A Darien Football player owning the field. Darien High School's "Super Fans" group administrators Matt Lee and Sara Shaker ready to shake up the school. Adopt-A-Spot volunteers smiling for the camera as they clean up the Darien Train Station. Claire is Hot in the Lot. Hurricane Irene delayed the opening of school by three days.

September: 2011

Blue Wave Super Fans Group Lives On

By Sara Shaker - September '11

superfans facebook

Last year, Class of 2011 seniors Alex Bruno and Evan Rogers took on the challenge of reviving the Blue Wave Super Fans Facebook group. The Class of 2009 had great success with this group, bringing the school together for sporting events, and Bruno and Rogers wanted to do the same. The boys did well in boosting attendance at games by posting when game times were in the group.

After a year of fun cheering for all the students, the question became: Can the Class of 2012 have just as much school pride as 2011 did?

Reflections of a Super-Junior

By Chris Janson - September '11


Welcome back, juniors. If you are anything like I was last year, I am sure you are positively pumped for the next nine months of school, especially after having listened to people tell you all summer that this will be the hardest year of your life.Yes, junior year can be intimidating. APs, SATs, the College Search, races for Captain…the list of stressors goes on and on.

DHS Welcomes Librarian Ms. Torcasio

By Danny Rizzuto - September '11

Ms. Torcasio

After many are getting over the sudden shock of hurricane Irene’s roaring winds, similar winds have passed through Darien High School, bringing change to the library.  To the naked eye the library doesn’t look to have changed much, but if one takes a moment to survey the scene, she will notice a new face patrolling the grounds and a new table layout. 

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Samantha Greco:
Pastry Chef in the Making

By Kate Fitzmaurice - September '11

CakeWhile most juniors are looking forward to summer or to getting a good tan, junior Samantha Greco is trading in the sunglasses for textbooks.Greco will be attending Johnson and Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island this fall to pursue her cooking skills.


Hot in the Lot: Claire Linegar

By Chris Janson - September '11

Hot in the Lot Claire LinegarAccording to the US Government, a car between the ages of 20 and 40 is Classic. Claire’s 1987 Volvo 240 legally falls under this definition, and does so in style. At the ripe young age of 24, this Swede is still kicking (The car, not Claire. She’s Irish). Claire “flipping loves” her car. It’s not new, it’s not shiny, but the way she sees it, “I’m the only person in Darien who has one."

Seniors Sport Their Swag

By Jack Rehm - September '11

senior backpackWith a new year has come a new wave of special, funky-looking backpacks. Worn by seniors to show their individuality, it is a way for the fourth-year students to stand out in the hallways. In a building filled with North Face and L.L. Bean carryalls, many seniors choose to wear these distinct bags to sport their uniqueness to the rest of the student body.

Adopt a Spot
The Train Station Transformation

By Emily Close - September '11

Adopt a spotBlack, white, gray, the common array of colors that dully align the industrial scenery of the Darien Train Station. 

The tall weeds that line the train station have not gone unnoticed by a group of people who have taken the beautification of the Darien Train Station into their own hands.


Senior Twins

By Shelby Penfield- September '11

TwinsEver look around the hall and see double? This year’s senior grade includes an astounding ten pairs of twins. From “posties” to actors, these twins portray all aspects of sports, theater, academics and extra-curriculars whether they are alike or different. Neirad interviewed some of the pairs and got their insight on life as a twin.

Grace Loh Set to Go

By Kat McKay - September '11

Grace Loh Set to GoWhile most of us were lounging poolside this summer, junior Grace Loh was lacing up her flats and running long miles through the streets. As you were probably worrying about your tan, she was focusing on her fitness and speed. Distance running is more than just a sport for this three season trackie whose enthusiasm for running is unmatched across the FCIAC.

Hurricane Irene

Neirad's Special Coverage of Hurricane Irene

Contagion Review

By Michael Coe - September '11

Grace Loh Set to GoThe first thing the audience hears in Contagion is Gwenyth Paltrow’s cough against a darkened screen. It’s a noise that we’re all familiar with, but the stuttering nature of it, coupled with the vague knowledge of what’s to come, induces the first in a long series of hair-raising chills. Paltrow’s sickly face soon appears and a red subtitle reads, “Day 2”. It’s an effective little trick, letting the audience know that the epidemic has already started and is beyond stopping, and it’s that kind of eerie cleverness that consistently elevates Contagion from typical disaster movie to phenomenal mood piece.

September Cribs: Brian Weil

By Neirad Staff- September '11

Brian Weil cribsDeep in the Tokeneke neighborhood, where big Darien houses begin to turn into mansions, lies the home of junior Brian Weil. His incredible home is the last estate before waterfront property turns into the Long Island Sound. It is location that makes this crib so spectacular. Weil’s abode sits on a tiny peninsula and its closest neighbor is the Tokeneke Beach Club.

High School Diplomats

By Isabella D'Agosto- September '11

High School DiplomatsEvery summer since the late 80s, observant visitors to Princeton University have noted eccentric teens ambling around campus, cheering: “Best ten days of my life!” Although the phrase’s etymology remains a mystery, it has become a familiar and fitting description for High School Diplomats.

Meet the 2011 Fall Captains

By Danny Rizzuto - September '11

Fall Captains DHSNow that school is back in session, fall sports are in full throttle with eight DHS teams looking to have strong seasons. Last year, DHS teams brought home three FCIAC titles and one state title. And this year Darien looks to add to the tally. Leading the way for these teams are 24 senior captains, all of them given the responsibility of upholding Darien’s athletic prestige. DHS’s fall sports teams have a golden opportunity to add to their list of titles this season. Whether it is the football or field hockey team looking to retain their titles or Boys and Girls Soccer looking to earn their first, the DHS community has the privilege to have eight strong teams this fall. 

Does Your GPA Depend on Where You Park?

By Julia Cobb- September '11

parking lot statistics Darien High School seniors Cecillia Lee, Stephanie Winsch, Amanda Brodsky, and Jennifer Selensky concluded their senior year with an interesting Statistics project. They sought to determine if there was a relationship between where a senior parks and his or her GPA. The girls’ project idea was inspired by a Neirad article written in September of 2010 by Meg Murphy. The Neirad article was entitled “Parking Lot Looking Fly”, and in the article Murphy stated that “it is uncommon to see cars using the 50 spots around the [back of the] loop.”