May: 2011

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DHS Dream Prom Dresses

By Collin Shay- May '11

Lady Gaga's meat dress

Would you like to be covered in meat? Egg? Silk? Plastic building blocks with interlocking nubs? Neirad discovers the dream prom dresses of DHS students.


Firefighting Juniors at DHS

By Julia Cobb- May '11

Darien junior firefighters

You've definitely heard of Post 53 and Person-to-Person, but there is one way that DHS students volunteer that few know of. Read on to see how five of DHS' current juniors battle with flames to ensure the safety of our community.

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The Hidden Talents of DHS

By Samantha Wood and Kate Fitzmaurice - May '11

Hidden Talents at DHSMany DHS students have a cool, interesting, or freakish talent--see inside for the ones that we were able to uncover this month!


Emily Stein: the All-Around Athlete

By Sara Shaker - May '11

Emily SteinBalancing one sport with academics is challenging enough for many students, but for freshman Emily Stein, nothing stops her from excelling in soccer, lacrosse, and basketball--click to read more about this stellar freshman.

Matthew Aloysius Mullen: Thin Boy, Big Ambitions

By Lily Boe - May '11

Matt MullenHave you ever spied an unusually tall and thin boy with a weight-to-height ratio of 1.48 pounds/inch? Did you know that he lives with a diva? Read on to find out more.


Summer Sports: Hit the Ground Running

By Kevin Cassidy - May '11

Summer SportsWhile school may end in June, sports carry well on into the summer for athletes. Take a look at what these athletes do to stay at the top of their game.

Challenger Baseball

By Jay Alter- May '11

Challenger BaseballEvery kid has a dream to hit a baseball or softball and run around the bases. For some kids this dream seems impossible due to mental or physical illnesses, however, with the help of Charlie Santos-Buch and the High School buddies, the challenger program make these far-fetched dreams come true.


Cribs: Coming soon ...

By TBA- May '11





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hot in the lot

Hot in the Lot:

Jamie McEwan's 2005 Ford Explorer

By Frank Lombardi- May '11

Hot in the LotOkay, fine. Jamie McEwan doesn't drive a firetruck to school. But this senior's hot Ford Explorer will show you that you don't need a decked-out red ride to cruise in style.



Is "Angles" Too Obtuse?

By Michael Coe - May '11

The Strokes"A paragon of a New York band, angry, gritty, and paranoid, but powered with such shiny melodies that spirits were lifted, not brought down." Michael Coe reviews "Angles" by The Strokes.

Ukulele Club

By Marguerite Morgan - May '11

UkulelesUkulele: from Hawaiian 'ukulele,  lit. "leaping flea," from 'uku  "louse, flea" + lele  "to fly, jump, leap." So called from the rapid motion of the fingers in playing it. It developed from a Port. instrument introduced to the islands c.1879. Introduced to Darien circa 2008.

Prom 2011

DHS Top Prom Stories

By Catie Wright - May '11

Prom StoriesEach year, it seems as if the question “will you go to prom with me?” is popped more and more creatively. This year, Neirad went on a hunt to find out the best ways people have asked their dates, to report the great news to readers like you!



Art for Action

By Emily Close - May '11

Art for Action!You've seen the huge, framed posters around school -- now Neirad Enilno talks to founder Alex Pear behind the scenes of DHS' newest club on the art scene.



By Annabel Schneider - May '11

Beadz!Need that little extra something to brighten up your prom dress? Beadz has everything you need to add a dash of color to one of the most memorable nights of your high school life.


Dancing with the Teachers

By Ben Preston - May '11

Dancing with the teachersIt was a night of drama and hip-swaying, and reporter Ben Preston's got the scoop on the best moves of the show. Read on for the sassiness, the hysteria, and of course, poofy hair.


SADD Safety Fair

By Marguerite Morgan - May '11

SADDFor a few years now, the SADD program at DHS has aimed at promoting good decisions among students. During this month’s safety fair, the program will show, rather than tell, students what it is actually like to be involved in a car crash and to drive drunk.

DHS China Exchange 2011

By Lily Boe - May '11

China Exchange 2011Colorful candy, baby cream, and Terracotta warrriors... 15 DHS students encountered these and more on the cultural trip of a lifetime in this year's China exchange.


308 Student Productions Preview

By Addison Thalhamer - May '11

Theatre 308 Student ProductionsAfter the spring musical is over for Theatre 308, one may think that the drama department closes up for the year. However, the Student Productions program keeps the F-Wing as busy as ever. Find out what makes  these “student pro’s” so unique.



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