Neirad Spirit Day Winner: Mrs. MacLehose for Pajama Day Neirad Spirit Day Winners: Rhiannon Ross, Katherine Mosher, and Mike Stovall for the "Party in the USA" Neirad Spirit Day Winners: Nick Palmer and Mr. Buckley for College Day It finally feels like autumn here at DHS.

October: 2011

Is Darien Really Green?

By Lily Boe - October '11

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There is no denying that in the past decade, various attempts have been made to make our town more eco-friendly. However, our grocery stores still use the extremely harmful plastic bags that many environmental-friendly citizens would cringe at the site of. The cafeterias in the public schools serve food on those notorious Styrofoam or cardboard trays. The majority of our students drink from non-reusable plastic water bottles that they dispose of in the normal trash cans once they are finished. With all this in mind, my question is this: Are we as green as we say, or at least as green as we think we are?

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Teacher's Crib: Mr. Paulsen

By Marguerite Morgan - October '11


When students reflect on their favorite spots in DHS, the cafeteria, courtyard, or chill zone usually come to mind. Not many know about one of the nicest spaces in the school: Mr. Paulsen’s office. .

Hot in the Lot: Little Macc Cruisin’ in the Big Macc

By Sara Shaker - October '11

Hot in the lot

While most of the DHS parking lot seems to be filled with Jeep Wranglers this year, one giant car stands out among the rest. It’s a 4X4 Dodge Ram pick-up truck. Who drives this macho car? None other than senior Katie Maccarone.


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Café D’Azur Opens in Darien

By Katrina Vassell - October '11

SaladTired of the same old food at the same old restaurants? Cafe D'Azure brings a fusion of French and Lebanese inspired cuisine to Darien. Click above to read more about the variety of foods from kebabs to soups, tapas, sandwiches, and crepes.

Admit One: Scary Movie Night

By Emily Caccam - October '11

The Sixth SenseSave the date for the Sixth Sense. Come sprawl on the grass with friends, food, and fuzzy blankets. No tickets, no money, just have all your wits about you.

Cribs: Noroton Heights Fire Dept.

By Kylie Maier - October '11

Noroton Heights Fire DepartmentThree DHS students call this place their second home. Come on in to check out one of our town's own fire departments.

DHS Students "Left" Behind

By Jenn O’Neill - October '11

LeftieFind out what makes life as a left-handed DHS student so difficult. Read on to see how lefties are at a true disadvantage here at our school.

What Happened to the SRO?

By Kat McKay - October '11

SRO SRO no more... Neirad figures out why. Even though there will not be an SRO this school year, the police department will try to put one in for fall of 2012.

New Gym Classes Have Students Getting Ready for the Masters

By Lizzy Steinborn- October '11

GymIt was a shock to most Darien High School students to see golf, table tennis, and other new gym classes on their schedules, leaving students wondering why they can't choose their own classes now.


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Top Scariest Things to Find in a Haunted House

By Annabel Schneider- October '11

Haunted HouseHalloween is the time of the year where people put their biggest fears to the test. A classic favorite of Halloween is the spider webbed lined, nail-biting haunted house. Neirad went around polling students to see what would get them spooked in a dark haunted house.

Blue Wave Football’s Unsung Hero

By Matt Brown - October '11

O'DonnellAt the helm of the Darien football program is a unique sort of leader. This year a bevy of leadership comes from the trenches. Senior offensive tackle Brett O’Donnell came off a great junior season amongst the fearless teammates who brought home an FCIAC title last year.

By Haley Clifford of Art for Action

Artwork by Haley Clifford