Senior Ali McGarey's bubbly personality shines as brightly as her yellow truck. How will you survive the dreaded junior year? Check out this month's colorful crib!

September: 2012

Freshman Advice

By Amanda Sload - September '12


Hey Freshman! Welcome to Neirad Enlino. This is presumably the first of many articles you will be reading from our wonderful high school. It may also be the most helpful. Check out the tricks of getting through your first year.

Sophomore Slackin'

By Colin Sullivan - September '12

calculatorStop listening to your teachers who tell you that sophomore year is very difficult. Don’t worry, it is not that bad. Enjoy it before you have to worry about junior year.

Erica Hurtado's dress

Reflections of a Super-Junior

By Kat McKay  - September '12


Junior year is often heralded as the toughest year of high school. Neirad Editor Kat McKay looks back on the good, the bad and the ugly of that infamous 180 days.


Surviving Senior Year

By Michael Coe- September '12

capsSenior year is often considered a time to relax before heading off to college. However, the tales of "senior slackers" generally consist of a fabrication of the truth. Neirad cracks down on the ridiculous myths about senior year, offering a more realistic outlook on our last days at DHS.

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Tis' the Season to be Gaming

By Will Steinthal - September '12

Video GamesThis fall, gamers can look forward to a great selection of new games for all types. From space to anthropomorphic raccoons to the Revolutionary War, we can expect a great variety for every gamer.

Senior Superlative Predictions

By Marielle Ravosa- September '12

Senior superlativesAfter battling junior year, current seniors have a lot to look forward to in the future! Many hope to receive “Senior Superlatives”—check out Neirad’s predictions of this year’s potential “Senior Superlatives”!

Retired Teachers

ByAnnabel Schneider- September '12

Retired teachersA new year is starting and a lot of faces are missing in the halls as last years seniors are taking on college. There are four other missing faces - those of four English Department colleagues who won't be in the halls as well.

Top 10 Best Sports Movie

By Sam Meyjes- September '12

  • MiracleHave you ever had a debate with your friends about what sports movie was the best one? I'm sure you have. Well now we decided to do something about it. Read more to find out if your favorites made our top ten sports movies list.

Hot in the Lot: Ali McGarey

By Jenn O' Neill- September '12

AliAmongst the sea of blue, grey and black cars in the student lot, one unique car stands alone. Ali McGarey’s yellow pickup truck not only stands out in looks, but in personality as well. Read on for more about Ali’s far from mellow yellow ride.

Hot in the Lot

Teacher Cribs: Custodians

By Brendan Ferguson and Ryan Barthold- September '12

Custodial CribsThere are few places in the world still mysterious and unknown to the common man. Few people have ever seen the bottom of the ocean, the depths of the Amazon Rainforest, and the workspace of Darien High School’s beloved custodial staff. Neirad takes a look at what lies behind those mysterious double doors.

Student Cribs: Erica Hurtado

By Marielle Ravosa and Holly Gordon- September '12

CribsFor this month's "DHS Cribs," senior Erica Hurtado invited Neirad into her eccentric room which showcases her love for magazines, stuffed animals, and “unique and outgoing” posters.

parking lot statistics

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