February: 2011

Valentine's Day Neirad

Sledding Scene: Where to Hit the Slopes in Darien

By Chris Janson - February '11

Sledding in Darien

As Darien receives a record amount of snowfall this winter, the always popular activity of sledding is in full force. Neirad's Chris Janson set out to find the best hills around town, coming up with a few secret spots that are just waiting to be sled upon.

Kristi Carey: Volunteering for More than a College Application

By Collin Shay- February '11

Kristi Carey

While many students simply list off the activities they have undertaken on their college applications, one senior takes pride in all of her organizations, participating in close to 20 of them.


Top 5 Valentine's Day Wishes

By Jamie Muehring- February '11

Valentine's Day

This month's biggest holiday is easily Valentines' Day. It always falls on the 14th of February and is usually celebrated by everyone. DHS lets it be known what it wants to do (or get) for the pinkest holiday of the year.




A Snowy Downtown Darien

A Snow Day Sunset

Credit Kara Glover Billhardt



Brass Quintet Fires up Five Musicians

By Doug Phipps- February '11

quintetYou know those musical groups dressed in demure black, and heading programs at concert halls all over the world? Chamber music groups have been a rarity at DHS, but with this new all-senior group, times have changed. Read on to see what they've got to offer.

Wizards of Chemistry Explode at Darien Library

By Annabel Schneider - February '11

Wizards of ChemistryMrs. Ermann and Mr. Heberton present a spectacular show of the academic discipline so like visual magic: chemistry, complete with bubbles and explosions.

Sophomore Band Steals Limelight

By Ahmed Mustafa- February '11

Stealing Free SamplesWhile the band's name may be "Stealing Free Samples," it is stealing the spotlight around town. Check out this exclusive behind the scenes look at the members of this sophomore band.

Getting Zumba-fied

ByJenn O’Neill- February '11


When does J + D = Z? Only when it's DHS math teacher Jenna D'Agostino, a certified Zumba teacher! Read on to find out how she can help you subtract the pounds!

Theatre 308 Strive to Ignite Interest

By Isabelle Perticone- February '11

Theatre 308

Theatre 308 not making the cut? DHS's own drama program faces budget-cuts and a lack of support from the district and student population. Read on to find out more about this growing problem.



Hot in the Lot: Marc Simonelli's Honda Civic Si

By Frank Lombardi- February '11

Honda NEIRAD's Frank Lombardi takes you on a sweet ride with Marc Simonelli's Honda Civic Si, proving that even the most mundane of car brands can be "hot in the lot".


roving reporter

Towering Giants: The Tall People of DHS

By Allison Wetterauw- February '11

Tall peopleYou may not think about it much (unless you just had English class), but it's a very different perspective of the world up there with the tall people of this school. NEIRAD takes you up into the clouds to find out the best and worst things about having a lofty life.

top 5

Top 5: Plans for February Vacation

By Katherine Minion- February '11

Feb breakWe here at NEIRAD don't know about you, but we're so excited for February break, even with all the snow days we're having. Check out some of the places these five people are exploring over this vacation. Everyone's looking forward to the chance to chill out this winter vacation.




"Fighting" The Norm

By Darius Majd- February '11

The FighterBox-office hit or booed out of the ring? Read along to find out Darius Majd's take on "The Fighter," a new movie starring actor Mark Wahlberg.

Bucket Lists: Dreams, Plans, and Lives

By Lizzy Steinborn- February '11

Bucket ListDHS students spill their hopes, dreams, and mottos, ways to get through the tough years of high school they're living, and the years that await them in the bright future.

DHS Discovers College Campus Prowling

By Shelby Penfield- February '11

prowlerForget lugging home heavy college guide books from the library or bookstore - this website, newly discovered by DHS students, has all the dirt on colleges, including student reviews, for almost 7000 schools around the country.

Tips for the College Essay

By Cameron Wong- February '11

College EssayFreaking out about the college application process? Brush up on some solid tips for writing that college essay.


Janice: The Heart of the Depot

By Katrina Vassell- February '11

DepotA staple of the town for over 20 years, Janice Marzano has endeared herself to Darien community. As the director of the teen hotspot The Depot, Janice has put endless enthusiasm into every day of work. Read more about Janice's tireless effort and energetic attitude.


Talent Show a Success at Darien Library

By Samantha Wood- February '11

Darien Library Talent ShowThe Darien Library hosted 30 performers. An audience of almost 100. $550 total in prize money to be won. Reporter Samantha Wood gives in-depth coverage of the second annual talent show at the DL. Read on to see who performed what and in the end, who won the jackpot.


Freshmen Homerooms Not Just for BWN

By Melanie Tzenova- February '11


Under the direction of history teacher Mr. Buckley, the Mentors Program has found its way into freshmen homerooms. See how you can help to spice things up with a little senior advice.

Neirad candy hearts


Misha Kushnir: Rock and Rhythm

By Heather Rankine - February '11

Misha KushnirWhat senior plays in the rock band Forging Utopia and sings with the Tudor Singers? Misha Kushnir, the rock-loving guitarist who's taking DHS by storm! Read on to find out more about this DHS rockstar.

Chris Carmody: More than Meets the Eye

By Jay Alter- February '11

Chris Carmody DHS is full of students with plenty of talents, but few rival senior Chris Carmody. The Penn State bound senior expresses his skills on the golf course, the basketball court, and behind the drums. Jay Alter sat down with Chris and gave him a challenge you cannot miss.

A Girl, a Pen, an Idea

By Savannah Blue Collins- February '11

Emily DavisEmily Davis, up-and-coming young novelist from the halls of DHS, takes you through some of her own tips for writing.

Senorita Massari Shakes Up the Third Floor

By Samantha Wood- February '11

MassariA dazzling new Spanish teacher has arrived in DHS! Senorita Massari's vibrant personality and her unique flair brightens up the halls of 3rd floor B-Wing every day—read on to find out how she got to her foreign language career here at DHS!

DHS Sophomore Next Artistic Genius

By Taiki Miki- February '11

Joe HaddadWhat makes Joe Haddad so special? He creates magic in the art wing, and he shares his superb artistic talent with the drama department. Beloved by his friends and peers, Haddad may very well be the next artistic genius.

Playing with Fire: Greg Lirot's Backyard Forge

By Ben Hall- February '11

Greg LirotJunior Greg Lirot engages in some dangerous, fiery activity as a blacksmith in his own backyard.



Cribs: Kelly Nicoletti

By Rebecca Liu- February '11

Kelly's CribJunior Kelly Nicoletti's bedroom is awash in pink, glowing upon its many unique features, such as a cactus purse rack and her very own loft. Don't miss this two-story crib.





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