Freshman Violet Hetson's photography displays both style and substance. The town has high expectations for Weed Beach's ongoing make-over. The new Student-Faculty book club has gotten off to a great start with their first pick: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. 40 years after the passage of the famous Title IX, athletics at DHS have seen more and more trends toward gender equality.

May: 2012


Girl 1: I really wish this wasn't non-calculator... [gestures to math homework].

Girl 2: That's what I always say for every class - math, physics, chem, Spanish, history, English... "ugh, why isn't this non-calculator?!"

Senior: "Probable cause" is a terrible excuse - I could sneeze and the authorities would say "strip-search her!"

Faculty Birth Announcements

By Annabel Schneider- May '12

faculty babiesDHS welcomes 16 new lives into our community this school year from faculty across many different departments. Come see the fresh new faces!

spring at DHS

Prom Invitation on Fire

By Kat McKay - May '12

FFire Truck Prom

This has to go down as one of the greatest prom invitations in DHS history. In late March, junior Will Cornacchia took to the skies in the barrel of a massive fire truck to ask girlfriend Brittany Tiano to prom. Here's Neirad's exclusive photo coverage of the event.

Q&A with Violet Hetson

By Isabelle Perticone - May '12

violet hetsonViolet Hetson. She has lived in over 6 states, moved more than 10 times, and has attended over 8 schools. This native Californian returns back to Darien, bringing back her amazing artistic talent. Check out Violet Hetson's unique photography and read what its like to be back in our small town.

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The Tiny Miracles Foundation

By Marielle Ravosa - May '12

Blankets for PreemiesEveryone knows what the Tiny Miracles Foundation is, right? Well, apparently not… read on to find out what the Tiny Miracles Foundation is and how you can make a difference in the lives of others.

Boys' Golf On Par for Big Season

By Matt Pik - May '12

Boys' GolfNow that spring has fallen upon us at Darien High School, attention has turned to the new batch of sports that will soon be the talk of the town. One team that is laden with talent but may not get all the publicity is the Boys Golf Team, which is primed for a huge season.

Darien Social: Pure Flavors, Comforting Food

By Katrina Vassell - May '12

Darien SocialLooking for a warm, comfortable place in Darien to enjoy dinner with friends? Check out Darien’s newest restaurant, Darien Social. Located in the heart of town, Darien Social is the perfect place to enjoy simple American cuisine.

Boys' Rugby Preps for Varsity

By Sam Meyjes - May '12

boys' rugbyOur rugby team has been one of Darien’s premier club sports for five years, and now it is preparing to enter the varsity league. Welcome DHS Rugby to our Varsity lineup (next year).

Hot in the Lot: James Burgoyne's and Jack Rehm's Luxurious Cars

By Colin Sullivan - May '12

James Burgoyne and Jack RehmRev up your engines because this week, Neirad takes a special look into two of the most luxurious and classic cars parked in the DHS parking lot.

A Young Man's Race to the Top

By Brendan Ferguson - May '12

patrick durkinThough junior Patrick Durkin cannot yet vote, buy a lottery ticket, or even park his car in the school parking lot, what he can and is doing is running for Connecticut’s 25th District as a State Senator.

Spring Starts Early

By Kate Fitzmaurice - May '12

Warm Winter, Early SpringBreak out your sunglasses, DHS, because spring has gotten off to an early start this year. No snow days and warmer weather during the winter has been beneficial to students and faculty, but has also provided some minor setbacks.

Prom Do's and Don'ts

By Lizzy Steinborn - May '12

promProm is scheduled for Friday, May 18th at the Greenwich Hyatt but before that Neirad took the liberty to put together some DOs and DONTs. These must be strictly followed to avoid prom disaster. Take a look at the “proper” prom etiquette for Prom 2012.

Pet of the Month: Delia

By Will Steinthal - May '12

Delia, the Pet of the MonthNeirad and its friends over at PAWS have teamed up yet again to show off Delia, our newest Pet of the Month, a Jack Russell Terrier mix.

School by the Numbers

By Reed Barthold - May '12

School by the NumbersWith the world possibly ending in 2012, high school students are worrying that by the end of their short life, more than half of it would be spent in school. Neirad took a look into the amount of time the average high school student has spent in school. The numbers are surprising.

The New Student/Faculty Book Club Takes Off

By Amanda Sload - May '12

Student/Faculty Book ClubIf you want to get to know some faculty better, cherish discussing literature with friends, are a bookworm, or are just looking for a fun club, look no further than the new Student-Faculty Book Club.

Seeking Equality Between Female and Male Athletic Teams at DHS

By Julia Cobb - May '12

Student/Faculty Book ClubHave you ever felt that there is inequality between male and female athletes? Julia Cobb investigates Darien High School’s history in complying with the Mink Equal Opportunity in Education Act, also known as Title IX.

Names Day Graces the DHS Stage

By Jessica DeMaio - May '12

names dayNames Day came to Darien High School earlier this month for the sixth consecutive year to raise awareness about bullying and teach freshmen students how names can really hurt us.

Some Advice for Future Spring Homecomings

By Sara Shaker - May '12

homecomingDHS attempts a Spring Homecoming for the second year in a row. Students give feedback on how to help this event find its home here as a DHS tradition.

Hannah Nilsson

Top 10 Ways to Survive May

By Marguerite Morgan - May '12

iPhone appsMost students dread hearing that there is only one vacation day in the entire month of May. Read about 10 ways to survive this long month.

90s Nostalgia: the Corniest Decade Makes a Comeback

By Kat McKay - May '12

90s nostalgiaNow this is a story all about how …long before Willow Smith was whipping her hair, her dad was twirling around on his Bel-Air throne. The 90s are back, refigured and revitalized, and Neirad investigates.

Choose to Reuse

By Austin McLaughlin - May '12

plastic bagsA group of Darienites wants to get a law passed banning plastic bags in stores - check out the workings of this green movement.

Is the LC the New Aux Café?

By Jenn O'Neill - May '12

learning connectionsWith the removal of the Auxiliary Cafeteria back in 2010, students have been on a mission to find a new and unique place to enjoy their lunches instead of dealing with the noisy environment that the main café houses. Read on to see where this new” hot spot” is located.

Dodge Duck Dip Dive and Dodge

By Courtney Kyritz - May '12

dodgeball“If you can dodge traffic, you can dodge a ball.” An exclusive look at DHS’s latest phenomenon: Dodge Ball.

Girls' Rugby is DHS' Newest Club

By Holly Gordon - May '12

rugby girlsA new club comes to Darien High School! Any girls interested in trying out rugby can be a participant in DHS' first-ever Girls Rugby team.

Weed Beach's New Look

By Chris Janson - May '12

weed beachWeed Beach got a major face-lift over the winter. Check some of the renovations that are sure to make the park the “jewel of the town.”

Childhood Field of Dreams

By Matt Brown - May '12

mcguane fieldThere is a glorious place that resides in the memories of hundreds DHS students. Dreams lived here at McGuane Field.