January: 2011

Winter Shoes

Zombies Overtake the Hallways

By Annabel Schneider- January '11

Zombies!In between periods of geometry quizzes and in-class essays some DHS students don’t just trudge to their next classes. The game of Humans versus Zombies is taking over and helping cure school day boredom. Keep reading and learn how you can play too!

The Top 10 Most Influential Ladies

ByNeirad Staff- January '11

Most Influential Ladies

You’ve seen the Boys’ Top 10 Most Influential for 2010, now see Neirad’s nominations for the female candidates. From Posties to thespians, this list has it all. Read to look past just the face of the Vice President of NHS, see the personality behind the freshman varsity mid-fielder starter. Click here to see just how much influence girls truly have at Darien High School.

Dancing With the Teachers

By Doug Wells- January '11

Dancing With the TeachersMost of you have seen the show Dancing With the Stars. DHS is having its own version called Dancing With the Teachers. Find out all the information about the show.  





College Pennants


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  • Vandalism Aftermath by Darius Majd
    The New Canaan High School vandalism incident last month is shedding light on how the administration deals with disiplinary action off campus.
  • Math Teacher's Wife Remembered by Catherine Tween
    Many may already be aware thatmath department coordinator Michael O’Brien lost his wife Joan last September after a 14-year battle with breast cancer. Many may not know, however, that in the two years following her 2007 retirement from her career as an attorney, Mrs. O’Brien did a tremendous amount of writing.
  • Candy Cane Craze by Jessica DeMaio
    This Christmas trademark sweet is known around the world as a favorite holiday candy
  • Opinion by Lisa Randall
    I think we all need to relax in general with the current college-talk craze.
  • A New Demand: 100% Online by Doug Wells
    The solution is to check out their teacher’s website. However that task is not always as seamless as one might think.
  • Puppies as Presents? by Shelby Penfield
    While giving someone an animal as a present may seem like a good idea one important factor to bring into account is where the buyer gets that puppy.
  • Christmas Cheer Lights Up Darien by Jessica DeMaio and Emily Close
    Darien residents didn’t disappoint this year with their enthusiastic display of Christmas cheer. Neirad got an up close look at some of the best winter wonderlands Darien has to offer.
  • Chrismahanukwanzakah Carols by Ben Hall
    Ten songs that are bound to put you In the holiday spirit
  • Roving Reporter by Doug Miller and Doug Wells
    What is Your Favorite Holiday Song and Movie?
  • Cringe-Worthy Christmas Cards by Nick Kunze
    The holiday season is filled with joy and love, but it’s also full of the stress of sending out Christmas cards. Sadly, most of this hard work goes to waste, as most cards give more laughs than Christmas joy.
  • The Business of the Holidays by Lauren Keena
    As this year’s holiday season approached questions were raised as to when it was suitable to put up decorations or play Christmas carols.
  • Sweet Holiday Cheer by Melanie Tzenova
    A feast for your eyes awaits you as you open the doors into the Sugar Bowl, a local legend nestled in a charming brick building on the Post Road in Darien.
  • Camaraderie Propels Gymanastics Team by McKinley Stauffer
    The Blue Wave Gymnastic team is ready to dismount into its upcoming season and prepared to finish this year with as much poise as last season: 2011 FCIAC and State Champions.
  • Athlete of the Fall: Tucker Morehouse by Jay Alter
    Senior defensive end Tucker Morehouse did that 18 times this season and set the school record for sacks in a single season.
  • The ImPACT of Concussions by Doug Miller
    Darien High School’s response to an increase in injuries
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Khakis Remain the Blue Wave Trend That Never Dies For Guys

By Katrina Vassell- January '11

KhakisWhat is the reason for the khaki craze at DHS?  Whether the answer is comfort, style, or convenience, one thing is for certain: these formal dress pants are a popular fad with DHS boys. Compared to other area schools, a high percentage of Darien students wear khakis instead of jeans or sweatpants. Click here to find out more about this “unspoken dress code” and hear what students from other schools have to say about our obsession.

Lunchboxes Make Comeback

By Taiki Miki- January '11

LunchboxFor most people, lunchboxes are often overlooked. For these students, lunch is a time to show off their cool lunchboxes.


Put Best Footwear Forward

By Annabel Schneider- January '11

Winter ShoesThe halls are filled with different people, different personalities, and different styles. With a variety of winter shoes, the hallways could be mistaken for a catwalk. Students told us what shoes they like to wear and what they thought was in style to kick off foot fashion in 2011.

