December: 2011

Juniors Get a Chance to Drive to School

By Lizzy Steinborn- December '11

parking raffle

Student parking at DHS has long been the proud mark of being a senior, that one daily privilege that the underclassmen could only wait patiently for. Until now. As part of a fundraising campaign, junior class officers Kylie Maier and Courtney Kyritz have decided to raffle off one parking spot around the oval for one lucky junior to drive to school second semester.

ballet shoes

Caroline Schau: A Dancer Sticking Up for Herself

By Sara Shaker- December '11

Caroline Schau

You may have seen her featured in the opening scene of Theatre 308's musical last year, Beauty and the Beast. She was the one with the pointe shoes. Senior Caroline Schau is a serious ballet dancer, but not the kind of ballet that most people stereotype as "girlie."

The Shuffle Referendum: Why High Schoolers Should Care

By Chris Janson- December '11

Shuffle Referendum

You may have seen it in the news, heard your parents mention it over dinner, or as signs on lawns throughout Darien: it's the Shuffle Referendum, due to happen on December 13th. Read on for Chris Janson's explanation of this weighty topic - this may be a way for you to make a difference in this town.

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Cesco's Trattoria: True Italian Food Here in Darien

By Melanie Tzenova- December '11

Cesco's TrattoriaNot all Italian cuisine is made the same. This is exactly what Cesco’s Trattoria, a newly opened Italian restaurant located at Goodwive’s that opened last month, is trying to prove. With all authentic Italian dishes and recipes passed down from generation to generation, Cesco’s is an amazing dining experience from the first meal to dessert. Read this review to find out exactly what to try when you go!

Taste-Testing for the Best Iced Coffee in Town

By Kylie Maier - December '11

iced coffeeNeirad reporter Kylie Maier delivers probably the most comprehensive guide to Darien's many kinds of iced coffee that has ever appeared in print or online. From Whole Foods to Donut Delight to Espresso Neat, she has it covered.

Surviving the Extraction

By Michael Coe - December '11

wisdom toothGetting your wisdom teeth removed is a typically painful rite of passage for many a modern teenager. The procedure is talked about in hushed tones and plenty of gory mythology surrounds the popular surgery. But what is it really like? Neirad writer Michael Coe got his wisdom teeth yanked to find out.  

Top 5 Senior Christmas Attire

By Michael Coe- December '11

Top 5What better way is there to raise Christmas cheer than by breaking out the holiday garb? Neirad asked seniors what wintery wear they like to don when the Christmas season rolls around.

Christmas House Extravaganza Just 20 Minutes Away

By Jessica DeMaio - December '11

Belle HavenJust two towns over in Greenwich, the Jones family puts on a Christmas lights spectacle that attracts a nightly audience from all over the tri-state area. See how one billionaire puts on a yearly show for all to enjoy each holiday season.

An Interview with MTV's Hit Show "Buried Life"

By Reed Barthold - December '11

Buried LifeFour guys set out to complete a bucket list of 100 things they wanted to do before they died and set out to complete them. Neirad interviews one of these guys, Dave Lingwood, a star of MTV’s “The Buried Life” and asks him some personal questions about his project and himself.

The Twitter Revolution at DHS

By Jack Rehm & Matt Brown - December '11

Twitter logoIn case Facebook wasn’t enough social media for the students of Darien High School, Twitter has given kids a new way to communicate and inform their friends what they are up to. Neirad digs up some of the more interesting Twitter names from the halls of DHS.

pink reindeer

Cribs: Claire Treesh

By Rebecca Liu- December '11

Cribs Claire TreeshJunior Claire Treesh loves her cozy room, with the walls lined with paper plate awards and decorations signifying her passion for dance, swimming and travel. A pineapple fan presents the perfect finishing touch. Come take a look!

DHS' Ski and Snowboard Club Prepares to Hit the Slopes

By Annabel Schneider- December '11

ski snowboardFor seven years the DHS ski and snowboard club had been going to mountains all over New England. However, despite the club’s best efforts, participation had been going down. The club is striving to have a rebirth and show the DHS community how much fun these trips can be and how nice it is to get outside.

Community Council's Holiday Auction for Charity

By Lily Boe - December '11

auctionCommunity Council trades out its former holiday toy drive for an auction that calls for the participation of all students, parents, and faculty members at DHS.

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Top 5 Novembeards

By Sara Shaker - December '11


Some seniors and members of the DHS faculty followed this tradition, now in its fourth year at our school. Check out Neirad's coverage of this charitable fashion statement.


A Look at Christmas Trees in Darien

By Melanie Tzenova - December '11

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