Abby Leinroth's VW beetle, featured this month in Hot in the Lot, sports a sunflower. Meet the many twins of the DHS Class of 2015. Senior Michael Johnston is a super athlete.

January: 2012

Let the Primaries Begin

By Chris Janson - January '12

election Gingrich? Romney? Bachman? With the Iowa Caucus happening today on the 3rd, Chris Janson preps you with all the details to help you sift through all the news coverage as you follow this year’s Presidential campaign.

Defining NHS

By Isabella D'Agosto - January '12

nhsIt's that time of year again when a group of juniors and a handful of seniors "gets in" to our school's chapter of the National Honor Society. But who gets to be accepted and why?

tumblr image

Happy Apocalypse, it's 2012!

By Ryan Barthold - January '12

2012 end of the world

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and hide yo husband, ‘cause the world is coming to an end out here. Neirad takes a look at the world’s impending destruction that is now less than a year away.


DHS Photo Talents: Kyra Gardner and Jackson McGoldrick

By Caroline Cone - January '12

shutter bugsHave you ever wanted to branch out or explore your creative side? After three tests, an essay and sports practice, setting aside time for art is often difficult. However, sophomore Kyra Gardner and freshman Jackson McGoldrick have been inspired to deviate from the rigid schedule of a DHS student and evoke emotions through their art.


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Tumblr: A Social Networking Site with Substance?

By Kat McKay - January '12

TumblrThis blogging bad boy is taking the school by storm. Neirad breaks down what  Tumblr is and how it rose from an underground hipster hub to the quasi-legend it is today.

Editorial: DHS Parents at Fault?

By Lily Boe - January '12

red solo cupsWhether they get caught or not, Darien High School students constantly find themselves causing trouble with the law. But, is it really their fault, or should those who are supposed to be guiding “role models” for these students—their parents—assume more responsibility?

Juniors Parking Ahead of Time

By Kate Fitzmaurice - January '12

NHS tutoringHave you ever noticed a car in the DHS lot that doesn't have a parking permit? It may have belonged to a junior! See what DHS thinks about the current driving rules and regulations and what they think about juniors driving to school.

DHS Bids Farewell to Mr. Keleher

By Jessica DeMaio - January '12

Mr. KeleherStudents graduating DHS always receive a heartfelt ceremony, endless celebration, generous farewell wishes, and a warm welcome when they return home to Darien from all of their collegiate adventures. However, retiring DHS teachers hardly ever receive an equal amount of praise. DHS Athletic Director John Keleher has been leading Darien sports for over 10 years, and he has officially decided that 2012 will be his last season at DHS.

Aspen's Alarming New Feature

By Marguerite Morgan - January '12

aspenMany of you may have parents that check their Aspen accounts on a daily basis. Now, Aspen’s new feature gives a whole new meaning to parent involvement in their kid’s schooling. Read more about this new feature and what effect it’s having on DHS students.

Students React to a Semester of New Gym Classes

By Jack Rehm - January '12

ColdplayGym classes at DHS have come to be referred to as “boring” and “uncompetitive.” This year, though, a new group of classes were installed to help excite students about going to gym. After a semester of these classes, Neirad went out to discover how students are enjoying the new curriculum.

Basketball's Sore Tale

By Matt Brown - January '12

basketballWhile House Basketball has thrived these past couple years, DHS boys' varsity basketball team has faced a host of challenges.

Freshmen Twins: Guinness World Record Nominees

By Jenn O'Neill - January '12

twinsThis year’s freshman class will have you seeing double. In fact there are so many sets of twins in the Class of 2015 that they were nominated for a spot in the 2011 Guinness Book of World Records. Read on to learn about the experience.

Top 10 Procrastinators

By Sara Shaker - January '12

clockAlthough midterms are right around the corner, DHS students still find the time to master the art of procrastination.

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Thanksgiving Macy's parade

DHS Gymnasts' Balancing Act

By Annabel Schneider - January '12

gymnastics DHSGymnastics is a sport where athletes need to flip, swing on bars, walk on narrow beams and as a result these girls are really good at balancing in all aspects of their life. These girls have managed to balance school work, other teams, and personal relationships with their rigorous season.

Hannah Caldwell: Rising Star

By Lizzy Steinborn - January '12

Hannah CaldwellShe is seen as a bubbly superstar on stage but this fall she also showed off her talents in front of billions of people. Hannah Caldwell, one of our own Darien High School actresses, had the privilege this year to be in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Neirad had the opportunity to learn more about Caldwell’s eye-opening experience. 

LEAD Uganda's Mission

By Caitlin Keady- January '12

LEAD UgandaLEAD Uganda students reach out and make a difference to students in Uganda, making connections between communities around the world and leading talks at local schools.

Meet the GOP Candidates

By Chris Janson - January '12

GOP republicansGetting ready to vote?  Trying to make sense of all the rhetoric?  Reporter Chris Janson presents a primer on the primaries.

Hot in the Lot: Abby Leinroth's
Yellow Beetle

By Emily Caccam- January '12

hot in lot

In the sea of blue and silver cars, a VW Beetle shines alone. The tiny car gets great mileage and makes the daunting task of parking a piece of cake, but is still able to transport the heavy textbook load of its owner between home and school. Read on for more about Abby Leinroth's sweet ride.