Soyoung Lee paints a mural for the walls of DHS. Ryan Barthold works on Neirad's new issue. AP Environmental Studies students spread awareness about recycling. A few of the many options for summer reading. DHS students working in the quiet zone of the library.

June: 2012

DHS Improv Club

By Kyra Conciatori- June '12

Improv Club

Have you ever wanted to try acting but do not have time to memorize a script? This month, Neirad introduces you to the newest club here at DHS where memorization is the exact opposite of its purpose: the Improv Club.

Bye DHS!

Cribs: Sarah Terhune

By Chris Janson- June '12

Sarah's Room

Senior Sarah Terhune’s room is a bold, bright, bubblegum-curio paradise. Just check out her walls and see her completely personalized room.Come visit this cozy, colorful crib.



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2012 Graduation Issue Preview:

Every year at Graduation Neirad has a print issue that contains profiles on a few of the influential seniors. Check out our preview of some senior profiles and make sure to check the other profiles in the online version that will be available after graduation!


Sarah Shaker: She Bleeds Blue

By Meredith Crawford and Cameron Luttrell- June '11

Sarah Shaker

Of all the seniors leaving one of the biggest shoes that will need to be filled are those of senior Sarah Shaker. Who is going to be the senior with the most BWP next year?

Michael Johnston Stopped Running Long Enough For This Interview

By Kat McKay- June '11

Michael Johnston

Look at yourself. Now look at senior Michael Johnston. Now back to you. One of those two people can speak Spanish fluently, run a mile in just over four minutes, and still carries his lunch around in a lunchbox. That person is Johnston. Darien's resident running aficionado talks about his past, his present, and most important, his future.

McKinley Stauffer: Making Every Day Brighter

By Mac MacDonough- June '11

McKinley Stauffer

From volunteer work for Community Council to editing articles as Content Editor for Neirad, McKinley Stauffer is involved un all aspects of school. Neirad has chosen her as one of the Top 10 Influential Seniors at Darien High School.


Hurricane Irene



The Neirad Staff chose who in the student body and faculty they thought were the Top Most influential of 2012

The Introduction to Journalism students chose members of the DHS faculty and the student body that they thought were the Most Influential of 2012.

Although it was difficult to narrow down the list of contenders in a school with such talent and dedication, Neirad’s future staff members eventually made a decision.

Among the select few are athletes, intellectuals, and artists who add character to our school. Besides being talented in their respective fields, these featured individuals are well-rounded and value personal responsibility. They are able to work both independently and collaboratively to acquire knowledge and solve problems. Most importantly, what makes these individuals worthy of the title is their ability to inspire success in others.  

Despite the variety of passions and aspirations, our DHS community is able to unite and achieve common goals. Here is the final list of our school’s students and faculty members who are the Most influential of 2012!

Mrs. Herman: Dedicated Educator

By Nathanael Callan- June '12

Mrs. HermanAfter 32 years of teaching at DHS, English teacher Mrs. Nancy Herman has been decided to be one of DHS's top most influential people.

Niya Wright: DHS's People Person

By Caoilinn Tierney and Yasi Owainati

- June '12

Niya WrightSenior Niya Wright has been a driving force at DHS all through out her career here. Her leadership and dedication are just two of her best qualities that qualify her as DHS's top most influential.

Mike Stovall: A Man of Many Fields

By Nick Scott and Ryan Fillipone- June '12

Mike StovallMany students often imagine the thought of being a captain of a sports team or club. It is an honor that does not go unnoticed, and it is a great privilege for those select students. Yet Mike Stovall has the honor of representing both the football and baseball team at Darien High School.

Making Every Day Brighter: Jim Smith

By Lauren Pryor - June '12

Jim SmithHis days are spent strolling around the Darien High School campus in a yellow top and either khaki shorts or pants depending on the weather. Most likely he knows your name, and addresses you with it whenever you encounter one another in the hallways. There is always a smile on his face waiting to make your day. He is Jim Smith, the campus monitor.

