Abby Leinroth's VW beetle, featured this month in Hot in the Lot, sports a sunflower. Junior Emily Molnar has a tree blossoming with light in her crib, featured in this month's Cribs. Senior Michael Johnston is a super athlete.

February: 2012


"If it's opposite day, you can't say its opposite day. You would have to say it's not opposite day. What do you say? How would you ever know the truth!"

- Juniors in Chemistry class


"That wasn't very knice." (holding plastic knife)
"I'll get you back spoon." (holding spoon)

- Cafeteria pun chatter


Jane Austen's novel

Strangest Valentine's Day Gifts

By Jenn O'Neill- February '12

Valentine's Day gifts

Valentine’s Day is usually filled with chocolates, roses, candy hearts and anything red, white or pink, right? Not always. Read on to see the weirdest Valentine's Day gifts that students here at DHS have recieved in the past.

DHS iPhone App Craze

By Jessica DeMaio - February '12

iPhone appsLooking around our DHS community, one is sure to spot students fervently tapping away at their iPhones, determined to break a new high score. Applications such as Temple Run, Facebook, and Fruit Ninja, are feeding a demand for games and methods of communication. Check out this article to learn more about popular iPhone "apps" and what makes them so addicting!

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Q&A With DHS Student Sports Managers

By Kate Fitzmaurice - February '12

student sports managersFind out what goes on behind the scenes of DHS sports! Check out Neriad's interview with the Wresting, Football, Swim, and Hockey team managers.

Hot in the Lot: Coach Cross's Camaro

By Jack Rehm - February '12

Hot in the LotWho's the driver of that slick, mysterious black Camaro rolling into the DHS parking lot? You might or might not be surprised to hear that it's none other than Coach Cross. Come take a look at the interior and exterior of Coach Cross’ 2011 Chevy Camaro.

DHS Bucket Lists

By Ryan Barthold - February '12

bucket lists

Time is ticking for seniors at DHS; graduation is looming in the distance. With only five months to go in their high school careers, these seniors are ready to make the most of their limited time at Darien High School.

February Cribs: Emily Molnar's Beatles Shrine

By Kat McKay, Kate Fitzmaurice, and Katrina Vassell - February '12

Cribs Emily Molnar

With posters, albums, and even a live, swimming turtle named after "the quiet Beatle," junior Emily Molnar has a crib reminiscent of the Beatlemania days.

DHS Picks Winners from the Grammy Nominees

By Kat McKay - February '12

grammysAnd the winner is….! We don’t know yet, but kids at DHS got to pick who they think is going to bring back gold at this year’s Grammys (and who’s going to be leaving dejected Twitter rants later that night).

The Debate Continues over Black History Month

By Michael Coe - February '12

Black History Month

Black History Month has garnered plenty of positive responses over the years due to memorable celebrations and activities. It has also managed to create plenty of controversy over the usefulness and benefit of its message. Neirad writer Michael Coe found out what DHS is doing this February to celebrate and what the student body thinks of the annual event.

English Teachers' Favorite Literary Couples

By Alice Wang - February '12

Literary couples

From vampire-slayers to doomed couples, the English teachers share their favorite couples from literature in time for Valentine's, celebrating love across several genres and centuries.

Compatibility Survey Results

By Chris Janson - February '12


Multivariable Calculus designed it. Neirad distributed it. 157 students from all four grades filled it out and returned it. Click, and feel the love!

Hannah Nilsson

Celebrity Crushes

By Annabel Schneider - February '12

celebrity crushesThere are lots of people who walk through the halls at Darien High School, but let’s face it: there is a certain star quality that celebrities have that steals everyone’s heart. Check out whom DHS students picked as their celebrity crushes.

Senior Slackers vs. Overachievers

By Kylie Maier - February '12

overachieverAs regular seniors morph into the infamous second semester seniors, Neirad takes an amusing look into the minds of kids who give into senioritis, those who just think they do, and those who continue working hard in school.

Pet of the Month

By Reed Barthold - February '12

pet of the monthNeirad is renewing its partnership with PAWS, a no-kill shelter in Norwalk, devoted to finding deserving animals a forever home. Check out the furry friends up for adoption in this February Pet of the Month!

Love Songs Off the Beaten Path

By Haley Miller - February '12

love songsThe complete catalogue of love songs is so vast that many quality songs get left out of the spotlight. Read on to discover new music to share with loved ones this Valentine's Day.


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