March: 2011


Senior Captain Drama

By Jay Alter and Katie Donovan- March '11

senior captain drama


While most of the school drama may go on down in Theatre 308, there is still plenty of it left on the sports fields, and it just might have to do with the selection of captains at the end of each sports season. Find out about what the athletes really think of senior captainship.



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Theatre 308 Brings Disney Classic to Life

By Kat McKay- March '11

Theatre 308After three months of demanding work, hours of rehearsals, and countless late nights have all led up to this week’s performances of Theatre 308’s Beauty and the Beast. Directed by the talented Ms. Herman, and filled with a cast of gifted students, the show is finally ready.

The West Point Experience

By Sean Gill- March '11

Sean Gill at West PointEver wonder what it'd be like to spend a year at the United States Military Academy in West Point? Ever consider the daily grind that thousands of "plebes" go through each and every day? Read more to get an inside look at West Point life.

Psychologists: The School Service You Didn't Know About

By Michael Coe- March '11

psychologists at DHSDHS offers many resources to students, including psychiatric services. Students may meet with one of our four school psychologists on a walk-in basis or by appointment. Who knows? You may find that talking it out can take off some of that high school stress.

DHS Alum Virtuoso Comes Back to Fairfield County

By Allison Wetterauw and Collin Shay- March '11

dubstepHe came to DHS as a sophomore from the Soviet Union 32 years ago, matured into an international phenomenom, and has merged his love of rock and classical music into a concert at Carnegie Hall. To think he used to walk the halls of DHS!

Mr. Pavia: Rocking the English Dept.

By Katie Grozier - March '11

Mr. PaviaMatt Pavia plays many roles in the great drama that is DHS: English teacher, confidante, member of a band, and most recently, a leader of the NEASC team. Read on to see what led him to become a teacher and an asset to this school.


Cribs: Lindsay Walker

By Catie Wright- March '11

cribsA smattering of model ads line the walls and a sofa bed makes it great for sleepovers... senior Lindsay Walker's crib is the perfect place to hang out with friends.



Football Seniors Seek to Step Up in 2011

By Kat McKay- March '11

Blue Wave FootballCoach Trifone and current seniors laud the rising senior class and its abundance of football potential. With a great season this year to match for next fall, next year's team has a lot of pressure, but their talent will pull them through. Kat McKay has the story.


hot in the lot

Garren Fritts’ 2009 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

By Frank Lombardi- March '11

Hot in the LotIt You've all seen the row of Jeeps in the parking lot. They can climb snow piles, so are wonderfully useful in winter. Come see Garren's Jeep Wrangler, unleashed.


Discovering Dubstep

By Chris Janson- March '11

dubstepDubstep is not just any type of electronic dance music, oh no. As reporter Chris Janson learns, this genre of music, originally from London and newly discovered by DHS students, is great for getting pumped up for just about anything. A list of recommended songs included.

itsthebino: Music Website by DHS Grad a Success

By Michael Coe- March '11

itsthebino.comYou may have heard about it through the grapevine, but you've probably never seen it yourself in person. is everything a hip-hop blog should be, attractive, updated frequently, and filled to the brim with good music. Check out Michael Coe's review.

roving reporter

St. Patrick's Day Traditions

By Katherine Minion- March '11

Names DayWith everybody's favorite irish holiday around the corner, DHS students are coming up with some pretty creative ways of celebrating. See how some of the Irish students of the school will be showing off their spirit.



College Recruiting Revealed

By Shelby Penfield - March '11

College RecruitingSome of us are just blessed with talent on the field, court, diamond, or any other sport you can imagine. But with the natural gifts comes a lot of attention, as top colleges entice DHS athletes into joining their program. Find out how the process is done by hearing the stories of some of our best athletes.

Early Grad Says Goodbye

By Jessica DeMaio - March '11

Melissa VittiOne DHS senior will not be graduating on June 17 with the rest of her classmates. Instead, she took the road less traveled by and graduated this past January. See why Melissa Vitti decided early graduation was right for her.

Doodling: The Hidden Art of DHS - JUNIOR EDITION

By Alice Wang - March '11

College RecruitingInside almost every spiral notebook is at least one doodle, born out of inspiration. You'll find the work of a couple juniors in this article, including a giraffe, flowers, and a robot. Look for a follow-up in the coming months with work from more students!

Irish Dancing: Not Your Typical Sport

By Julia Cobb - March '11

Irish Step DanceThe rich tradition, the colorful costumes, the wigs! Irish dancing is well and alive at DHS. Reporter Julia Cobb talks to dancers Catherine Becker and Izzy Van Ingen to find the backstory on this fiery activity.

Names Day: Now an Ongoing DHS Tradition

By Julia Cobb- March '11

Names Day"Names Day? What is that?" These are the typical words of freshmen who have not yet experienced the assembly that combats bullying, now in its 4th year. Julia Cobb gives a brief history of the program and digs into how badly names really can hurt.


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