Check out Mr. Ruggieri's Maserati in this month's Hot in the Lot!. A Five Mile River home really becomes waterfront property during Sandy Check out this month's creative crib!

November: 2012

Top AP Review Guides

By Katrina Vassell- November '12

AP powerpackWhen confronted with hundreds of dates to memorize, themes to understand, and words to define getting a five on the AP can seem nearly impossible. Luckily, Nierad had reviewed the most popular AP review guides to find the most helpful method to study. Have no fear— Read this article to find out which guides will help you obtain your best score!

ARGO: History, Glorified

By Kat McKay- November '12

ARGO"The Ben-Affleck-speared history thriller was laced with such intensity that it made me sweat". Click here to read the rest of Neriad's review.


Hot In the Lot: Mr. Ruggieri’s Maserati

By Colin Sullivan - November '12

Hot in the lotAfter owning a Lamborghini, Jaguar XK, Triumph TR6, and Corvette, Mr. Ruggieri has allowed Neirad to take a look at his current sports car, a 2002 Maserati Spyder, a car that is by far one of the nicest and fastest ever to enter the DHS parking lot.

Athletics vs Academics: College Recruiting

By Cameron Wong - November '12

Gym ClassGet Neirad’s opinion on recruiting vs. regular admission.  Is recruiting truly fair or is athleticism weighted too importantly in the application process of recruiting? Does it affect you?


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Jimmy's Southside Tavern

By Annabel Schneider- November '12

RestaurantIn Darien restaurants are constantly turning around, but the area of Noroton Heights has always been a little behind in the restaurant craze. However now, South Darienites will be happy to hear about the opening Jimmy's Southside Tavern, a restaurant for family and business that is now in the place of Phil's Grill.

Cribs - Jenna Murray

By Kyra Conciatori - November '12

CribsThis month in DHS Cribs, Neirad takes a special look inside junior Jenna Murray’s cozy bedroom!


The Style File: November

By Kyra Conciatori- November '12

StyleWalking down the halls of DHS, you may spot a few individuals who stand out in the crowd. This month, Neirad talks with two seniors who rock their own unique styles.

How do DHS Students Spend Their Thanksgivings?

By Mac McDonough - November '12

ThanksgivingWith Thanksgiving just around the corner, check out how DHS students spend their few days off.


Embarrassing Moments Revealed!

By Isabelle Perticone - November '12

EmbarassingThese aren’t your typical embarrassing moments. Just walking into the wrong classroom or tripping over your shoe laces won’t cut it.

Slogan Puzzle

By Meredith Crafford - November '12

PuzzleChallenge your memory by matching a business, company, or corporation with the slogan or vice versa. Have fun!

The 2012 Presidential Election: How the Issues Affect You

By Maeve Tierney - November '12

TVDon't know anything about the presidential election. Want to have an intelligent conversation about politics. Read here to find out the viewpoints of both President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney.

DHS's Reality TV Addicion Revealed

By Mac McDonough - November '12

TVWe took a poll. Find out what DHS student’s had to say about their love for reality television.


Different Perspectives: Senior Edition

By Courtney Kyritz - November '12

CarolineFeatured this month, is a senior who isn’t  a top college athletic recruit, or a theatrical superstar. However she lends a unique view to the typical or not so typical high school experience.

Studying in Spain

By Amanda Sload- November '12

SpainStruggling in your foreign language class? Imagine living in the country for a few months. That’s what Allegra Molkenthin is doing and she’s not only learning the language, but she’s having an amazing experience doing so.

The Mystery Behind the Wave

By Morgan Sawitsky- November '12

waveThe wave mascot surprised fans and football players at the 2012 Homecoming game. The mascot was dressed from head to toe in the wave costume cheering for our team and sporting school spirit. But who hides behind the wave?


Mural Paintings

By Juliette Dixon - November '12

MuralsHow many pieces of art can you find around the school? Take a minute when bustling through the crowded halls of DHS to look at the art going up on the walls. No, they are not just appearing by magic, junior Katie Lashendock and senior Joe Haddad are behind this mystery!

Controversial Senior Slacker Shirts

By Holly Gordon - November '12

Senior slackersHear what Darien High School students and teachers have to say about what this year’s Senior Slackers wore for Homecoming.


Bridging the Gap - DHS China Exchange

By Barbara Bell - November '12

ChinaThe 11th year of hosting may have come to a close, but the DHS China Exchange is still in full stride. Read on to hear firsthand from the Qingdao delegation, and what they really thought about America.

Speeding into the Future

By Viara Radoulova - November '12

CarCurious about what might be the future in a couple of years? A car that drives you around rather than the other way around!

Sam's Column

By Sam Meyjes - November '12

CarWant to waste the last two and a half minutes of your free on the library computers. For those of you who are incapable of determining what day of the week it is and/or your own emotional status, I have compiled this list of weekdays for you to reference.


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