Viewing High School Life through a Different Lens: Caroline Macomber

More by Courtney Kyritz - 11/12


Walking down the hallways of Darien High School, often times you will see Caroline Macomber sporting a very fashionable look which many would consider a cross between “preppy” and “hipster.” As she has retired from being a field hockey star back in her freshman days, Macomber has now found new uses for her time. However, the time that was once dedicated to sports has now been filled in a similarly athletic sense - when Neirad talked with Macomber, she said, “This year I'm actually managing the football team with Lily Christensen and Colleen Keating. It's a great way to still be involved with sports without actually being an athlete. The team and coaches definitely make us feel like we're a part of something." However off the field she loves enjoying free time, and being able to lay around while watching movies, and discovering new music.

When Neirad talked with her friends, senior Lily Christensen asked, “Is the article about her being non-athletic?” She then followed her comment by saying, “Caroline does plenty of things to occupy her time, she finds weird videos on YouTube, and likes to shop at Goodwill.”  Senior Phoebe Cush said, “Many would call her a 'hipster.' I guess this is true because of her strange language, alternative music, and interest in Indie films. She also loves Nazi documentaries, and we don’t know why….”

Macomber has found an interesting way to connect with the world through Twitter. Christensen said, “her tweets are basically her.” She uses almost a different language. She loves the word 'shambles' which she would define as 'messy' or 'sloppy', and likes to describe other people with the word 'toads'. Many of her friends call her “RO,” which is short for 'CARO', which is short for . . . Caroline. 

Neirad asked Caroline to answer the following questions:

  1. 1.How would your friends describe you in one word?

  2. 2. Whats your favorite food?
    Anything that's a sandwich.

  3. 3. Something no one would know about you at a first glance….
    My dream job is to be a music supervisor for independent movies

  4. 4. Your favorite book?
    "Barrel Fever" by David Sedaris. It's witty and dry and quirky. Great beach read y'all.

  5. 5. Favorite activity?
    Going to the beach during any season!

  6. 6. Favorite Qoute?
    "Chaos in the midst of chaos isn't funny, but chaos in the midst of order is.”-Steve Martin 

  7. 7. Top FavoriteComedians:
    1)  Kristen Wig
    2)Aziz Ansari
    3)David O'Doherty 
    4)Dane Cook

  8. 8. Where could you be found on any given weekend?
    Probably watching the first season of Saturday Night Live from 1975 or loafing with my g'friends or watching any sort of Real Housewives show with my mom. Most likely the third one.

  9. 9. If you were an animal which animal would it be?
    First off, I have no desire to be an animal at all, but if I really had to choose it would definitely not be a ladybug and it probably would be a meerkat. 

  10. 10. Top 5 Movies:
    1) Fast Times at Ridgemont High
    2) Dazed and Confused 
    3) The Silence of the Lambs
    4) Can’t Hardly Wait
    5) Kids


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