Football Gears Up for 2011

By Kat McKay- January '11

Football Preview

The Blue Wave overcame a lot this year to capture an FCIAC championship and finish the season 11-2. But the wave will be without many of their key seniors, trying to hold strong with a magnificent sophomore class and junior leaders that will be trying to fill big shoes.

Blast from the Past: December 1981

Complied by Julia Lang - January '11

Blast from the Past

Though DHS has always been home to many intense sports programs, not many people are familiar with the world of figure skating. Check out what Sheryl Watkin’s life was like as a top skating competitor back in 1981.

top 5

Top 5: New Year's Resolutions

By Katherine Minion- January '11

New Year's ResolutionsAs Jan. 1st approaches, people start listing potential resolutions for the upcoming year.  Neirad asked students what they hope to achieve in 2011- will these students be successful in keeping their resolutions or will they go back to their old ways from 2010?


Check out some of the many ginger faces in school and how the color of their hair affects their lives


DHS gingers

DHS at a Glance

Wreaths Across America Comes to DHS

By Ian Sullivan- January '11

Wreaths Across AmericaIn the annual Wreaths Across America journey from Maine to Arlington, V.A., DHS was one of the organization’s many stops in honoring our veterans.  Find out more how the Blue Wave welcomed the group.

The Fight to Finding the Right College

By Shelby Penfield- January '11

AcceptanceWe all know that college acceptance plays a huge role in the future of our lives, we spend most of high school readying ourselves for this process. Check out some tips from a renowned guidance counselor and author as well as the top nine secrets to the college admissions process.

The Reader's Contest Winners

Compiled by Taiki Miki- January '11

Reader's ContestThe Neirad Enlino contest received many contestants. These six students were the fastest in the entire school. See who won the Uncle's gift certificates.

College Admissions: Visiting

By Melanie Tzenova- January '11

College VisitsCollege visits and interviews? Worth the money or a waste of time? While upperclassmen are filling up their long weekends and vacations touring campuses, the stress piles on. Read this article to discover tips from kids who have been through the stress of college visits and find out if it is worth the schlep


Cribs: Haley Clifford

By Jessica DeMaio- January '11

Haley's Crib2011 is here and with it begins a new year of checking out the coolest cribs of DHS students. With January comes a uniquely decorated room inhabited by junior Haley Clifford, where her experiences from living in Ireland to Darien play a big role.



The Redheads of DHS

By Shelby Penfield- January '11

GingersSince the airing of “South Park’s” ‘Gingervitis’ episode, gingers all over the country as well as our fellow red-heads here have encountered certain prejudices. Whether they involve physical bullying or harmless jokes, red-heads must deal with these issues daily. See for yourself what these DHS gingers have to say about this issue.

Math Teachers Making a Move

By Rebecca Liu- January '11

Math TeachersOur math teachers are known for being great with numbers and tough graders. They should also be known, however, for completing a marathon, something a lot of us can’t even imagine doing.

The Small, the Red, and the Funny

By Sam Meyjes- January '11

Emily Roney What do you get when you combine brains, beauty, gardening, synchronized swimming, and a fiery red head? Find out which freshman girl has a personality with potential to change the world.

You Can Run But You Can't Hide

By Colin Sullivan- January '11

Brian DaveyWhen you think of boys’ distance runners, the first names that come to mind are senior John Conley or junior Charlie Baird. But, this year a FRESHMAN has emerged as a strong force for the track team this year. Meet Brian Davey, who can run a mile under five minutes and hopes to get his mile into the 4:20’s.

The Science Gender Divide

By Katrina Vassell- January '11

Women in ScienceFor women, it is not about recognition, it’s about respect for the title. Science has become a male-dominated profession, where men’s intellect is insurmountable in comparison to women’s. Darien High School’s own Biology teacher, Mrs. Susan Ruegger, felt that her own skills were overlooked throughout her college career, but she did not let the lack of respect stop her from flourishing in the scientific field. Read more to learn about this woman’s story.


Hot in the Lot: George Moore's Mini Cooper

By Frank Lombardi- January '11

Mini CooperWho said Mini can’t be magnificent? Senior George Moore’s Mini Cooper demonstrates how driving pleasure and top grade engineering can come with efficiency and affordability, making these iconic European hatchbacks some of the most adored cars in the world.


Pet of the Month

The Almighty Voltaire

By Angie Makris- January '11

Pet of the MonthWhat better way to start off 2011 then by rescuing an animal from a shelter. Neirad Enilno has the perfect dog to accomplish this mission. Meet Voltaire. Nothing philosophical about this little dog’s mission: Voltaire wants to find a home.


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