Mortifying Mistakes: the DHS Countdown

More by Isy Perticone - 12/12

Everyone has had that nightmare: you are in school, all eyes are on you, and then something terrible happens. You fall face first down the stairs, accidentally sit at a senior’s lunch table, walk all around school not knowing that your fly is down or that you still have a tag on your shirt, or maybe you walk  into the wrong locker room. All horrendous, mortifying, time-to-start-homeschooling worthy events, but what happens if you are wide awake during this awful dream? And it is not a dream, but real life. Check out these mortifying real life school events that your peers have faced. Some of them are worse than your nightmares.





    Junior Courtney Lincoln

    “Freshman year, in biology, I asked if you could have an amoeba as a pet…I guess you can’t.”


Chris embarrassing


Freshman Chris Graves

“I spent an entire class period sitting in my Western Civ classroom by myself because no one showed up. I thought everyone was lost or had forgotten. I didn’t know what to do so I just sat there.”  - Turns out his class was in the computer lab just across the hall.






Juniors Emma Byrne and Emma Nolte

These girls had one of their most embarrassing moments last year when they got a call on duty for Post 53. “We had to change our clothes in the ambulance, and as I turned around with my shirt off there was an entire bio class looking at us through the window,” said Byrne.  “[We] had forgotten to close the ambulance doors and everyone saw!” added Nolte.





Senior Althea Perley

“Freshman year, I accidentally walked into the boys bathroom.When I finally realized I was in the wrong room and turned around to leave, there was a senior boy right in front of me who said ‘I think you’re confused.’ I ran out of there as fast as I could."






Junior Libby Feingold

“Freshman year, I walked up to the third floor to my Spanish class and as I walked down the hallway some seniors screamed “No freshmen allowed!” So I turned around, walked back downstairs and skipped my class.” –





Senior Hillary Conciatori

“When I was a freshman, my backpack was so heavy that I fell over backwards down the stairs. It was awful!”








Senior Matt Brown

“Freshman year at lunch I told some seniors that I wasn’t going to go to the hockey game and then I called them ‘bro’ so they took my chicken tenders and smeared them on my face."


Claire sad face


Junior Clare Beatty

nna Mu“When I was a freshman on Homecoming Friday I was forced to dress up as a frog with full face paint. When I accidentally walked into a senior math class they started to chant ‘Freshman frog!’ I was so mortified I ran out and forgot some of my stuff and had to go back later to get it.”






Sophomore Lilly Gregory

"Freshman year, I thought I had Spanish when I was supposed to go to gym, so I went into my classroom, sat down, and got all of my stuff out. I didn’t realize I was in the wrong class until after the bell rang. I looked up and all these juniors where staring at me!"





“Last year I got up in front of my class to do a presentation and a ‘feminine product’ fell out of my pocket and everyone saw! I couldn’t pick it up because everyone was watching so I just stepped on it and did my presentation. I had to pick it back up at the end and that was the worst part.”



Brutal, right? How would you like to be the little freshman chanted out of a classroom, or the boy with chicken tender remains all over your face? Luckily, it wasn’t you. And on the bright side, it happens to everyone at some point and ten years from now you can look back and laugh at your high school embarrassing moment.