Garden Club and Ceramics team up to give back to our community. Synchronized Skaters Hannah Nilsson, Izzy Duncan, Katrine Ryan and Katrina Vassell at the Colonial Classic. Students at China Connect Meeting. Leslie Yuen is one of many seniors embarking on an internship during their last four weeks of high school. The smiles of Madame Kelleher's French students make the declining enrollment of French classes a mystery.

March: 2012

Guide to Starting a New Club

By Amanda Sload- March '12

Best Buddies

Ever felt like there is not a club out there that just fits you? As a student you have the power to change that. Starting a club isn’t as hard as it seems, just read on to find out how you can begin the process.

Letter to the Editor

By Community Council- March '12

Comunity CouncilBased on the article Student Faculty Council, it is clear that misunderstandings do exist as to the purpose and function of the Community Council. As Community Council President I find it necessary to address and clarify some of the claims made in the article, Student Faculty Government.

Celebrating St. Patty's Day

By Marielle Ravosa- March '12

Celebrate Like and Irishman

St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday that represents the unique culture and history of the Irish people. Yet to the greater percentage of Darien High School students, it is a holiday associated solely with dyed green food, shamrocks, and corned beef. This month, Neirad took a deeper look into what makes March 17th so special to the Irish.

The Upper Classman Fashion Icons

By Kate Fitzmaurice- March '12

Fashion IconsPeople find inspiration for their style from many places: magazines, movies, televison. Neirad looked around the halls to see what fashion inspiration can be found right here in the school. Find out what Darien High School’s very own fashion icons have to say about their unique styles.


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Celebrity Look-a-Likes

By Isabelle Perticone- March '12

Jack BlackWe can all spot a celebrity from a mile away, but what about the embarrassing moment when we mistake an average person for a celebrity? Check out these DHS student celebrity look-a-likes, you just might mistake them yourself

Cribs: Dillon Fitzpatrick

By Sam Meyjes- March '12

Go Broncos!Think you’re a dedicated sports fan? Sophomore Dillon Fitzpatrick doesn’t even need to explain how wrong you are. Just check out his room made for a true sports fan.

Midterm Grades vs. Period

By Colin Sullivan- March '12

MidtermsOpen your textbooks and sharpen your pencils, this week, Neirad investigates to find out whether the period a midterm is taken affects the grade that a student receives.

Spring Fashion Column

By Caroline Macomber- March '12

Spring FashionAlthough it has been announced that we must suffer through another six depressing, frigid weeks of winter, the only season that is on the mind of designers is spring. The trends of the Spring 2012 collections are out for the public to study.

Pet of the Month: Arthur

By Kyra Conciattori- March '12

ArthurNeirad has brought it back! Pet of the Month features an animal living at Paws in Norwalk looking for a home. Meet the cute German Shepherd puppy Arthur and maybe you will want to take him home!

Ceramics and Garden Club Join Forces

By Sarah Graves - March '12

Garden ClubThe DHS Garden Club and Ceramics classes have combined cheery plants and handmade and glazed ceramic pots to send to Forgotten Heroes, a female veterans home in hopes that their love will give the women some hope.

Do the Oscars Matter?

By Michael Coe- March '12

OscarsAnother year, another predictable awards show. With criticism mounting over recycled hosts, stale shows and safe nominees, the question is raised: just how relevant are the Oscars these days? And do people even care anymore?

Cousins Uncovered

By Kat McKay- March '12

CousinsThey may not acknowledge each other in the hallways, but certain members of the DHS community get together for family reunions. That’s right: the school is stacked with cousins, and Neirad went ahead and uncovered who they are and what it’s like to share the school with your extended family.

Students' Summer Plans

By Sara Shaker- March '12

Cal KevorkianInstead of spending every summer day at the beach, this year, DHS students have difficult jobs, tons of sport camps, and crazy vacation plans.

Volunteer Square

By Annabel Schneider- March '12

Volunteer SquareNo matter what grade you’re in everyone is trying to bust up their college applications with extracurriculars and volunteering. Now students can shave off a bit of their stress by having all their volunteering opportunities in one place with the new website Volunteer Square.

Au Revoir Francais?

By Jenn O'Neill- March '12

French 4HEveryone knows that French and Spanish are the top two language choices here at DHS, right ? Apparently, not so much… Read on to find out why the once popular romance language is on the decline.

Sychronized Skating

By Katrina Vassell- March '12

SkatingWhile the vast majority of Darien High School students have heard of figure skating, not many know of “synchronized skating.” However, among your classmates at DHS, eight have skated on a synchronized skating team. Check out this article to find out more about the nation’s fastest growing segment of figure skating.


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Garden Club

New Athletic Director

By Sam Meyjes- March '12

Athletic DirectorAs Mr. Keleher prepares for retirement, a suitable replacement had to be found. After a thorough search, it seems that the Athletic Department has found a great man for the job. Welcome Assistant Principal Mr. Michael Sullivan to the position of the Athletic Director of Darien High School.

March Madness Bracket Guide

By Matt Pik- March '12

Final FourThere comes a time in the college basketball season where all of the work, sweat, and pride comes out in a three-week stretch. March Madness is not only a treasure for the players, but also a favorite among fans and students alike. But how exactly do you crank out a winning bracket and stand out amongst your peers?

Baseball Preview

By Matt Brown- March '12

BaseballWhile many eyes fix upon the Blue Wave Lacrosse empire, a formidable squad comes to form on the diamond just a few yards away.

The DHS Senior Interns

ByJulia Cobb- March '12

InternsWhile it isn’t everyday that high school seniors are given the opportunity to intern at medical centers and on radio shows, the DHS Senior Internship Program makes this possible.

Rick Santorum

By Brendan Ferguson- March '12

Rick SantorumRick Santorum turns the 2012 Republican Primary for President around with big wins in Missouri, Minnesota, and Colorado. Second behind only Mitt Romney, Neirad takes a look of Santorum and his campaign thus far.

Poetry Out Loud

By Marguerite Morgan- March '12


The competition is over and the results are in. Read more to find out which talented student won DHS’s Poetry Out Loud competition and has the opportunity to win a $30,000 scholarship.