June: 2011

One-Leg Record

Lady Gaga Album Review

By Chris Janson - June '11

Lady Gaga Album CoverSummer’s almost here, school’s almost out, and Lady Gaga has a new album.

Released on May 23rd, Lady Gaga’s third studio album Born This Way promises to be just as controversial as everything else the NYC-based pop star has done over the last three or so years.


Overly Expressive Students Force Library Table Ban

By Ben Preston - June '11


While some might see art as the paintings that come out of the F-Wing, others see it as the works visible on the library tables. See how the library is trying to combat the Picassos of our generation.

Photo Contest Results

By Neirad Enilno staff- June '11

photo contest

Come see the winners of the first Neirad photo contest ever! Neirad Enilno thanks all that submitted entries.




Graham Ross: Guitar Guy

By Allison Wetterauw- June '11

Graham RossWhile many DHS students may be able to play the guitar, making the intstrument is a whole different story. See how senior Graham Ross won an award for his creation at the woodworking competition.

Sean Lee: DHS' Own Piano Man

By Allison Wetterauw- June '11

Sean LeeYou have seen him in the hallway, and he is a top competitor in the piano world. He is Sean Lee.


College North of the Border

By Sam Nelson - June '11

Onward to CanadaWhile most students were grinding out their applications for early decision, three DHS students decided that American schools were not the choice for them. Read on to find out who these students are and what made them make this choice.

L.E.A.D. Uganda: Changing the Future of Africa

By Allison Wetterauw - June '11

Uganda L.E.A.D Uganda sponsers children in Uganda who are stricken with AIDS, wars and poverty and help them get an education as well as a better future.

Mr. Woelker Saves a Student

By Danny Rizzuto- June '11

Mr. WoelkerThis past month, English teacher Eric Woelker was presented with a situation that lays outside of the normal teaching standards. Find out how Mr. Woelker saved a student's life.


Senior Bucket Lists: Last Chance for Greatness

By Doug Wells- June '11

Senior Bucket ListOnly one summer remains between DHS seniors and their first year of college. So what does one do during this time? Finish a bucket list, of course.

Graduating Seniors Lend Advice for the College Process

By Doug Wells- June '11

College AdviceWith the current seniors finished with the college process, some seniors are offering advice on how to tackle it.


Say Goodbye to the Wave

By Catie Wright- June '11

grad partyAfter the success of last year's senior graduation party, the student body has decided to do it again. Find out the what, the when, and the where of this year's big-time senior blowout.


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hot in the lot

Hot in the Lot: Beemer Edition

By Frank Lombardi - June '11

Hot in the LotThis month, we are doing things a little differently for Hot in the Lot. In tribute to the great BMW, we profile six students and their ultimate driving machines.

More Features

Does NEASC Deserve all the Hate?

By Addison Thalhamer- June '11

NEASCWhenever "NEASC" has been said this year, it usually wasn't being praised. Find out what NEASC really is, and why it has been given a bad rap.

The Pura Vida Bracelet Sensation

By Julia Cobb- June '11

Pura VidaPriscilla Lee, a Darien High School Alumna Class of ’09, serves as a campus representative for the Pura Vida movement at UMass at Amherst. Pura Vida is a bracelet organization that donates a portion of its proceeds to improving the environment. Read to find out how you can help make a difference.

Students Turn Against Spring Homecoming

By Catie Wright- June '11

spring homecomingThis past month, DHS attempted to bring the spirit of homecoming week to the spring. Unfortunately, the week did not turn out as planned.

R.I.P. Art Fest

By Emily Close- June '11

art festTo the dismay of many DHS students, the school's annual Art Festival will be discontinued for the time being. Find out why the festival's cancellation is upsetting upcoming artists across the school.

Roving reporter

Top 5 Summer Jobs

By Marguerite Morgan- June '11

Top 5 Summer JobsWhat are you doing this summer? Neirad checks out the coolest summer jobs this year




Hot Lunch Strikes Back

By Chris Janson - June '11

Hot LunchTired of the same cold sandwiches that the Sub Shop offers every day? Neirad Enilno's Chris Janson decided to diverge from the norm and discovered that the caf's hot lunch if not just cheaper, but also extremely delicious.

Going to School or Going to Work?

By Sara Shaker - June '11

Senior InternshipsHave you noticed that some familiar faces are currently absent at DHS? Well that is because 58 seniors are on internships, exploring what they may do for their careers. See what some of these internships are.

Breaking a Guinness World Record

By Lily Boe - June '11

One LegWho knew standing on one leg could make such a differenct. DHS made history when the sophomore class organized a fundraiser to break a Guinness World Record

The Thrill of the Grill

By Danny Rizzuto - June '11

Phil's GrillSick of your parents cruddy grilled food?  Looking for quality burgers and hotdogs complemented with French fries and a milkshake?  Look no further than Phil’s Grill.

Swizzle into Summer with Darien's New Frozen Yogurt Shop

By Caitlin Shea - June '11

SwizzlesA new store is open in Darien's vibrant downtown, and it's not your average ice cream shop.

Disney's Prom

By Michael Coe - June '11

Disney's PromDisney’s Prom tells you almost everything you need to know about the movie from the title. Disney’s. Prom. I’m guessing you can already fill in most of the blanks from here, good girl, bad boy, prom night is special, some people have problems, everyone is good looking.



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