The DHS student section desperately hopes that this year the high school football team can break the streak and win the Turkey Bowl. Looking for a fun run? - the Color Runs are for you! Check out this month's musical crib!

October: 2012

Sam's Column: Insert Joke Here

By Sam Meyjes- October '12

Sam's Column

Our new monthly column takes an inside look at everything that life on the great planet Earth has to offer us students. Here is a a top and bottom 10 of everything in life.

Breaking the Streak: The 18th Turkey Bowl

By Morgan Sawitsky- October '12

Turkey BowlWith one of the most anticipated Turkey Bowls just over a month away, the high school team gears up as they attempt to break its curse and beat New Canaan.

Color Run

Hot In the Lot: The Cop Car!

By Kate Fitzmaurice  - October '12


Darien High School Student Resource Officer James Palmieri and Officer TJ Whyte give Neirad an inside tour of one of the town’s brand new squad cars.



Physical Education Reborn: The New Gym Cycle

By Cameron Wong - October '12

Gym ClassTired of playing the same sport in gym?  Want to play tennis, dodgeball, volleyball, and Frisbee all in one semester? Well now you can! The new gym cycle is revolutionizing physical education in our school.


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Winning vs.Cutting

By Brendan Ferguson - October '12

TrophyCutting a student from its program is highly debated to be good or bad for the player’s development. However, does cutting a student help a team’s winning percentage? Find out more inside…

In Defense of Open-Ends

By Cameron van de Graaf- October '12

Freshman OpinionsPicture this—you're a senior with essays to write, applications to complete, and the library's packed with chatting students during your free. The most reasonable solution seems to be leaving school a period early to get a head start on work. Click here to find out more!

Finding Your Ideal Muse: Guide to Discovering New Music

By Mac McDonough - October '12

Music NotesCan’t stand mainstream-pop music, but don’t know where to find sounds that fit your style? Check out the best sites that will satiate your musical cravings.

Freshman Opinions

By Marielle Ravosa and Viara Radoulova- October '12

Freshman OpinionsCurious to see what this year’s freshmen think of Darien High School so far? You don’t have to wait any longer! Neirad interviewed many current freshmen to see how they are adjusting!

Top Five School Rules Students Don’t Know

By Courtney Kyritz - October '12

  • School Rules

    No yelling, no running, no chewing, no spitting, no talking. Also, no dancing, no bullying, no screaming, no whispering, and no passing notes — especially no breaking the rules!

Top Five Fast Food Restaurants Near Darien

By Colin Sullivan - October '12

fast foodAre you addicted to fast food? Here are five of the top fast food restaurants near Darien that will help you choose where you should eat each night.

Glad to Have Karoline Glad

By Maeve Tierney and Kyra Conciatori - October '12

KarolineEvery year, our school opens its doors to new students across every grade. This year, the Senior Class welcomes Karoline Glad, a foreign exchange student from Norway, for the year. This October, Neirad gives you the scoop on Karoline, and what makes her so special.

Running through Rainbows

By Jenn ONeil- October '12

Freshman OpinionsOn your mark, get set, surprise! Most students would groan at the thought of running any kind of road race, but this 5K is unlike any other. Read on to experience what is considered to be the most exciting and interesting 3 miles of your life.


Upcoming Concerts

By Ryan Filippone - October '12

STARBass Island, Pretty Lights, and Avicii are going to be crazy and a ton of fun, something you will remember forever. You have to go see these concerts. Read the article to check out the details.

Student Cribs: Maddie Schneider

By Will Steinthal and Annabel Schneider- October '12

DrumsIn this month’s cribs Neirad takes a look to the skies at freshman Maddie Schneider’s room in her family's attic. Every music lover’s paradise, this room is filled with a plethora of musical décor and instruments.

Volunteering Spotlight : Star

By Emily Caccam- October '12

StarA Local Organization Helps Disabled Individuals Become Hometown Super Stars. Star is commited to helping disabled individuals lead full lives with independence, freedom of choice and personal growth.

Activity Fair Recap

By Barbara Bell and Meredith Crafford

- October '12

Activity FairHigh school is all about finding other students with similar interests. Read this review of the 2012 Activity Fair to learn about our school's clubs.


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