It's certainly been awhile since Blue Wave Football has had to play amidst drifting snowflakes on the turf. This rare October snowstorm put thousands of Darien residents out of power for more than 24 hours. Senior Izzy Duncan created a make-shift sign to protect her mural tapings.

November: 2011

The Storm that Stole Halloween

By Chris Janson- November '11

Halloween snow

Some of us here at DHS envy other nearby towns because while they had the day off (and in some cases, several days), we only got dealt a meager 90 minute delay for this October snowstorm. However, we had something they didn't: Halloween on the 31st as usual. Read on to see how many Connecticut towns are actually rescheduling the spookiest night of the year.

monster parade

308 Preview: Dracula Comes to the DHS Stage

By Melanie Tzenova- November '11

Dracula theatre

This year's fall drama is going to be bloodier than ever before. As the cast of Dracula gets ready to perform this spectacle, read more to find out about this year's new director, Mr. Morrow and his vision for the show, as well as plans for the set in conjunction with the Art Department, and the effects and costumes that will make this show a completely thrilling and unexpected experience.

2011 Monster Parade

By Jessica DeMaio and Lizzy Steinborn- November '11

monster parade

DHS's own monster creations are once again being displayed in the halls, and are scarier than ever this year. Neirad takes an inside look at the featured artists, the inspiration behinds the monsters, and what makes the gallery so successful year after year.

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Best Buddies Makes a Difference

By Annabel Schneider- November '11

Best BuddiesMany new clubs are constantly trying to get started: how to make money, how to get a following, how to make a difference. However, one club has overcome these struggles and is already beginning to make a difference. Read about the newest club Best Buddies and their success story.

10 Hours: How to Spend a Great Day in New Canaan

By Emily Caccam - November '11

New Canaan clockSick and tired of spending gorgeous fall weekends inside swamped with studying? Check out this article for a pre-planned day in New Canaan to curb those early symptoms of cabin fever.

Local Hotspots for Entertainment

By Lily Boe- November '11

local hotspotsA question that is heard too frequently among Darien High School students: "What are we going to do tonight?" The solution: why not check out the local student entertainment around Darien and Norwalk?

NHS Tutoring:
An Underused Resource

By Chris Janson- November '11

NHS tutoringAlthough many students are unaware, DHS' National Honor Society offers free tutoring every week in both Math/Science and Writing. Maybe next time you need some extra help, tap into these volunteer tutors.

The Youth Asset Team: Students Helping Darien Improve its Assets

By Sara Shaker- November '11

Youth Asset TeamCurious about what ever happened to the results of that survey you took three years ago? Find out more about what the Youth Asset Team is doing for you.

Blink-182 Attempts a Comeback

By Michael Coe- November '11

Blink-182Blink-182 is perhaps, the definition of a "love them or hate them" group. Now Neirad music reviewer Michael Coe shows his take on their newest album: "Neighborhoods."

Coldplay's Mylo Xyloto: Coolest Album of the Decade

By Kat McKay - November '11

ColdplayColdplay's Mylo Xyloto, which came out on October 24th, coolly shows the world what's right in the music industry.

Breaking Boundaries:
Isabel Duncan's Mural

By Katrina Vassell- November '11

Isabel Duncan muralSenior Isabel Duncan's new mural on the second floor allows students to peer into a new, remote land. Inspired by the ideas of a children's storybook, her mural will feature exotic animals and bring an exciting mood to the DHS hallways.

Miles Away from Home:
A Profile of Exchange Student Sarah Siebert

By Caitlin Keady - November '11

Sarah SeibertWho's the new girl? Sophomore Sarah Siebert joins the DHS community for an entire exchange year, leaving her home in Germany (with its delicious chocolates) for a taste of life in Darien, CT.

Top 10 Senior ID Photos

By Sara Shaker- November '11

senior photosThis year, seniors tried to see who could have the most ridiculous school photo, instead of doing the traditional smile.

monster parade

China Exchange Celebrates its Tenth Anniversary

By Kylie Maier- November '11

China Exchange tenth anniversaryTen years ago, eleven Darien High School students and two teachers boarded a plane to head off to Shanghai China.  These Darien representatives were a few of the first student American diplomats in China.  Now, a decade later, the China Exchange program continues to fill in the gap between the culture of China and America.

How do you say Happy Halloween in Chinese?

By Chris Janson- November '11

Halloween ChineseHalloween came early to one Darien neighborhood this fall. On Wednesday, October 5th, residents of Patricia Lane, Thomasina Lane, and DuBois Street staged a full-on mock Halloween celebration for the town's visiting Chinese Exchange students.

Roving Reporter:
Top 9 Thanksgiving Traditions

By Caitlin Keady- November '11

Thanksgiving traditionsAfter all the candy is either eaten or stowed away, there's still Thanksgiving to look forward to. Nine DHS students share their favorite things to do on this cozy holiday full of parades, food, and family.

Alex Pear and the Football Team Sack Domestic Violence

By Ryan Barthold- November '11

sack domestic violenceBlue Wave Football continues to lay hits upon their opponents this season, and they teamed up with one senior in order to tackle a growing issue.

Seniors Plan on Rocking the Vote

By Danny Rizzuto - November '11

seniors voteSeveral DHS seniors will be going to the polls this November 8th.  For the first time in their lives these students will have a say in our government.

autumn leaves snow october storm

A Picture of Irony: Autumn Leaves Glazed with Snow

Football: A Mid-Season Re-Cap

By Reed Barthold- November '11

footballThe wave has crashed over all opponents so far, but can the Blue Wave really hold up against teams like New Canaan in upcoming matchups like the Turkey Bowl? Or will the pressure slowly collapse the Wave moments before their biggest game?

Field Hockey: A Look at a Dynasty

By Matt Brown- November '11

field hockeyBlue Wave Field Hockey is and will remain a dynasty. The literal definition of a dynasty is "a sequence of rulers from the same family." The word dynasty is not just an accurate description of the program but perhaps a clue into why the program is so successful.

Weight Wars for Student Athletes

By Caroline Cone- November '11

weightDuring the school year many students here at DHS will choose to participate in a sport where one’s weight, or more oftentimes diet, is essential to winning a meet or game. Some athletes can eat what they want whenever they want; other times players are on such a strict diet that they refrain from eating all together on game days.

Boys Cross Country: A Season of Successes

By Blake Lange- November '11

boys cross country darienWave Boys Cross Country comes up with a 17-0 regular season record and a second place finish in the FCIAC championship. Read about one of the strongest team of runners this school has seen in decades.

Internet Filters: Help or Hindrance?

By Cameron Van de Graaf- November '11

Internet filtersUpon entering the library, one might overhear a variety of conversations, but chances are someone is complaining about a favorite site now inaccessible because of the new Internet filter. While this is nothing new, the cries have grown particularly raucous this year over what many view as indiscriminate and unnecessary Internet censorship.

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