halo Game

By Taiki Miki- November '10

HaloDo you have Halo Reach fever? Hundreds of boys are feeling the effect of the riveting graphics and gaming as the new Halo hits the market. Some students say its toxic and just another distraction from school work. Taiki Miki decides if it is worth the $60.

A Look at Kanye West: The New Album

By Chris Janson- November '10

Kanye WestBold, brash, and unique doesn't even begin to describe the rap mogul Kanye West. While he may be outspoken and outrageous, his music backs his reputation. Find out the low-down on Kanye's album due out later this year, and the new singles he's releasing every Friday.


Musically Gifted Senior is Juilliard-Bound

ByAllison Wetterauw- November '10

Collin ShayYou may see have seen Collin Shay walking through the halls but most of you probably don’t know about his remarkable musical talent. This senior sang his way into being accepted to Julliard. See how Collin was able to wow this renowned school!

Behind the Screens with Sam & Joe

By Cameron Wong- November '10

Sam and Joe Most students know what it’s like to experience computer problems. But we are lucky to have two reliable men: Sam and Joe to keep us online. Take a look and see what really is behind the job of maintain hundreds of computers each day.

Will Doughty: Keeping It Together Backstage

By Allison Wetterauw- November '10

Will DoughtyNeirad takes a look at what happens behind the curtain of “Inherit the Wind.” Senior Will Doughty manages the chaos of this latest Theatre 308 production.  It is a talent that comes with much hard-earned professional experience.

The Facebook Super Group

By Doug Wells- November '10

The Super GroupA couple of years ago, a group of seniors set out to increase the attendance at Blue Wave sporting events through the power of Facebook. This year, a pair of seniors aim to revive the Blue Wave Super Group, and show opposing teams what Blue Wave Pride is all about.


Hot in the Lot: Dillon Zaro's Hummer

By Frank Lombardi- November '10

HummerGo big or go home is an understatement when you take a glimpse at senior Dillon Zaro's super-sized Hummer. With some excellent features not seen from the outside, this Hummer truly becomes larger than life in the DHS lot. This H3 is one of the last of this automaker's final production run before calling it quits.


Hot in the Lot: Alex Schenck's Honda MB5
Bike or Scooter, it's Still Legit

By Chris Janson- November '10

HummerSure, you've seen the usual collection of sweet cars that Hot in the Lot has to offer...but have you ever read about a motorized bike? With a killer exterior and sick controls, Alex Schenck's bike is like nothing you've seen before. Read more about this junior's unique mode of transportation.


The War Against Texting

By Frank Lombardi- November '10

HummerMost of us are guilty of it: texting while driving. However, a new mobile device by "Got2bwireless" is out to change that and make the roads safer. Frank Lombardi takes a look at this device, and reveals whether or not it can win the War Against Texting.



Cribs: Jelena Pesa

By Melanie Tzenova- November '10

Jelena's CribFrom Dana Howe’s calm and cultured room Neirad Enilno moves to a girl who feels like a princess each time she steps out of bed in the morning. Jelena Pesa’s formal and fancy décor embody the true meaning of what it feels like to wake up in a fairytale. Check out Jelena's Crib in our new Enilno redesign makeover debuting this month.

Theatre 308

Inherit the Wind Preview

By Melanie Tzenova- November '10

Theatre 308Theatre 308 will put on its fall drama, “Inherit the Wind” this month. But some aspects to this performance will make it very different from other 308 productions, let alone other Inherit the Wind productions.  Find out what’s so unique about this play


dhs at a glance

Student Opinion on the New Bell Schedule

Courtesy of Mr. Coppock's Prob & Stat Class- November '10

Stats from the Stat ClassThis year at DHS, Mr. Coppock has been teaching his Prob & Stat class the skill of surveying and graphing the results. His 300 class started off the year by surveying 209 students in the cafeteria, courtyard, and library to get their opinions on the new bell schedule. Here are the results.


Contemporary Issues: A Study of History in the Making

By Lisa Randall- November '10

Are you tired of history class? Are you someone who constantly wonders, "How does the past relate at all to my life?" If you want a shake-up from the norm, DHS offers a contemporary issues class that discusses today's hottest topics in all sorts of fields.


More Photos from Timmons' Twighlight Haunted House- Click to Open


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