Thanksgiving Traditions

More by Mac McDonough - 11/12

Thanksgiving: a holiday celebrated at the peak of autumn. It has the power to shut down airports and air endless coverage of football games and parade floats. For most Americans, Thanksgiving is that time once a year when extended families play nice and bite their tongues-- even when grandpa says something racist. Darien is no exception. Here is what DHS students had to say about their families Thanksgiving traditions.

Taylor Cockerill




    "We scream at each other...things get pretty heated, which is funny because you heat up food! Get it!?" Cockerill said.






Emma Bryne and Caroline Cator





Senior Caroline McVey and juniors Emma Bryne and Caroline Cator celebrate their birthdays with all of their extend family during the Thanksgiving holiday.




Timmy Scolaro





No one in junior Timmy Scolaro's family actually does any cooking on the holiday. "It's all pre-made from the store," Scolaro explained.




Julia Arrix and Amanda Percarpo



Sophomore Julia Arrix and her family play an annual "family football" game before breaking bread at the dining room table.

Sophomore Amanda Percarpo's family retains the "Norman Rockwell-esk" Thanksgiving dinner. "We don't do anything out of the ordinary," Percarpio said.



Eric Kanigan





Rather than feasting on turkey and mashed potatoes, junior Chris Chiamulera's family enjoys "traditional" Italian food.




PK Brannigan



Freshman PK Brannigan and his family go over to his grandparent's house. While there, Brannigan explained, he enjoys shooting his uncle's BB gun.