Neirad for December 2010:

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Blast from the Past

By Julia Lang

Many people are thinking about ski season with the upcoming Christmas break just weeks away. For this month’s Blast from the Past, it is interesting to see that many of the top ski spots have not changed.

Chef Flores Dishes Up Tasty School Fare

By Katrina Vassell

The cafeteria has a new head chef who is interested in what every student wants: delicious food. Chef Carlos Flores plans on developing the menu to feature a new variety of healthy foods with flavor.

DHS Cribs - Caitlin Lyden

By Jesse Hodges

Junior Caitlin Lyden welcomes Neirad Enilno into her colorful haven full of lively pink-striped walls.

DHS Senior Discovers Lost Art of the Harp

By Allison Wetterauw

There are not many students who can say they are one of only a few in the entire state to do something. Senior Katie Critelli has that claim to fame on the harp where she is spreading her talent this holiday season.

Girls Hockey Begins to Rebuild

By Kevin Cassidy

Freshmen are stepping it up on the ice this season. Katie de Haas and Sage Thatcher are two underclassmen expected to make a big contribution in the new season, maybe even help win back some glory from New Canaan in 2011.


Custom Shirt Shop Makes Big Splash

by Samantha Wood

Almost every sports team can be identified by the apparel they wear. Be it t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweat pants, you name it. Take a look at the store that generates much of the spirit apparel of sports and activities here at DHS.

December Pet of the Month: Izzy

By Shelby Penfield

Are you a cat or a dog person? Well if you’re a cat lover then check out this adorable buff orange and white, long-haired cat named Izzy. She is ready to make someone’s holiday much brighter.

Smooth Sailing with Jamie Perkins

By Doug Phipps

“Everybody should live on a boat at least once in his or her life,” said Special Ed. teacher Jamie Perkins.  Many students enjoy sailing and spending time on boats, but none of them are accustomed to actually living on one. 

Mrs. Spannaus Delivers More Than Just Starbursts

By Barbara Bell

Guidance counselor Rudy Spannaus knows exactly how kids feel when they walk in the door and realize they’re now in high school. Read on to find out about this popular counselor.

Legal Spice Drug Circumvents Darien Police

By McKinley Stauffer & Emily Close

Weed, dope, reefer, pot, etc. are all terms that every high schooler has heard at least once amongst the crowded hallways of Darien High School. Marijuana is an unavoidable fear for parents and a reality for students, and now there’s a form of it that’s legal.

Neirad Enilno Prize Quiz!

Our reader’s contest this month will top all other contests. The reason: Neirad Enlino’s own contest king, Taiki Miki designed it. Yes, we have signed the original contest king. Taiki will grade your answers and award the winners an Uncle’s Deli gift certificate.  Enter now!

Darien Library Offers Helpful Texting Service

By Doug Phipps

Ever needed help from the librarians when you couldn’t make it to the library?  Fear no more.  In keeping with the evolution of communication, the Darien Public Library staff has fashioned their own texting service, Neirad’s Doug Phipps reports.

Top 5 Holiday Recipes

By Katherine Minion

Many people associate food with the holiday season because at every gathering, a feast is prepared with new, savory recipes.  Neirad Enlino went on a search for Darien High School’s top five traditional holiday recipes, the ones so good that they return to the table for everyone to enjoy year after year.

Hot in the Lot: Calder Billhardt's Chevy Tahoe

By Frank Lombardi

See how senior Calder Billhardt turned his iconic family SUV into the street worthy ride of his dreams in December’s issue of Hot in the Lot.

Profile: Ms. Ermann

By Jamie Muehring

How many teachers get paid to blow things up? Read on to find out about when of the science’s department most vivacious teachers igniting student learning

Neirad's 2010 Top 10 Influential Guys of DHS

By NEIRAD staff

Is it possible to pinpoint the top 10 most influential guys at a school with a population of 1,300? Well, Neirad thinks it is. Read about these dashing men, and learn more about “America’s Youngest Politician”, sophomore Patrick Durkin, and the newest “Farmer’s Friday” holiday created by senior James Shanley.

Top 5 Stocking Stuffers

By Katherine Minion

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, except for Santa Claus filling the stockings.  Neirad Enlino found out students' favorite stocking stuffers to surprise them on Christmas morning.

Everything You Need to Know about HID’s

By Frank Lombardi

Feel lost in the dark when it comes to auto accessories? Frank Lombardi simplifies and brings light to the complicated issue of automotive lighting.

Girl's Basketball: The Season Ahead

By Emily Close

DHS basketball has never been the sport to stand out amongst the domination of the lacrosse and field hockey teams. But this year three new captains take on the challenge of controlling the court, Julia Boulton, Nicole Buch, and Shannon Burke look to build upon their success of last year.

Harry Potter 7 Gives Fans Christmas Magic

By Allison Wetterauw

NEIRAD Enilno reporter Allison Wetterauw gives the scoop on the latest, penultimate installment of the series that we grew up with.

Teacher Websites: What Students Really Want and Need

By Doug Wells

One of the top students’ complaints involves bad teacher websites. Find out what teachers have good ones and what features they should delete on the lamest sites to populate the DHS homepage.

Top 7 Holiday Traditions of DHS Students

By Darius Majd

Everyone loves the festivities of the winter season.  Regardless of whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or some other religious holiday, you can usually expect family gatherings, presents galore, festive music, delicious food, and if you are lucky, snow. 

O Christmas Tree: Get Those Lovely Branches in Town

By Doug Phipps

NEIRAD Enilno reporter Doug Phipps takes a look at where you can buy your Christmas tree this holiday season: right here in town.

DHS Supplies an Honorable Day for Veterans

By Ian Sullivan

Veterans Day is a holiday where our most beloved soldiers are remembered, honored, and celebrated.  Here, at DHS, students learned about the realities of war and met the veterans that served in our various wars.  Check out what the day entailed.