Emily Stein: The Next Lax Prodigy

By Amber Zia & Morgan Taylor Sawitsky- June '12

Emily SteinColleges watch you from the moment you step into high school. And sophomore Emily Stein is on the right track to following her dreams. She is a varsity player in three sports – soccer, basketball, and lacrosse – since she entered the high school makes her a standout

Alex Pear: Next stop MOMA

By Barbara Bell - June '12

Alex PearAs you walk around the hallways of DHS, Alex Pear is everywhere. Walk by the art wing, and her canvases cover the wall. The West Side Story poster for this year’s musical, that was her too. She designed the “7 Core Values” poster series that are hanging around the school for NEASC with the help of Mr. Pavia, and she’s currently working on two mural projects

Jonathan Gill Handles the Balance Between School and Sports

By Jack Clarke and Tyler Murray- June '12

Jonathan GillMany students at DHS have alot on their plates, but junior Jonathan Gill is a master at balancing his school work and a busy extracurricular schedule.

Will DeRocco: Smarter than the Average Senior

By Edward Pantowski - June '12

Will DeRoccoWill DeRocco, renowned intellectual and runner for the DHS track team, is undisputedly one of the most influential men at the school. He spends well over a dozen hours a week on track and other extracurricular activities.

Mr. Morrow: Hip Like the Youngsters

By Reed Barthold - June '12

Mr. MorrowThose of you who saw Dracula this fall may have left the show with a mixture of fear, awe, and an anticipation of nightmares yet to come. And while many people saw the actors on stage, less know about Gabriel Morrow, the director who made it all possible.

Track Star Grace Loh: 'Runner'-Up to No One

By Mac McDonough & Maeve Tierney- June '12

Grace Loh CRACK! The starter gun goes off with blast leaving a trail of smoke in the air. She is already positioned in the front of the stampede of runners forming an increasingly large gap between her and her fellow competitors before the crowd can even blink.

Case Matheis: #4 on the Field, #1 in the Country

By Graham Helgans & Viara Radoulova - June '12

Case MatheisDarien High School junior Patrick Durkin has decided to run on the Republican ticket for State Senator of Connecticut’s 25th district. If elected, he will be the youngest person in America to hold a major state legislature office.

Alex Ostberg: Freshman Phenom

By Chris Rehm & Charlie Travers- June '12

Alex OstbergAs you walk down the halls of Darien High School you see many passing faces, however one stands out from the race. That kid is DHS freshman Alex Ostberg, who from a young age has always had a passion for running. As a freshman here at Darien he is only starting to reach his potential. When asked what his fastest mile his response was, 4 minutes and 44 seconds.

Matt Lee: DHS's Ultimate Superfan

By Mac McDonough, Maeve Tierney, and Cameron Luttrell - June '12

Matt LeeSenior Matt Lee is DHS's ultimate superfan. He brings the school's sports teams the spirit and encouragment they deserve.

More Than Teammates: The Naughton Sisters

By Anna Hooker - June '12

Naughtons Shockingly pretty golden-green eyes, faces and arms sprinkled with little freckles, and tall, lean bodies are some of the many characteristics freshman twins Daly and Claire Naughton have in common. You have probably seen them, either around the campus, in class, or on the basketball courts, alongside the varsity basketball team.

Natalie Metz: A Major Influence

By Morgan Sawitzky - June '12

Natalie Metz Student, athlete, drum major - who has a social life! This is the life of Darien High School senior Natalie Metz, member of the graduating class of 2012. Metz recently was accepted into the College of the Holy Cross, in Worcester, Massachussetts.

Influential Men: 2012--2013 Football Captains

By John Eng & Meagan Gregory- June '12

Blue Wave FootballEvery year, the players on DHS’s football team select the best of the junior players to become captains. They look for juniors with leadership and ambition who are capable of bringing their next football season to unprecedented heights. This year, after carefully watching and considering the juniors, the squad picked the 4 that they knew would be successful both on and off the field – Henry Baldwin, Ian Vanderhorn, Matt D’Andrea, and Andrew Maley.

Around the World and Back: Brittany Henry

By Sarah Cattano & Maria Stockinger- June '12

Brittany HenryAfter two and a half years of living all the way in Singapore, sophomore Brittany Henry returned and has certainly made her mark on Darien High School. Since the first day of her return to Darien second semester of her freshman year, Brittany knew she had to find a way to settle in to DHS, and started off by using her intelligence to land her into more than a few honors classes for her sophomore year.

From Blue Wave News to the Movie Industry: Alexa Carroll's Future in Film

By Mac McDonough - June '12

Alexa CarrollBy June, many seniors at Darien High School know where they’re going next year. Some even have an idea about where they see themselves in future. However, at least one graduating senior has her future already well mapped out. Alexa Carroll has written her own script, drawn her own story board, and started rolling tape. She is going to be a film maker.

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