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Jimmy’s Southside Tavern:
Quality Dining Comes Across Town

More by Annabel Schneider - 11/12

Phil’s Grill used to be the only restaurant in the Noroton Heights area. However, after a few months of boarded windows and construction, a new restaurant, Jimmy’s Southside Tavern, sits in its place. Jimmy’s brings the food and prices from the Goose or 1020 Post together with Phil’s Grill’s family friendly atmosphere to create a great place for families to go out to dinner.

The restaurant is appropriate for a casual meal as well as more formal business engagements. Around 6:00, multiple tables had mothers and kids sitting in them, and by 7:15 the bar was packed with professionals getting off the train.

“Jimmy’s is unique and unlike any restaurant in Darien.”

The food of Jimmy’s consists of mostly bar fare such as wings and burgers, as well as many seafood options. Two of the most popular items on the menu have been the wings, which are battered, fried, and then served with three different sauces, and the fried oysters, which are fried and then served in the clean shells.

When ordering I asked the waiter her recommendations and she said, “I can’t say anything bad about anything on the menu.”

I began my dining experience with the Three Way Wings ($10) which featured buffalo sauce, an Asian sauce, and a tarragon aioli dipping sauce. The sauces may seem very different but I ventured out and mixed the Asian and tarragon aioli sauce which created a perfect balance of sweet and tangy. The wings come with the perfect amount to split between two people.

As a second appetizer I tried the beet salad which included warm walnuts, goat cheese, and orange slices with a creamy balsamic dressing. As someone who normally finds salads over-dressed I found this salad a little low on salad dressing. However, the fresh greens and oranges, plus the strong flavors from the walnuts and goat cheese gave the salad a still strong flavor.

As an entree I tried the Tavern Lamb Shank with apricot, ginger chutney and blue cheese mashers. The meat of the lamb fell off the bone on its own.  As for the mashers and the chutney I was a little intrigued by the combination, but the sweet of the apricot and the strong blue cheese balanced each other off.

Unfortunately, for those dessert lovers I can’t give you any thoughts there because Jimmy’s is still working on their dessert menu. To make sure the service doesn’t get overwhelmed the restaurant is easing into full swing, but hopefully dessert and take out will be up and running sometime in November.

Junior Zach McEwan who works at Jimmy’s said, “Jimmy’s is unique and unlike any restaurant in Darien.”

Jimmy’s is one of the few restaurants in Darien that takes advantage of Darien’s oceanside charm.  As well as the variety of seafood the décor can be described as nautical with rope accents, fish paintings, and lightwood. If you are looking for a formal sit down dinner or a few appetizers make sure to check out Jimmy’s Southside Tavern

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